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Deciding Where and When to Go

The next time you meet people who've recently been to Scotland, ask them what the place is like, and they may well give you a wistful, faraway look. That's because the region has the potential for magic. With the vitality and culture of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the Highlands' sometimes breathtakingly raw scenery, and some of the friendliest English-speaking people in the world, Scotland is bound to leave fond memories. From urban chic to ancient castles, from misty glens to craggy coastlines, Scotland is a dream (as well as dreamy) destination.

Sakaya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple

Flanking the entrance to the temple are yellow tigers, symbolising protection and vitality. On your left as you enter the temple is a huge mother-of-pearl footprint, complete with the 108 auspicious marks that distinguish a Buddha foot from any other 2m-long foot. It's said to be a replica of the footprint on top of Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka.

National Gallery Of Jamaica

The superlative collection of Jamaican art housed by the National Gallery (Map pp74-5 922-1561, Roy West Bldg, 12 Ocean Blvd admission US 1.50 S 10am-4 30pm Tue-Thu, to 4pm Fri,to 3pm Sat) is quite simply the finest on the island and should on no account be missed. In addition to offering an intrinsically Jamaican take on international artistic trends, the collection attests to the vitality of the country's artistic heritage as well as its present.

Urban Planning Development

The jury is still out as to whether they've succeeded, but the consensus is they've not done enough. Critics point to the recent explosion in hypermarket shopping complexes that ring the outskirts in all directions. The pattern has been the same nearly everywhere, with developers buying up large tracts of land - usually near metro terminuses - and then constructing mixed-use commercial and residential zones, drawing shoppers and commuters to areas that just a few years ago were farmers' fields. The full impact is not yet clear, but there's concern that the new developments are siphoning off money and vitality from the centre.

Democratisation The Coups

Political and economic chaos reigned for the rest of the '70s so the military took it upon themselves to seize power again and re-establish order in 1980. This they did through the creation of the highly feared National Security Council, but allowed elections in 1983. Here, for the first time in decades, was a happy result for Turkey. Turgut Ozal, leader of the Motherland Party (ANAP), won a majority and, unhindered by unruly coalition partners, was able to set Turkey back on course. An astute economist, and pro-Islamic, Ozal made vital economic and legal reforms that brought Turkey in line with the international community and sowed the seeds of its current vitality.

From Villa Borghese To Piazza Di Spagna

Villa Borghese Fountain Rome Satyrs

The seahorses, half horse and half fish, are a symbol of strength and vitality, and their wings refer to the mythological horse Pegasus. Continuing along Via dei Pupazzi past the Tempietto di Diana, you arrive in Via Goethe and the Fountain of the Winged Victories. Made in the early 20th century, the basin of the fountain is actually an ancient Roman sarcophagus that represents winged Victories among garlands of fruit and ornamental masks. The large mask from which water spurts and flanked by dolphins was instead made by Giacomo della Porta at the end of the 16th century, along with other similar elements, to adorn the fountain in Piazza della Rotonda in front of the Pantheon. At the end of the 19th century, the four masks were substituted with copies, and deposited in the city warehouses only one of them was later moved to the Villa Borghese, where we can still enjoy it.

Manasija Monastery Mahacthp Mahachja

Dating from the early 1400s, the church was built to protect a community that had escaped the Turkish takeover of Kosovo. Despite seeming an impenetrable bulwark, the monastery was occupied several times by the Turks and consequently the remaining frescoes are only patchy. However, what's left is enough to startle the viewer with its vitality, colour and realism it's as if the yet-to-come Italian Renaissance visited here first. Manasija is 2km north of the town.

Ayurveda Keralas Healing Balm

An ancient healing tradition that draws on 3,000 years of Vedic culture, Ayurveda is the subcontinent's traditional science of life, vitality, health, and longevity or, to tap into a more contemporary buzzphrase, the science of well-being. Kerala has long been considered the home of Ayurveda, no doubt due to the abundance of herbal and medicinal plants that thrive in its tropical environment. You will find therapists, physicians, and commercial Ayurvedic shops selling roots, herbs, and bark throughout the state.

The Peoples of East Africa

East Africa has a rich mosaic of tribal cultures, with over 300 different groups packed into an area roughly a quarter the size of Australia. The vitality of their traditions is expressed in everything from splendid ceremonial attire to pulsating dance rhythms, refined artistry and highly organised community structure. Experiencing and witnessing all this is likely to be a highlight of your travels.

