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Chris Willitts, creator of V3 has been in the bodybuilding and vegetarian for over 20 years and 10 years respectively. He was inspired to launch his vegetarian bodybuilding platform having seeing the need the vegetarianism is an effective tool to be applied in the bodybuilding industry. He majored in flexibility, strength, and mind-body interrelation. Having switched to the plant-based diet he included meditation. V3 Vegetarian Bodybuilding System is a combination of Chris advice and science on how to eat in line with one's fitness goals, infusing the whole program with mind-body awareness. The system is designed not only for vegetarians, but semi-vegetarians, part-time vegetarians, vegans, or undecided. The V3 Bodybuilding system is a self-guided system the does not include one-on-one coaching. The V3 has been deliberated upon by top plant-based fitness experts in the industry before coming up with something that has an assurance of getting positive results to the general populace. The V3 Bodybuilding System is not an eBook. It is actually a membership-based online resource (which some parts of the worksheet are available for download as PDFs). This product is easy to understand and it is newbie friendly that do not require any level of technical skills. Read more...

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Vegetarians Vegans

Some not-very-light, but widely available dishes for vegetarians to look for are rdntott sajt (fried cheese), gombafejek rdntva (fried mushroom caps), gomba leves (mushroom soup) and t r s or kdposzta csusza (short, wide pasta with cheese or cabbage). Bableves (bean soup) usually contains meat.

Just Greens Vegetarian

Map p80 Vegetarian You know you've found a good veggie place when meat eaters and monks are prominent among its happy customers. The lunchtime buffet is worth checking out, but you can also order a la carte - the dishes are clearly made with love and the service is generally friendly.

Macys European Coffee House Bakery Vegetarian Restaurante

Main courses 3- 8. No credit cards. Sun-Thurs 6am-8pm Fri-Sat 6am-10pm. VEGETARIAN BAKED GOODS. Macy's may not be able to save the world, but its fine vegetarian food, fresh pastries, and great coffee encourage people to slow down and smell the latte. It's a place where vegans are welcomed, where bikes lean against the building,


During Lent (the 40-day period before Orthodox Easter), vegetarians will have a plethora of eating options, as many restaurants offer special lenten menus that feature no meat or dairy products. Only a few restaurants are exclusively veggie all year round. Jagannath (Map pp128-9 928 3580 Kuznetsky most 11 meals R300-500 S lOam-llpm Kuznetsky Most) If you are in need of vitamins, this is a funky vegetarian caf , restaurant and shop. Its Indian-theme d cor is more New Agey than ethnic. Service is slow but sublime, and the food is worth the wait.

Vegetarian Times

You know when a restaurant called Old Glory Barbeque starts to list a veggie skewer entree on its menu that vegetarianism has officially entered the mainstream of American eating habits. And it's clear that restaurants are ready to accommodate non-meat-eaters, recognizing that vegetarians like to dine out as much as carnivores. In addition to Old Glory's entree (which, by the way, is a skewer of marinated oak-grilled vegetables with barbecue vinaigrette, for 8.95), here are some other restaurants whose menus cater to vegetarians. See individual listings within this chapter for full descriptions of each establishment. On the upscale end of the spectrum is Caf Atlantico (see below), whose Latino dim sum all you can eat brunch on Saturday and Sunday, 11 30am to 2 30pm, is a favorite for vegetarians, since the brunch offers a vegetarian tasting menu of close to 20 dishes, from avocado with corn nuts to spinach with pumpkin seeds. The price is 25 per person. Indian restaurants are always a...


Bali is a dream come true for vegetarians. Tofu and tempe, rich in protein, can be seen on many restaurant menus, and other wok-fried dishes, such as cap cay and sayur hijau can easily be ordered without meat. Salads abound in many modern restaurants, and that old rule of not eating raw foods in Bali no longer applies. Vegetarian restaurants will of course be true to their name and there are many good Indian restaurants that also have vegetarian choices. Most vegetarian restaurants also cater for vegans, although you might need to double-check on shrimp paste. 'Aquatarians' (vegetarians who eat seafood) will find eating on the island full of wonderful choices. Freshly grilled seafood satay is often on sale around Bali in the afternoons, and seafood features on nearly all menus.

