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This book by Brad Pilon explains on both fasting and routine weight training practices whereby fasting takes the center stage. A day of fasting serves to get rid of all those toxic substances in addition to boosting the general bodys metabolism. Brad Pilon has been in this particular field for quite some time and I do trust that the information contained on this book- Eat Stop Eat, are as a result of his huge bank of experience and careful experimentation on the theme. With Eat Stop Eat you can forget about all of these obsessive compulsive eating habits. Your metabolism will not slow down and you will not go into starvation mode. With Eat Stop Eat you will clearly see the research behind why short periods of fasting will Never cause you to go into starvation mode. Your metabolism will stay just as high as it ever was. The goodness about this approach is that its safe and easy to follow especially for anyone who cannot stay away from their favorite meals. You will have access to your meals over the fasting periods and still get the desired result. More here...

Eat Stop Eat Summary

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Taste of Spain Local Cuisine

Spain has earned a reputation as one of Europe's most sensual countries, and nowhere is this reputation more evident than in the abundant pleasure that Spaniards take in eating and drinking. One of the greatest attractions of a visit to Spain is the chance to follow suit, with all the gusto of the locals. Spain's predominantly Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers. The Moors introduced Middle Eastern elements, such as rice and saffron, to Spanish cooking. You've probably heard of, and maybe even have tried, signature dishes like paella (the huge rice-based seafood dish), gazpacho (cold vegetable soup), and tapas. (See the box Talking tapas, later in this chapter.) If you're expecting to find only the heavy, medieval-style cooking of classic Castilian dishes, such as roast suckling pig, or if you assume Spanish cooks crank out spicy Latino dishes, you're in for a big surprise. Beyond tapas, gazpacho, and the ubiquitous tortilla espa ola (a...

Considerations For Responsible Diving

Even without contact, the surge from heavy fin strokes near the reef can damage delicate organisms. When treading water in shallow reef areas, take care not to kick up clouds of sand. Settling sand can easily smother the delicate organisms of the reef. Practise and maintain proper buoyancy control. Major damage can be done by divers descending too fast and colliding with the reef. Make sure you are correctly weighted and that your weight belt is positioned so that you stay horizontal. If you have not dived for a while, have a practice dive in a pool before taking to the reef. Be aware that buoyancy can change over the period of an extended trip initially you may breathe harder and need more weight a few days later you may breathe more easily and need less weight. Resist the temptation to feed fish. You may disturb their normal eating habits, encourage aggressive behaviour or feed them food that is detrimental to their health.

Marine Environment Protection

Take home all your rubbish and any litter you may find as well. Plastics in particular are a serious threat to marine life. Turtles can mistake plastic for jellyfish and eat it. Don't throw cigarette butts overboard. Resist the temptation to feed fish. You may disturb their normal eating habits, encourage aggressive behaviour or feed them food that is detrimental to their health. Minimise your disturbance of marine animals. Chasing, grabbing or attempting to ride on turtles, mantas or any large marine animal can frighten them and deter them from visiting a dive site. Practise and maintain proper buoyancy control. Major damage can be done by divers descending too fast and colliding with the reef. Make sure you are correctly weighted and that your weight belt is positioned so that you stay horizontal. If you have not dived for a while, have a practice dive in a pool or lagoon before taking to the reef. Take great care in underwater caves. Spend as little time within them as possible as...

How To Avoid A Bad Trip

Watch out for yama (known as yaba in Thailand), which ominously shares its name with the Hindu god of death. Known as ice or crystal meth back home, it's not the usual diet pills but instead homemade meta-amphetamines often laced with toxic substances, such as mercury and lithium. It's more addictive than users would like to admit, provoking powerful hallucinations, sleep deprivation and psychosis.

Heat Exhaustion Heatstroke

Very hot weather occurs year-round in northern Australia and during summer for most of the country. When arriving from a temperate or cold climate, remember that it takes two weeks for acclimatisation to occur. Before the body is acclimatised, an excessive amount of salt is lost in perspiration, so increasing the salt in your diet is vital.