Sights Activities City Center

A wander through central San Salvador (known to everyone as 'el centro) can feel like a descent into the maelstrom, with crowds pushing through sprawling markets, music blaring from every direction and buses zig-zagging around at breakneck speed. But you'll soon get your bearings, and if you like cities you'll appreciate the center's gritty vitality. Beyond the setting, there are some genuinely interesting things to see here, not the least of which is the tomb of Archbishop Romero, in the lower floor of the Catedral Metropolitana (below).

Adi Quala L

Adi Quala functions as a frontier town (it's the last town of any size before the Ethiopian border). The status of frontier town can be either a blessing or a damnation. In the case of Adi Quala, it's more a damnation. With the border with Ethiopia being indefinitely closed, this town is another casualty of war - it has lost much of its vitality and raison d' tre. Polite observers might call it languid and peaceful, others would simply call it a depressed outpost, the fate of which is closely linked to geopolitics. But when the border crossing with


Spain offers fascinating history, pretty beaches, Moorish palaces, quaint villages, and, of course, Picasso, but the country is also full of modern-day vitality. Things began to change with the death of Generalissimo Francisco Franco and the country's 1986 entry into the European Union, and today the nation is undergoing a cultural renaissance that delights visitors, with cities like Barcelona, home of the 1992 Olympics, getting used to a new-found prosperity. CURRENCY As of March 2002, Spain switched entirely to the euro ( ) for its currency. One euro is made up of 100 euro cents. The exchange rate at press time was 1 .87 .

Linger Awhile

Boasting numerous hotels, B & Bs and camp-sites in an idyllic coastal setting, Granville is a quality holiday destination with two luxurious beaches, perfect for sunbathing, swimming and water sports. Year-round gambling entertainment is provided by the shoreside Casino that offers all your favourite games of chance and the thrill of one-armed bandits. Spoil yourself with a stimulating stay in Granville's renowned Previthal Institute and embark on a voyage of well-being and health, vitality and rest. Lulled by the perpetual to-ing and fro-ing of the Atlantic waves, enjoy Previthal's relaxing care based on a robust mixture of natural thalassotherapy and refreshing walks along the shores of Mont-Saint-Michel Bay.


Boasting one of the country's great medieval cityscapes - an eye-catching ensemble of redbrick palazzi, Renaissance towers and 40km of arcaded porticoes - Bologna is a wonderful alternative to the north's more famous cities. Italy's culinary capital, it's an attractive, animated place a large student population and active gay scene ensure a vitality that's so often missing in many of Emilia's smaller towns.

Shopping A to Z

Shopping competes with golf, surfing, and sightseeing as a bona fide Honolulu activity. And why not The proliferation of top-notch made-in-Hawaii products, the vitality of the local crafts scene, and the unquenchable thirst for mementos of the islands lend respectability to shopping here.

Walking Tour

A walk downtown is decidedly not a walk in the park (although there are a couple of fascinating parks here). Giving downtown Kingston a pass altogether would be a mistake, however. Anyone wanting to get a sense of the history and vitality that shape the country, and see firsthand the vital presence of one of the Caribbean's great cities, will want to personally take the pulse of downtown Kingston.

The Modernistas

Modernisme did not appear in isolation in Barcelona. To the British and French the style was Art Nouveau to the Italians, Lo Stile Liberty the Germans called it Jugendstil (Youth Style) and the Austrians, Sezession (Secession). Its vitality and rebelliousness can be summed up in those epithets modern, new, liberty, youth and secession. A key uniting element was the sensuous curve, implying movement, lightness and vitality. This leitmotif informed much Art Nouveau thinking, in part inspired by long-standing tenets of Japanese art.

Terrific Towns

The open spaces are wider, the forests denser, and St Johnsbury has a vitality all its own. Check out the Athenaeum, with gigantic paintings by Bierstadt, and the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium, a fascinating look at local life - both animal and human And, thanks to an internet poll, Springfield (pop 9,000) hosted the world premier of The Simpsons Movie in 2007, because it 'best represented the spirit' of Homer, Marge and Co


It's a no-brainer Honolulu is a shopping destination. Shopping competes with golf, surfing, and sightseeing as a bona fide Honolulu attraction. And why not The proliferation of top-notch made-in-Hawaii products, the vitality of the local crafts scene, and the unquenchable thirst for mementos of the islands lend respectability to shopping here. More than 1,000 stores occupy the 11 major shopping centers on this island.