Vegetarian Options

Seoulites love meat, fish and seafood and very few are vegetarian, although rice and vegetables make up a considerable part of their diet. Seoul's best vegetarian restaurants include Sanchon (p90), Dimibang (p89) and Sosim (p90) in Insadong and Pulhyanggi (p98) near Apgujeong. Department store food courts and Indian restaurants always offer some vegetarian meals. It can be a struggle for vegetarians in ordinary restaurants, but you can order bibimbap or dolsotbibimbap without the meat (or egg), beoseotjeongol, doenjang jjigae, dubu jjigae, jajangmyeon, vegetable pajeon or dotorimuk. But check before you order that these meals don't have any meat, seafood or fish as fragments are sometimes used to add flavour. Some gimbap is vegetarian or ask for it without ham (or egg). If all else fails you can eat a meal of rice and vegetable side dishes.

Vegetarian Vegan

Eggs are usually easy to find - expect to eat an awful lot of egg and chips -and fish is available nearer the coast. Be aware that in many places chicken is usually not regarded as meat, and may be served to strict but unsuspecting vegetarians, while even the simplest vegetable sauce may have a bit of animal fat thrown in. Expect to meet with bemusement when you announce that you don't eat meat - the idea of voluntarily giving up something that's seen as an aspirational luxury is hard to understand for many people.

Vegetarian Travel

It's relatively easy to maintain a vegetarian diet in Dubai. Almost all restaurants across the ethnic gamut offer vegetarian selections. The many Indians living here, many of whom do not eat meat for religious reasons, ensure plenty of vegetarian options in the emirate's often inexpensive Indian restaurants. Other Asian restaurants tend to focus on vegetarian dishes, and in Lebanese and Arabic restaurants, meze (appetizers) are usually meat-free. Some of the best restaurants serving vegetarian dishes are Asha's (p. 78), Glasshouse (p. 79), the Noodle House (p. 86), Thai Chi (p. 81), and La Vigna (p. 80). The Lime Tree Cafe (p. 91) is the most popular vegetarian restaurant among Western expatriates living in Dubai. For more vegetarian-friendly travel resources, go to

Vegetarian Delights

It used to be that vegetarian dining in Toronto was often more of an exercise in virtue than in good taste. Crunchy granola might be healthful for the body, but it's hell on the palate. But now a new wave of vegetarian eateries are making meat-free meals a gourmet's delight. Several of the city's finest restaurants are also offering special vegetarian tasting menus. Here are some of the best bets Annapurna Vegetarian Restaurant, 1085 Bathurst St. (& 416 5378513 subway Bathurst). Annapurna has been around for more than 20 years, and it's still serving Indian vegetable dishes, hearty tofu burgers, and a variety of fruit and vegetable juices to a crowd of students and boomers. In keeping with the aura of health, Annapurna hosts free meditation classes every week. Main courses C 8- 12 (US 5.60- 8.40) MC, V Mon-Tues and Thurs-Sat 11 30am-9pm, Wed 11 30am-6 30pm. Fressen, 478 Queen St. W. (& 416 504-5127 subway Osgoode). This is a vegetarian oasis for sophisticates. From the freshly baked...

Vegetarians delight

If you're a vegetarian, you may feel lost when looking at a menu filled with mostly pork (the staple meat of China), beef, and fish dishes. Not to worry. Table 5-2 shows some vegetarian dishes. (And take a look at the list of vegetables in Chapter 6 for some added help.) Vegetarian Dishes

For Vegetarians

Tobago has fruits and vegetables galore, and restaurant offerings are expanding greatly. If you eat fish, there's no problem. If you don't, the Turtle Beach Hotel (see page 136) specializes in vegetarian fare, but it's not inexpensive. An average dinner will cost about 30 per person, including tax. Lots of small local food stalls serve non-meat rotis that our vegetarian friends thought were very good and, in Scarborough, there are a few vegetarian shops in the mall. None has extensive menus or many basic foods that you can cook yourself, and none of them had prepared meals that we thought were appealing. E & F Health Foods there is probably the best for herbs. Penny Savers carries various forms of vegetable protein and soy products.