The Dome That Defies The Experts

Weight reduction was the main problem facing the Pantheon's architects. They employed various solutions, of which two were particularly ingenious. One was to circle the dome with five bands of decorative coffers (the rectangular recesses you see on the inside of the dome) the other was to modify the grade of the concrete to ensure that it was lighter at the top than at the base. The Romans invented concrete in the 1st century BC by mixing lime with pozzuolana (volcanic ash from the Campi Flegrei area near Naples) and an aggregate, usually tufa rock. No-one is exactly sure of the composition used for the Pantheon, but the most credible theory is that heavy basalt was used as the aggregate at the bottom, brick or tufa in the midsection and light pumice at the top.

Airline Safety In Russia

To minimise the danger of loss or theft, try not to check in any baggage many planes have special stowage areas for large carry-on pieces. Also note that you put your carry-on luggage under your own seat, not under the one in front of you. However, Russian airlines can be very strict about charging for bags that are overweight, which generally means anything over 20kg. One way of getting around this is to bulk out your coat and clothes' pockets with heavier items and repack once you're through the check-in procedure.

Sights Activities

One of the best ways to see the town is in a horse-drawn carriage, about US 2 per person for the grand tour. Skinny horses may dissuade some would-be riders, but note that Granada's burgeoning tourist industry (ie horrified, complaining tourists) has inspired some serious equine weight-gain.

Urban Planning Development

Tokyo's neglect to limit businesses to certain zones began after WWII, when reconstruction was paramount. But in 2006 the Tokyo Metropolitan Government finally moved to protect the skyline surrounding three early-20th-century buildings - the Diet, the State Guest House and the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery. It was probably too little too late, but the declining birth rate means that more space will open up and the ordinance may serve as a precedent for better planning and preservation.

The War Of Independence

The reforms carried out were too limited and far too late, however, and the diet became more defiant in its dealings with the crown. At the same time, the wave of revolution sweeping Europe spurred on the more radical faction. On 3 March 1848 Kossuth, who had been imprisoned by the Habsburgs at I Tancsics Mihaly utca 9 (Map p220) on Castle Hill for three years (1837-40), made a fiery speech in parliament demanding an end to feudalism. On 15 March a group calling itself Mdrciusi Ifji'isdg (Youth of March) led by the poet Sandor Petofi, who read out his poem Nemzeti Dal (National Song) on the steps of the Hungarian National Museum (p69), took to the streets of Pest with hastily printed copies of their Twelve Points to press for radical reforms and even revolution. The frightened government in Vienna quickly approved plans for a new Hungarian ministry responsible to the diet, led by the liberal Lajos Batthyany and to include Deak, Kossuth and Szechenyi. The Habsburgs also reluctantly...

Sightseeing The Wartburg

History The Wartburg's history goes back to around 1067 and the time when the Ludovingian family ruled Thuringia. The family was powerful enough to consider it proper to add a third floor to the main Romanesque palace building, something that was generally done only for a residence of the German king. St Elizabeth (see Marburg in Hesse chapter, page 330) also lived at the Wartburg, shortly before the Ludovingian family died out in 1247. The next period ofinterest came in 1521, when Elector Friedrich the Wise of Saxony, right, had Martin Luther kidnapped on his way back to Saxony, after Luther had been declared an outlaw at the Diet of Worms. For 10 months, Luther lived in the Wartburg, disguised as a monk called Junker Jorg. In only 10 weeks, he translated the New Testament from Greek into German. The Wartburg has been a drawing card for tourists ever since and pilgrims carried away his original desk splinter by splinter. The current desk on display replaced the paltry remains of the...

Around Godavari Bishankhu Narayan

There's not much to see, despite the fact that it is one of the most important Vishnu shrines in the Kathmandu Valley, though the site has a timeless, almost animistic feel. A steep stairway leads up to the chain mail-covered shrine and then down into a narrow fissure in the rock, where pilgrims test their sin levels (and need for an immediate crash diet) by trying to squeeze through the tiny gap.