The variety of birds that make a home in the Low Country is growing as species are pushed out of their natural habitats farther north. During the winter months, thousands of waterfowl mallards, pintails, teal and many other species of ducks migrate to the area, joining resident wood ducks on the coastal waterways and refuges. In the spring and fall, songbirds and shorebirds visit on their long flights to and from nesting grounds in the north. In the summertime, magnolias blossom, Spanish moss thickens, the oaks take on new vitality, and the resurrection fern seems reborn with each rain. There's always action here alligators trying to avoid the heat of the noonday sun dig deep swampy dens the deer in the woodlands graze the afternoon hours away in the evening, the loggerhead turtles struggle up the beach from the depths of the ocean to lay their eggs, then, worn out from their exertions, struggle back through the sand to the deep waters of the Atlantic.

Exploring London

Rwo millennia ago, London was Londinium, a walled colony of the Roman Empire. Today, this dazzling metropolis, home to more than 7 million people, is one of the most historic, cultured, and exciting cities on earth. London is a big city built (mostly) on a human scale, with charming old streets, bustling modern thoroughfares, plenty of greenery, plenty of traffic, and a vitality that spills over into the night. When the sun goes down and floodlights bathe London's historic buildings and monuments, all kinds of new possibilities spring up.


An improbable combination of colours - red from the pindan (rust-coloured dirt), the aquamarine of Roebuck Bay and the pearl white of Cable Beach's sands - make Broome's landscape memorable. The dramatic contrasts of colour and weather, from dry vibrant winters to wet torpid summers, along with the town's rich history and cultural complexity, give Broome an atmosphere and energy like no other. This vitality has enticed adventurers, entrepreneurs, artists and travellers to Broome, who have given the town a sense of the cosmopolitan - a vibrant culture, great cuisine, fine art, and unique style that you won't find elsewhere.

Tenement House

More a time capsule than a museum, the Tenement House is an almost undisturbed record of life as it was in a modest Glasgow flat on a tenement estate in the early 20th century. Glasgow owed much of its vitality and neigh-bourliness to tenement life, though in later years many of these Victorian and Edwardian apartments were to earn a bad name for poverty and overcrowding, and many of them have been pulled down.


The mountainous Mediterranean nation of Albania is taking off into a well-earned era of confidence, vitality and decent plumbing. Once known as a shadowy communist prison state, Shqiperia, as the locals call it, is emerging from a hugely difficult transition period. Travel here still has a few rough edges, but enduring bumpy bus rides and scratchy phone lines will be amply repaid with generous hospitality, gorgeous mountain scenery and sights you can savour without any tourist bustle and hustle.

To The Present

In the early 20th century a group of young Venetian artists started holding shows in Ca' Pesaro in protest against the 'official' art of the Accademia. Among their number was Gino Rossi (1884-1947), whose career took him from Symbolism to a growing interest in Cubism. The figures in his works seem stiff and unable to let out their emotions. He spent many years in psychiatric institutions, where he finally died. Another important figure of the Ca' Pesaro group was sculptor Arturo Martini (1889-1947), whose works seem to exude a natural vitality.

Pingyao d

Antiques, touts, and, well, tourists. As more residents of the old city are moved to modern apartments with modern plumbing, this World Heritage city faces the threat of becoming an over-precious imitation of itself. But for now, Pingyao still has the vitality of a thriving town behind the veneer of an ancient one. Note Turn to Appendix A for Chinese translations of key locations.

Detour Lama

Clinging to a rocky spur, with Monte Astu (1535m) rearing above it, the cutesy hamlet of Lama (pop 130) demands a detour from the main N1197 simply to browse its lanes and sense its vitality. Lama, like Pigna (p143), is an impressive example of how a village with the skids under it can redefine and revitalise itself. Nowadays confident and prosperous-looking, its almost every building, from humble cottage to fine bourgeois mansions and Italianate palazzi, seems to have been painted and pointed.

Pago Pago

There is not much to the town itself, which has been subject to low standards of maintenance and at times appears to be populated by nothing but pick-up trucks. Also, on a 'bad tuna day', it won't just be the surrounding views that take your breath away. But look beyond the traffic and the monotony of the main strip (not to mention the abundant rain) to the serene summit of Mt Alava, the vitality of the Friday night market and the infectious indolence of the locals.