Veggie Budget Bites

Blazing Salads (Map p86 671 9552 42 Drury St mains 0.50-8.50 S 10am-6pm Mon-Sat, to 8pm Thu) Organic breads (many suitable for special diets), Californian-style salads, smoothies and pizza slices can all be taken away from this delicious vegetarian deli. Fresh (Map p86 671 9552 top fl, Powerscourt Townhouse Shopping Centre, 59 South William St lunch 5-9 9.30am-6pm Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm Sun) This long-standing vegetarian restaurant serves a variety of salads and filling hot daily specials. Many dishes are dairy- and gluten-free without compromising on taste. The baked potato topped with organic cheese ( 5.50) comes with two salads and is a hearty meal in itself. Cornucopia (Mapp86 6777583 19 Wicklow St mains from 6 S 9am-7pm Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat, to 9pm Thu) For those escaping the Irish cholesterol habit, Cornucopia is a popular wholefood caf turning out healthy goodies. There's even a hot vegetarian breakfast as an alternative to muesli. Govinda's (Map p86 475 0309 4 Aungier St mains 6-11 S...

Vegetarian ftlg

China has a long history of Daoist and Buddhist philosophers who abstained from eating animals, and vegetarianism can be traced back over 1000 years. The Tang dynasty physician Sun Simiao extolled the virtues of vegetarianism in his 60-volume classic, Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold. Legend has it that Sun lived to the ripe old age of 101. However, try telling this to your waiter who brings out a supposedly pristine veggie or tofu dish decorated with strips of pork or chicken. The majority of Chinese have little understanding of vegetarianism and many consider it a strange Western concept. However, in larger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, vegetarianism is slowly catching on and there are new chic vegetarian eateries appearing in fashionable restaurant districts. Buddhist temples also often have vegetarian restaurants. Buddhist vegetarian food often consists of 'mock meat' dishes made from tofu, wheat gluten and vegetables. Some of the dishes are quite...

Vegans Vegetarians

There are hundreds of fine meat-free dishes in the Armenian cookbook, but at restaurants the options might only be salad, grilled vegetables, bread and cheese (sorry, vegan comrades). Nuts are sold everywhere - sunflower seeds are a very Middle Eastern obsession. Tomatoes, rice, aubergines, courgettes and a profusion of herbs and spices have created a wealth of vegetarian dishes. Western Armenian cuisine has hummus, tabouleh and other dishes associated with Lebanese cuisine, and there are lots of home-made ratatouilles made from beans, carrots and onions with olive oil. Kartofel (pilaf rice) is a buttery mix of dried raisins, apricots and other spices. B&B hosts will do vegetarian meals.

Cheltenham Lawn Hotel Pittville Park

Located just inside the iron gates leading to Pittville Park, this nonsmoking B&B caters to vegetarians and vegans. The B&B has nine high-ceilinged rooms, four with private bathrooms and one with a four-poster bed. The house dates from the 1840s and has many nice touches. 5 Pittville Lawn, Cheltenham, Glos GL52 2BE. and fax 01242 526-638. www. Rack rates 80- 100 ( 160- 200) double. Rates include vegetarian breakfast. No credit cards.

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Cuisine from all of Mexico is represented in the city's eateries and fondas, and places focusing on one region or cuisine are plentiful. Vegetarians can enjoy ensalada de nopales (cactus leaves salad), and carnitas (braised pork) is a standard. More formal restaurants like Los Danzantes (p178) serve brilliant Oaxacan cuisine. Others, like El Baj o (p177), have terrific multiregional traditional fare. Many restaurants are epicenters of nueva cocina mexicana, where chefs bring haute-cuisine techniques and sophistication to traditional Mexican recipes. Patricia Quintana prepares dishes like lobster enchiladas with pumpkinseed sauce in her restaurant, Izote (p177), while chef Enrique Olvera of Pujol (p177) is acclaimed for dishes like ravioles de aguacate, camar n y mayonesa picante (avocado ravioli with shrimp and spicy mayonnaise).

Petrie Terrace Paddington

Sol Breads (Map pp312-13 3876 4800 20 Latrobe Tee breakfast 8.50 S 7am-4pm Mon-Sat, 7am-3pm Sun) Vegetarians will love this joint, which is all about fresh, healthy eating. It even makes its own sourdough bread onsite. Breakfast can be bircher muesli, fruit salad or baked eggs with avocado, garden salad and sourdough. The small balcony out the back is perfect for settling restless bubs.