Spa Vacations

Switzerland has 22 resorts with natural curative springs. Most of these spas, which have been approved by the Association of Swiss Health Spas and the Swiss Society of Balneology and Bioclimatology, include a medical examination, along with thermal baths and excursions, in their package plans for visitors. Many of them are open all year. All the spas offer various treatments, along with Turkish baths, mud baths, whirlpools, exercise weight-loss programs, antistress programs, massages, and diets. You can request information from Switzerland Tourism, Tours Dept., 608 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10020 (& 877 794-8037). For very specific data about individual spas, phone Great Spas of the World (& 800 SPA-TIME or 212 889-8170


Just don't come to Naples hoping to lose weight. To many people the south of Italy is synonymous with the Mediterranean diet - that winning combination of fruit, vegetables and olive oil. And yes, the quantity and quality of the fruit and veg served in Naples is impressive, but it takes an iron will to choose the boiled courgette over the lightly fried version, or to turn down the selection of artfully decorated desserts. Restraint is not a Neapolitan characteristic, and when confronted with temptation the locals know which choice to make. Unfortunately, the results are showing child obesity currently runs at an alarming 16 in Naples.

The Greek Kitchen

The essence of Greek cuisine lies in its fresh, unadulterated seasonal produce and original flavours. The cuisine is generally unfussy and its simplicity brings out the rich flavours of the Mediterranean. The majority of Greek dishes are mainly seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon, olive oil and pungent Greek oregano, while parsley, garlic and dill are also widely used. Vegetables, pulses and legumes (key elements of the healthy Mediterranean diet) are made tastier by plentiful use of olive oil and herbs.

Goodness of Humanity

Americans assume themselves to be improvable. We have already mentioned their participation in various educational and training programs. Mention should also be made of the array of self-help and how-to books Americans buy as well as of the number of group activities they join in order to make themselves better. Through things they read or groups they join, Americans can stop smoking, stop using alcohol, lose weight, improve their physical condition or memory or reading speed, manage their time and money more effectively, become better at their jobs, and improve themselves in countless other ways.

Vegetarian Times

You know when a restaurant called The Prime Rib starts to list a vegetable plate entree on its dinner menu that vegetarianism has officially entered the mainstream of American eating habits. And it's clear that restaurants are ready to accommodate non-meat-eaters, recognizing that vegetarians like to dine out as much as carnivores. In addition to The Prime Rib's entree (which, by the way, is a spread of fresh asparagus, broccoli, spinach, whole tomato gratin , and baked potato), here are some other restaurants whose menus cater to vegetarians. See individual listings within this chapter for full descriptions of each establishment.

Dangers Annoyances

The Samoan islands are not fundamentally dangerous destinations, unless you adopt Samoan eating habits (particularly those of fast food-loving American Samoans) or consider too much snorkelling to be deleterious to your health. But exploring the islands does mean having to be aware of some potential hazards and rip-offs.


Hong Kong's convenient location, being the centre point of east and west, north and south, in Asia, is a significant reason for its inhabitants' multicultural eating habits. Transporting of ingredients is convenient and this, in turn, attracts chefs from China and all over the world. Many visitors consider Hong Kong to be a food paradise, and Cantonese people agree. Eating is a very significant part of their lives. For many of the island's inhabitants, Cantonese meals arc social events.

The Cuisines

BSijTng This ill-defined cuisine was influenced over the centuries by the different eating habits of successive rulers. Emphasis is on lamb and pork, with strong, salty, and sometimes musky flavors. Staples are heavy noodles and breads rather than rice. Jiaozi, little morsels of meat and vegetables wrapped in dough and usually boiled, are a favorite local snack.


2 Position your weights to help you stay horizontal if you use a weight belt, raise the belt above your waist to elevate your feet fins, and move it lower toward your hips to lower them. 11 Resist the temptation to feed fish. You may disturb their normal eating habits, encourage aggressive behavior, or feed them food that is detrimental to their health.

Picky Eaters

Kids, vegans, allergies, squeamishness, pregnancy cravings and aversions can all be accommodated in Italy with some planning. The Italian vocabulary you'll need to explain your dietary demands are in Eat Your Words (p76) for practical advice on where to eat given your needs, consult p859. You may have heard that Italy is not the ideal place for a low-carb diet, but when in Rome, do what those svelte Romans do binge on tasty seasonal vegetables, enjoy smaller portions of other dishes, treat yourself at least once a day, and walk it all off. Italian food does not need methodology or a great deal of discipline, but lots of passion and creativity. This is possible because every family's cooking and eating habits have been passed down through the generations from mothers, grandmothers and the heritage of their local customs.