How can a people that has suffered so much produce a city of such vitality This is a question you'll ask yourself time and time again as you explore Sarajevo. In the 1990s this was a city and people on the edge of annihilation, but today it has become a favourite traveller destination.


A far cry from the days of yore, before Dublin produced any rock star worthy of the name. Then, in the mid-1970s, along came Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy (see the boxed text, pi 82), followed by Bob 'don't fuck with me' Geldof and the Boomtown Rats. As popular as they were, they were but the pre-show routine for four young lads from Ballymun, who took to the stage in 1978 with dodgy haircuts and even dodgier clobber. The clobber is still pretty suspect, but U2 are officially the world's biggest band, and have raised the bar to such an impossibly high level that no-one even bothers to wonder where the 'next U2' will come from any more, and most will happily settle for a few crumbs from the fabulous U2 cake. Still, their success has inspired plenty of bands and the local scene has developed a vitality and confidence never before seen -even if some of the contemporary acts would do well to leave the confidence alone and work a little on their songwriting.

The Pita Maha

In the 1930s, with few commissions from temples, painting was virtually dying out. Rudolph Bonnet and Walter Spies (opposite), with their patron Cokorda Gede Agung Surapati, formed the Pita Maha (literally, Great Vitality) to encourage painting as an art form and to find a new market. The group had more than 100 members at its peak in the 1930s.

Exploring The Area

Clonmel, the capital of Tipperary and the largest inland town in Ireland, is the unassuming gateway to the region. A working town, as yet undistorted or distracted by massive tourism, Clonmel has everything you need to establish a strategic, pleasant base of operations in the Southeast. Poised on the banks of the Suir, Clonmel once had the distinction of withstanding a Cromwellian siege for 3 months. More recently, the town has successfully resisted the lure of rapid, unplanned tourism, preserving its own landscape and character and so making itself all the more attractive to visitors. Its 8km (5-mile) riverfront walkway, bustling vitality, and prime location all make it a perfect base for exploring one of the most pristine and stunningly beautiful regions of Ireland.

The Mafia Origins

The origins of the word have been much debated. The author Norman Lewis has suggested that it derives from the Arabic mu'afah or 'place of refuge'. Nineteenth-century etymologists proposed mahjas, the Arabic word for 'boasting'. Whatever the origin, the term mafioso existed long before the organisation known as the Mafia and was used to describe a character that was elegant and proud, with an independent vitality and spirit.

The Book of Kells

Its fascination derives from the dignified but elusive character of its main motifs, and the astonishing variety and complexity of the linear ornamentation that adorns every one of its 680 pages. Its creators managed to combine new artistic influences from Eastern Christendom with the traditional interlace patterning of Celtic metalwork to produce what Gerald of Wales, a 13th-century chronicler, called the work not of men, but of angels. The message sometimes may not be easy to read, but everyone can admire the elegant precision of the standard script, the subtlety of the color harmonies, and the exuberant vitality of the human and animal ornamentation.

The Mangyan

That the Mangya n are still able to hold on to their culture despite centuries of incursions from outsiders is a testimony to their vitality and tenacity. If you are interested in finding out more, the Mangyan Heritage Center ( 288 5318 B Finnemann Compound, Calero, Calapan admission free h 8am-5pm Mon-Fri) has thousands of essays and photos as well as video documentaries all available to the public.

Food Drink

Compared with other Indonesian islands, Balinese food is more pungent and lively. The biting note of fresh gingers is matched by the heat of raw chillies, shrimp paste, palm sugar and tamarind. There is nothing shy about this cuisine and it is certainly not as sweet and subtle as the food of the neighbouring island of Java. But there is more to it than that - there is a multitude of layers that make the complete dish. A meal will contain the six flavours (sweet, sour, spicy, salty, bitter and astringent), which in turn promote health, vitality and stimulate the senses. Lunch is eaten from 1 lam, and the regular fare is the famous nasi campur. Nasi campur simply means steamed rice and a mixture of side dishes. The combination of these is dependent on seasonal produce and economy. This is in fact the style of eating for just about every meal. Lunch constitutes the main meal of the day for it is at this time that the rice has finished a couple of hours of happy steaming and all the side...