Eating and drinking like a Castilian

Central Spain can be a little rough on vegetarians. Everywhere you turn, you see wood ovens fired up with roasted cochinillo asado (suckling pig) and cordero asado (roast baby lamb). These and other dishes haven't changed much since the Middle Ages try also sopa castellana (a broth with ham, vegetables, eggs, and bread), cocido castellano (a chickpea-based stew), and perdiz (braised partridge, especially popular in Toledo). If you're looking for a little something to tide you over, try morcilla (blood sausage) and queso Manchego (sheep's milk cheese that's hard when mature) both are excellent accompaniments to a glass of red wine.

Restaurant Thimbleberry

Locally famous for incredible pies, the Thimbleberry also serves great omelets for breakfast, sandwiches and salads for lunch, and excellent cornmeal-dusted St. Mary's Lake whitefish for dinner. Serving self-described slow food, this is a good choice for vegetarians or those looking for something other than a Montana steak or hamburger. And if you've never had fry bread, then the Thimbleberry is the place to try it.

Sweetwater Restaurant

Though this little log restaurant serves American fare, it does so in a decidedly offbeat way. The eclectic menu includes, for example, a Greek salad, a Baja chicken salad, and a cowboy-grilled roast-beef sandwich. The dinner menu is just as quirky try the unique chile-lime crab cakes before diving into the giant salmon filet or buffalo pot roast. Vegetarians will want to sample the spinach and feta casserole.

Mountain Room Restaurant

The best thing about this restaurant is the view. The food's excellent, too, with an emphasis on local organic ingredients, but the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Yosemite Falls are spectacular. There's not a bad seat in the house. We suggest grilled chicken breast, which is flavorful and moist, as are rainbow trout almondine and Pacific salmon. Meals come with vegetables and bread. Soup or salad is extra. There are also options for vegetarians, and an amazing dessert tray. The Mountain Room has a good wine list, and an a la carte menu is available in the Mountain Room Bar and Lounge (open 4 10pm Mon-Fri, noon-10pm Sat-Sun).

En Route To The North Shore

Duane's Ono-Char Burger Kids HAMBURGER STAND We can't imagine Anahola without this roadside burger stand it's been serving up hefty, all-beef burgers for generations. (And now there are Boca burgers, for vegetarians.) The teriyaki sauce and blue cheese are only part of the secret of Duane's beefy, smoky, and legendary ono char-burgers, which come several ways teriyaki, mushroom, cheddar, barbecue, and the Special, with grilled onions, sprouts, and two cheeses. The broiled fish sandwich (another marvel of the seasoned old grill) and the marionberry ice-cream shake, a three-berry combo, are popular as well. On Kuhio Hwy., Anahola. & 808 822-9181. Hamburgers 3.90- 6.20. MC, V. Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Sun 11am-6pm.

Hato Rey Ro Piedras

Vegetarians can fill up on live and organic foods for around 7 a plate at either Natural Organics, s 787-756-6760, 214 Eleanor Roosevelt Ave., Hato Rey, or Garden of Health, s 787-282-7023, Royal Bank Center Lobby, 255 Ponce de Le n Ave., Hato Rey (in the financial sector). Both are closed in the evening. El Mes n, s 787-765-2183,1668 Paran Street, R o Piedras, does a good range of vegetarian soups, salads and sandwiches, for about 5 to 7.

Denver Chophouse and Brewery LoDo Red Meat

This dark, old-fashioned joint is part of the same company as the Walnut Brewery in Boulder the brewmasters are different, though, so the beer is a slightly different experience, and the food is on another level entirely. No pub fare here, this is the place for steaks, chops, and surf-and-turf. Vegetarians, I apologize. Reputedly, it's a popular hangout for victorious Broncos and Avalanche players after home games, so if you want to rub shoulders with large, sweaty millionaires, this is the place to go. Make reservations, especially on game days.

Greater Kailash East Of Kailash Govindas Sweets Map pp ladoo per kg Rs

Shalom (Map pp92-3 41632280 N Block Market, Greater Kailash Part I mains Rs 400-700 S 12.30-3.30pm & 7.30-12pm) Essentially a lounge bar with food, this is a grand place to dine if you need a complete break - both culinary and visual -from the chaos of Delhi. Step inside and you'll enter the Mediterranean, with a mostly Lebanese menu inspired by hints of Morocco and Spain. Vegetarians won't be disappointed with the extensive menu, one of the highlights being the Spanish corn crepes.