Dining in Munich

The primary food groups in Munich are sausage, beer, salted white radishes, and pretzels, so don't even think about dieting while you're here. Sausages (or wurstel, to the natives) come in many shapes, sizes, and stuffings. Look for bratwurst (finger-sized seasoned pork), frankfurter (the forerunner of hot dogs, but more appetizing), bl twurst (blood sausage), leberwurst (liver), and, Munich's specialty, weisswurst (veal, calf brains, and spleen, spiced to mild deliciousness and boiled). The

Food Drink

After three days dieting on backpacker staples, I was overjoyed to bump into the Uighur chef (p173) who made an evening appearance on Yangshuo's Xi Jieto flame up handfuls of chilli-laced yangrduchuan (lamb kebabs), bringing some of the aroma of China's northwest to Guangxi.

Performing Arts

True to its reputation as a cultural capital, Washington, DC is a dynamic and prolific theatre town. Each season approximately 80 active professional theatres in the metropolitan area produce more than 350 productions that run for a total of more than 8,000 performances and play to more than 2,000,000 audience members. When choosing your diet of arts and culture during your stay, simply take your pick. The Kennedy Center regularly presents the finest in jazz, pops, symphony orchestra and even family programming, as well as a daily schedule of free performances. And on any given night, jazz clubs and watering holes up and down U Street offer live entertainment by local and nationally-known artists.

Bubble Bubble

Perrier water is H20, injected carbon dioxide, minute traces of mineral that you probably get in your diet anyway, and that's it. But thanks to one of the world's slickest marketing operations, it sells more than 400 million bottles every year in France alone and is a huge export earner.


Chuckwallas Common in the lower parts of the canyon, chuck-wallas look as if they've just completed a crash diet, leaving them with skin that's three sizes too big. When threatened, they inflate that loose skin, wedging themselves into crevices in rock piles and cliffs. From 11 to 16 inches long, chuckwallas have blackish heads and forelegs. Collared lizards At the middle and lower elevations of the canyon, you'll see a variety of collared lizards, all of which grow to 14 inches long and have big heads, long tails, and two black bands across their shoulders. Usually tan, black-collared lizards change shades when the temperature shifts. Western collared lizards are among the more colorful in the park, with blue, green, and yellow markings supplementing the black bands. These lizards are not the least bit shy around people. Sometimes, they'll stare you down for hours.

The Florida Keys

Seafood, always abundant in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Florida Keys, has dictated many local food habits and preferences. Yellowtail, red snapper, shrimp, dolphin (the fish, aka mahi mahi) and stone crab claws are prominent menu features. Conch, whether it's grilled, ground in burgers, fried in batters as fritters or raw in conch salad, is a prominent part of the local scene, along with wonderful, chewy crisp squid rings done in batter and deep-fried. Raw bars and sushi tables feature shrimp, crabs, clams and oysters, as well as fish concoctions.


Along with race, another major issue in Britain is health - with obesity a hot topic on everyone's lips. Currendy over 60 of the adult population is overweight, and almost 25 is clinically obese. In late 2005 the UK had the fastest growing rate of obesity of all developed nations.


London loves celebrities (especially when they are overweight, underweight or out of control) and Heat, Closer and Grazia are the most popular purveyors of the genre. US import Glamour is the queen of the women's glossies, having toppled traditional favourite Cosmopolitan, which is beginning to look a little wrinkled in comparison with its younger, funkier rival - maybe it's time for a nip and tuck. Marie Claire, Elle and Vogue are regarded as the thinking woman's glossies. A slew of style magazines are published here - i-D, Dazed & Confused and Vice - and all maintain a loyal following.

Vegetarians Vegans

The emphasis on meat in the diet means that vegetarians and vegans are hard done by. Vegetarian restaurants are a rarity only one restaurant in Sarajevo, the Karuzo (pl05), offers a meatless menu. Many traditional and top-end restaurants will have several vegetarian dishes, although a vegan would have great trouble following a strict diet when eating out. Snacks for vegetarians are s mica (cheese pie) or zeljanica (spinach pie), and for full-blown meals there are stewed beans or courgette dishes.