Melbournians like to look good and fashion plays a big part in the city's self-image. Office clobber may have become more relaxed, and going-out clothes more casual too, but this just gives everyone more opportunities to improvise and layer. Melbourne's fashion needs are catered to by an impressive number of canny retailers who roam widely in search of the world's best as well as showcasing local design talent. And there's lots of that. Rather than adhering to the hierarchy of established studios, many young designers start their own labels straight out of university. This gives the scene an amazing energy and vitality. There are also a large number

Destination Cambodia

Just as Angkor is more than its wat, so too is Cambodia more than its temples. The chaotic yet charismatic capital of Phnom Penh is a hub of political intrigue, economic vitality and intellectual debate. All too often overlooked by hit-and-run tourists ticking off Angkor on a regional tour, the revitalised city is finally earning plaudits in its own right thanks to a gorgeous riverside location, a cultural renaissance, and a dining and drinking scene to rival the best in the region.

Special Events

April Alexandria celebrates Historic Garden Week in Virginia with tours of privately owned local historic homes and gardens the third Saturday of the month. Call the Visitors Center (& 703 838-4200) in early 2004 for more information about tickets and admission prices for the tour. June The Red Cross Waterfront Festival, the second weekend in June, honors Alexandria's historic importance as a seaport and the vitality of its Potomac shoreline today with a display of historic tall ships, ship tours, boat rides and races, nautical art exhibits, waterfront walking tours, fireworks, children's games, an arts and crafts show, food booths, and entertainment. Admission is charged. July Alexandria's birthday (its 255th in 2004) is celebrated with a concert performance by the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, fireworks, birthday cake, and other festivities. The Saturday following the Fourth of July. All events are free. September This year is the 62nd Annual Tour of Historic Alexandria Homes,...

Studio Visits

Adding to the vitality of the Volcano arts environment are the studio visits offered by the Volcano Village Art Studios. Several respected artists in various media open their studios to the public by appointment. Artists in the hui include Ira Ono (& 808 967-7261), who makes masks, water containers, fountains, paste-paper journals, garden vessels, and goddesses out of clay and found objects Pam Barton (& 808 967-7247), who transforms vines, leaves, roots, bark, and tree sheddings into stunning fiber sculptures and vessels, from baskets to handmade paper and books raku and jewelry artist Zeke Israel (& 808 965-8820) and sculptor Randy Takaki (& 808 985-8756), who works in wood, metal, and ceramics.


But Abidjan has always had two faces. Adjame, on the north side of town, plus Marcory and Treichville to the south of Le Plateau, linked by two major bridges, are areas in which rural immigrants have settled - these neighbourhoods remain pure Africa in all its vitality and urban poverty.

La Libertad

La Libertad does have flashes of gritty vitality - the market, early-morning s urfers, lone fishermen plying the rocky shoreline - but the overall atmosphere is that of a grimy and decaying port town. La Libertad has a serious drug problem, which is the cause of most theft and assaults here. Foreigners are occasionally targeted sometimes it's random, but usually the victim was buying or using drugs. Follow normal precautions - like not walking around at night or leaving valuables on the beach - and you should be fine.

Attila Domb

The Scythian mound hinted at signs of a potent energy within, observed more than a century ago by herdsmen who noted that their horses were somehow attracted to the site. The horses spent unusually long hours here, and sick horses were seen frequently lying down on the mound for many hours. The veterinarian of the estate concluded that there were markedly less illnesses among the horses at this farm, and that the foaling rate was greatly above average, in fact more frequent than anywhere else in the country. Rumors about the special energy source of Attila Domb soon spread, attracting people by the hundreds, who sought relief from their aches and pains. The healing mound gained popularity, mainly because of the testimony of many sick people who reported a distinct improvement in their condition. Some spoke of healing right after visiting the mound, while others reported increased wellness after visiting the mound on several occasions. Human vitality research commenced in the 20th...

Sound of Silence

The long sandy beaches attract the greatest number of visitors to Ulcinj. In the very middle of the town of Ulcinj is rhe socolled 'little Beach which is 650 moters long. Con you imagine the length of the beach that is called long beach - 13 kilometers In o mysterious way the Ulcinj climate and skies revive life energy and emotions. The finest sand is rich with salt and iodine. It has been clinically tested and confirmed that it cures rheumatic illnesses.

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