Lorelei Restaurant Cabana

Can opt for steaks, poultry or pasta dishes. For vegetarians, there is vegetable strudel, prepared with steamed veggies in a crisp phyllo pastry. The restaurant begins serving dinner nightly at 5 pm with an hour-long early-bird menu. Special menus include Shrimp Madness, featuring a range of preparations, including barbecued, stuffed and Jamaican jerk-grilled shrimp. Reservations are taken for parties of five or more. Outdoors at the Cabana Bar, breakfast starts at 7 am with egg dishes galore, pancakes, and more. Lunch begins at 11 am with salads, sandwiches and finger foods, and the same menu carries through to dinner. The Cabana Bar also features live music nightly, starting at sunset. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner until 10 pm weekdays, and 10 30 pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Where To Dine Very Expensive

Embassy EUROPEAN When you take a Michelin star chef (Gary Hollihead) and put him in a seven star hotel, you get Embassy, based on the London outpost of the same name. The restaurant lounge nightclub is super-chic, fusing Arab design elements with touchstones of Embassy London's look glasswork, marble, gold, and silver abound and there's also a small outdoor terrace. The menu changes regularly, but the focus remains on seafood with starters such as lobster ravioli with seafood minestrone and entrees such as monkfish tail with sauteed goat-cheese gnocchi. Non-seafood fans can choose from a variety of beef dishes such as Venison Wellington with foie gras and truffles vegetarians should probably eat elsewhere.

Food Drink Staples Specialities

Burek, which is sold in pekara (bakery shops), is a substitute for a missed breakfast and comes filled either with sir (cheese), meso (meat) or krompirusa (potato). Snacks for vegetarians include sirnica (cheese pie) and zeljanica (spinach pie), and for full-blown meals there are stewed bean dishes and stuffed peppers or zucchini dishes.

Chapter Shopping Cutting Edge

For muted fashion elegance, Yohji Yamamoto, 14-15 Conduit St., W1 (& 020 7491-4129, is hard to beat, and Issey Miyake, 52 Conduit St., W1 (& 020 7349-3300), is the Japanese master of minimalism. Stella McCartney, 30 Bruton St., W1 (& 207 377-9319 Tube bond St.), is a showcase for the clothing designs of Paul McCartney's daughter. Vegetarians and animal lovers adore her no leather, no suede, and no fur policy, while

Top Picks For Foodies

Hanna's (p200), San Ignacio - Belizean and Indian fare that also caters for vegetarians Wild Mango's (p137), San Pedro - fresh seafood and Cajun spices on the island beachfront Capricorn (p139), San Pedro - high-end nouvelle cuisine in an open-air setting Agave (p154), Caye Caulker - a delightful blend of Caribbean and Mediterranean flavors Roots Kitchen (p223), Dangriga - the place to experience a traditional Garifuna feast Earth Runnins' (p249), Punta Gorda - where food presentation becomes an art form Cerros Beach Inn (p179), Cerros - eco-friendly enterprise and the best chocolate cake in Belize

Dining On The Rails Simon Richmond

Despite vegetarianism having a 1000-year history in China, eating meat is a status symbol, symbolic of health and wealth. Many Chinese remember all too well the famines of the 1950s and 1960s, when having anything to eat at all was a luxury. Even vegetables are often fried in animal-based oils, and soups are most commonly made with chicken or beef stock. In Beijing vegetarianism is slowly catching on, and there are new chic vegetarian eateries appearing in fashionable restaurant districts. These are often pricey establishments and you pay for ambience as well as the food. A traditional Chinese vegetarian menu will often consist of a variety of 'mock meat' dishes made from tofu, wheat gluten and vegetables. Some of the dishes in China are quite fantastic to look at, with vegetarian ingredients expertly sculpted to look like spare ribs or fried chicken. Sometimes the chefs will even go to great lengths to create 'bones' from carrots and lotus roots. Some of the more famous vegetarian...