Government Politics

Local politics in Tokyo is very much overshadowed by national politics because the Japanese parliament, the Diet, is located here too. It's divided into two houses the lower, House of Representatives, and the upper, House of Councillors. The party that controls the majority of seats is the ruling party and has the right to appoint the prime minister, who appoints a cabinet. In theory, the Diet is a multiparty governing body in practice, it is controlled by the conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), which since its formation in 1955 has held sway with the exception of a few years in the mid-1990s. See p91 for information about tours of the National Diet.

Fun Fact Le Atkins

The diet became so popular chefs that many Montr al restaurants began to introduce Montignac dishes and even entire menus based on the regimen. Often, these took the form of grilled meats laid atop beds of salad greens. The qualifications of Montignac to promulgate this dietary vision were at best uncertain, given that he had been a personnel director at a pharmaceutical company. That didn't deter his adherents, and while the rage for the Montignac plan has cooled, it hasn't diminished.

Staples Specialities

The cuisine falls into three overlapping groups. First, there's the once-nomadic subsistence diet found in large areas of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan - mainly meat (including entrails), milk products and bread. Second, there's the diet of the Uzbeks and other settled Turks, which includes pilafs, kebabs, noodles and pasta, stews, elaborate breads and pastries. The third group is Persian, ranging from southern Uzbekistan to Tajikistan, which is distinguished by subtle seasoning, extensive use of vegetables, and fancy sweets.


Raisin grab you ) and about 37 different spreads. For the diet-conscious, the peach tofu is low fat and delicious. The store also makes soup and chili, and orders whitefish salad, herring and Nova from the same distributor as Zabar's. Lunch comes with a cookie and pasta salad. Originally located in Port Washington and Huntington, the store has essentially been in business for 26 years. It's basically take-out, except when the weather is right for eating at the outside tables. Open daily for breakfast and lunch, year-round.


Sicily's dense population, coupled with deforestation, have had a devastating effect on the island's fauna. Etna's roe deer and the Nebrodi wolves have disappeared, but some smaller forest species cling on for dear life, notably the crested porcupine, fox, pine marten and wildcat, which roam the Nebrodi mountain park. Even the poor dormouse is under threat - not surprising, given that it was once a staple part of the diet. Fortunately, the San Fratello horse, which roams wild in the Nebrodi mountains and is unique to Sicily, is faring somewhat better and is now a protected species.

The Martin Luther

A US prospector eventually got it running, but it consumed enormous quantities of precious local water. It took three months to complete its initial trip from Walvis Bay to Swakopmund and subsequently survived just a couple of short trips before grinding to a halt just east of Swakopmund. Clearly, this particular technology wasn't making life easier for anyone, and it was abandoned and dubbed the Martin Luther, in reference to the great reformer's famous words to the Diet of Reichstag in 1521 'Here I stand. May God help me, I cannot do otherwise'.

Getting There

Originally, Luther intended to change practices inside the church. He did not intend to start a new church. In 1521, Luther was excommunicated by the Pope and declared an outlaw at the Diet of Worms, but allowed to flee. The famous words he supposedly uttered in front of the Diet Here I stand for I cannot do otherwise, were added later by Luther for more emphasis. He received protection from the Saxon Elector Frederick the Wise, even though he did not agree with Luther. While disguised as a monk in the Wartburg, he translated the New Testament into German. Apart from its influence on religion, Luther's German New Testament finally united the various regional dialects into a High German still understood and used by all German speakers. He returned to Wittenberg in 1522, and after that there was no return to the old ways. Germany became split between his supporters and those of the Roman Catholic Church. Several battles were fought, some intellectual and some physical. It

The History Of Ramen

Of course, ramen was not introduced to the Japanese masses until the Meiji era when the country first opened its doors to foreign interests. For most of Japan's history, the diet consisted simply of steamed rice, vegetables and seafood, which partly explains why the country's people suddenly became incessant gourmands in the late 19th century.

Tiwi Islands

Most of the 2700 Tiwi Islanders live on Bathurst Island (there's about 900 people on Melville Island). Most follow a mainly non-traditional lifestyle, but they still hunt dugong and gather turtle eggs, and hunting and gathering usually supplements the diet a couple of times a week. Tiwis also go back to their traditional lands on Melville Island for a few weeks each year to teach and to learn traditional culture. Descendants of the Japanese pearl divers who regularly visited here early this century also live on Melville Island.

