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Paramount Hotel (382 2074; Molyko Rd; s/d with cold water CFA7000/10,000, with hot water CFA14,000/17,000; I PI HI) This hotel should be credited for trying to bring some upscale pomp to Buea; for the most part it pulls it off. Rooms are comfortable and clean, and come with TV; the budget options are a little simpler.

Parliamentarian Flats (&I332 2459; Nigeria Consulate Rd; s/d CFA5000/10.000; (PI) There's a stripped-down feeling at this hotel, although rooms are good value for the price. There are no showers, but if you've slogged up Mount Cameroon you'll appreciate the deep baths - and the hot water heater to help fill them.

Presbyterian Church Synod Office (®l 332 2336; Market Rd; s/d with shared bathroom CFA2500/4000, private bathroom CFA3000/5000, camping CFA1000; (PI) As church missions go, this one is a gem. Conveniently located and kept spotless, rooms are comfy, with a tidy communal sitting room and cooking facilities.

There are several cheap eating places on Molyko Road around the Paramount Hotel.

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