Value Inexpensive Meals on the

Deep in the Rathova passage next to the Myslbek shopping center at Ovocny trh 12, Gafrujola (& 221-637-171) serves clean, comfortable, cafeteria-style lunches in the city center. You'll find numerous salads and vegetarian dishes, lasagna, chicken casseroles, and other concoctions. Charges are mostly by weight, with a decent-size lunch ranging from 75Kc to 150Kc ( 2.65- 5.35). Gafrujola accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. It's open Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm, Saturday from 11am to 6pm. Vegetarians will like Country Life, Melantrichova 15, Praha 1 (& 224213-366), a health-food store run by the Seventh-Day Adventists it offers a strictly meatless menu to go. You'll find tofu, tomato, cucumber, and shredded cabbage salads zesty wheat bread pizzas topped with red pepper, garlic, and onions and vegetable burgers on multigrain buns with garlic-yogurt dressing. Selections are 50Kc to 75Kc ( 1.80- 2.65). It's open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm. No credit cards are...

Top Territory Dining Experiences

VEGETARIANS & VEGANS Many caf s and restaurants in Darwin and Alice Springs have vegetarian dishes on the menu, while enlightened pubs and roadhouses often feature something meatless. Elsewhere you may have to resort to cheese and tomato toasties, the fairly ordinary salad bars at pub bistros, or cook for yourself. Take care with risotto and soups, as meat stock is often used.

The San Help Overweight Westerners

Vegetarians & Vegans Vegetarianism isn't widely understood in Africa, and many locals think a meal is incomplete unless at least half of it once lived and breathed. That said, if you're not worried about variety or taste, finding inexpensive vegetarian options isn't that difficult. In the cheapest places, you may have to stick to the mielies and greens. A step above that would be eggs and chips (which may be fried in animal fat) with whatever vegetables may be available. Those who eat fish should have even more luck, but note that many places will even serve chicken as a vegetarian dish, on the notion that it's not really meat. Nearly all midrange and upmarket restaurants offer some sort of genuine vegetarian dish, even if it's just a vegetable omelette or pasta and sauce. In larger cities and towns, a growing number of places specialise in light vegetarian cuisine - especially at lunchtime - and of course, Lebanese, Indian and Italian restaurants usually offer interesting meat-free...

Index of Restaurants by Price

Amma Indian Vegetarian Kitchen (Georgetown, Indian Vegetarian) Booeymonger (Georgetown Upper Northwest, American) Caf La Ruche (Georgetown, French) Capital Q (Penn Quarter, Barbecue) Chipotle (Downtown, Dupont Circle, Georgetown, Penn Quarter, and Upper Northwest, Mexican) Firehook Bakery (Capitol Hill, Downtown, Dupont Circle, and Upper Northwest, American) Galileo Osteria (Downtown, Italian) Harmony Cafe (Georgetown, Asian) Nooshi (Downtown, Asian) Union Station Food Court (Capitol Hill,

Dining in Dartmoor National Park

The Courtyard Cafe Chagford VEGETARIAN Part of a local store dedicated to all things organic and sustainable, this cafe makes a good spot for a vegetarian lunch. Consider the menu's homemade soup, vegetarian pizzas and quiches, and fresh salads. Don't pass up local Devonshire ice cream, one of the specialties.

Wwwthebeehivecom Via Marghera dm d with shared bathroom mTermini i

More boutique chic than backpacker crash pad, the Beehive is one of the best hostels in town. Run by a southern Californian couple, it's an oasis of style with original artworks on the walls, funky modular furniture, a vegetarian caf and a yoga studio. Beds are in a spotless, eight-person mixed dorm or in one of six private double rooms. Needless to say, it's very popular, so make sure you book ahead. The owners also have three self-contained apartments (per person 30 to 35) for up to 10 people, although these lack the verve of the main hive.

Special Dietary Or Menu Requests

Though many cruise lines these days offer vegetarian and low-fat meals as a standard feature, you should still arrange any special dietary needs through your travel agent at the time you make your reservation. Some lines offer kosher menus, and all will have vegetarian, low-fat, low-salt, and sugar-free options available.