Deadly Honey

The people who gather honey, known as maualis, occasionally constitute a part of the diet of the Royal Bengal tiger. Indeed, they are far more vulnerable to tiger attack than anybody else. The maualis carry no protection and in the frenzy of following the bees to their hives, can't keep an eye out for tigers as well. Tigers attack from the rear and in a matter of seconds can crush a victim's head or break his neck. On the Indian side of the Sundarbans, the forest department has developed iron head-masks for the maualis, which have proven quite effective. But in Bangladesh, honey collectors continue to work unprotected.

Ashrams Gurus

Choosing an ashram will depend on your spiritual leanings. Every guru has their own unique take on spiritual living, often with a focus on abstinence and meditation. All ashrams have a rigid code of conduct, and visitors are required to adhere to strict rules, which may include a strict dress code, a daily regimen of yoga or meditation, and charitable work at social projects run by the ashram. The diet is almost always vegetarian and you may also be asked to abstain from eggs, tobacco, alcohol, garlic, onions, and 'black drinks' - ie anything containing caffeine, including tea and coke. Sex may be prohibited or positively encouraged - make sure you are comfortable with this before you stay.

Medieval Budapest

But while Matthias busied himself with centralising power for the crown in the capital, he ignored the growing Turkish threat. His successor Vladislav II (Ulaszlo r 1490-1516) was unable to maintain even royal authority as the members of the diet, which met to approve royal decrees, squandered royal funds, sold off the royal library and expropriated land. In May 1514, what had begun as a crusade organised by the power-hungry archbishop of Esztergom, Tamas Bakocz, turned into an uprising against the landlords by peasants who rallied near Pest under their leader, Gyorgy Dozsa.

Rock Stars

The fertile Mekong River flood plain, running from Sainyabuli to Cham-pasak, forms the flattest and most tropical part of Laos. Virtually all of the domestic rice consumed in Laos is grown here, and if our experience seeing rice packaged up as 'Produce of Thailand' is any indication, then a fair bit is exported via Thailand, too. Most other large-scale farming takes place here as well. The Mekong and, just as importantly, its tributaries are also an important source of fish, a vital part of the diet for most people living in Laos. The Mekong valley is at its largest around Vientiane and Savannakhet, which, not surprisingly, are two of the major population centres.

Habsburg Rule

Though the compromise had brought the fighting to an end, Hungary was now a mere province of the Habsburg empire. Its main cities - Buda, Pest and Obuda - counted a total of just over 12,000 people. With the ascension of Maria Theresa to the throne in 1740, the Hungarian nobility pledged their 'lives and blood' to her at the diet in Bratislava in exchange for concessions. Thus began the period of enlightened absolutism that would continue under her son, the 'hatted king' (so-called as he was never crowned in Hungary) Joseph II, who ruled for a decade from 1780. By then the population of Buda and Pest had risen to almost 35,000 - a significant number, even in the sprawling Habsburg empire.


Don't feed fish it disturbs their normal eating habits and can prompt aggressive behaviour If you're diving in the Myeik Peninsula, be sure that you possess a current diving certification card Be aware that underwater conditions vary significantly from one region to the next - dive only within the limits of your experience

The Culture

From major towns will be keeping some variety and balance in your diet, and getting enough protein, especially if you don't eat eggs or seafood. In larger towns, Indian restaurants are the best places to try for vegetarian meals. Elsewhere, try asking Indian shop owners if they have any suggestions many will also be able to help you find good yogurt. Peanuts (karanga in Swahili-speaking areas) are widely sold on the streets, and fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant throughout most of the region. If you eat seafood, you'll have no problems along the coast or near any of the lakes, and even in inland areas good fish is often available from rivers and streams. Most tour operators are willing to cater to special dietary requests - such as vegetarian, kosher or halal - as long as they have advance notice. For East Africa's Maasai and other Nilotic peoples, milk-sometimes curdled - is a dietary mainstay, often mixed together with blood drawn from living cows' jugular veins.


Very hot weather is experienced year-round in northern Australia and during the summer months for most of the country. When arriving from a temperate or cold climate, remember that it takes two weeks for acclimatisation to occur. Before the body is acclimatised, an excessive amount of salt is lost in perspiration, so increasing the salt in your diet is essential.

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