Vegging out SoHo eats healthy at the Spring Street

I freaks light up at the chance to sup at the elegantly subdued Zen Palate, with branches in the Theater District and alongside Union Square. The food is Asian and gorgeous (they do wondrous things with tofu), but the no-drinks policy means no accompanying goblet of wine. On the Upper West Side and in Murray Hill, Josie's does a booming business with its fresh organic fare and incredible juice bar. Angelica Kitchen is another out-of-body experience for those who go organic vegetarian. The macrobiotic menu may be Manhattan's finest and certainly most varied, with terrific tempeh and overflowing salads. If you come for brunch, however, get coffee first because Angelica's version won't satisfy anything more than idle curiosity. Herban Kitchen does organic vegetarian with elegance, with winning dishes like whole-wheat phyllo triangles with leek ricotta and a vegetarian antipasto filled with vegetable p t s and organic cheeses. And veg-heads won't have any trouble luring meat-eaters into...

Colaba Including Marine Dr Fort Expensive

Henry Tham CHINESE Dining at this exclusive eatery makes you feel like royalty, beginning with the red velvet throne-like chairs that extend several feet behind your head. Sleek black tables dip gently in the center and counterpoint the straight, modern lines of this chic restaurant, reflected in a larger-than-life mirror on the wall. Take your pick from three seven-course set menus Emperor, Empress, or Princess (vegetarian), which change periodically. First to be delivered is dim sum (small bites), each with matching sauce. Next up is Silken Pillow Talk, superb miso soup with seaweed and squares of tofu. Then, if you ordered the Emperor set menu, you'll be served delicately steamed grouper (aubergine for the vegetarian option) with a hint of scal-lion, followed by shredded lamb that's been slow-cooked to perfection and topped with garlic cream, served in a martini glass. King prawn comes next, or grilled zucchini and broccoli florets, the latter with a strong wasabi mayonnaise. By...

Les Hauts De Montreuil

21 23 rue Pierre Ledent - 62170 MONTREUIL Tel +33 (0)3 21 81 95 92 - Fax +33 (0)3 21 86 28 83 Email leshautsdemontreuil Specialities Vegetarian cooking Local specialities Cheese Seafood American cooking Fish Serves up to 120 Language GB. LE RESTAURANT BEST WESTERN HOTEL DU PARC 111 avenue Fran ois 1e' 62152 NEUFCHATEL-HARDELOT Tel +33 (0)3 21 33 22 11 - Fax +33 (0)3 21 83 29 71 fl

Ask a local lauras picks

Laura Alonzo Fuentes is a vegetarian who grew up in an affluent corner of Merida. She now lives in the US, but we caught up with her before she left to see where Merida's young professionals dine - all of these spots are outside the downtown area and offer good eats for carnos and vegos alike. Call for directions and reservations, or make your own top five. Amaro ( 928-2451 Calle 59 btwn Calles 60 & 62 mains MS55-100 S 11am-1am or 11pm if it's slow (V) ) A romantic dining spot, especially at night, when there's usually a duo performing ballads. It's set in the courtyard of the house in which Andr s Quintana Roo -poet, statesman and drafter of Mexico's Declaration of Independence - was born in 1787. The service and food are good (but check your bill carefully), and the menu includes Yucatecan dishes and a variety of vegetarian plates, as well as some continental dishes, cr pes and pizzas.

More Ethnic Eats In South Yarra

Kanpai JAPANESE You have to book early in the day to get a seat at this popular restaurant on the Chapel Street restaurant strip. The sushi and sashimi dishes are very fresh, and the miso soup is well worth plundering. There's also a good vegetarian selection as well. Tandoor Indian Restaurant INDIAN This basic Indian restaurant was far less crowded than many of the others on the Chapel Street strip when I last visited all I can say is that the in crowd didn't know what they were missing. The curries here are rich and spicy, with the vegetarian paneer-butter masala and the cheese kofta being some of the best I've tasted in Australia. Some dishes, such as the crab masala curry, are truly inspirational. The main courses are quite large, so you'll probably not need a first course, but I highly recommend side dishes of naan bread (one per person) and a cucumber raita to cool the palate.

Via Margutta meals mSpagna or Flaminio a

Vegetarian restaurants in Rome are rarer than parking spaces, and this black-, red-and grey-toned place is an unusually chic way to eat your greens. Most dishes are excellent, with offerings such as artichoke hearts with potato cubes and smoked pro-volone cheese. There's an impressive wine list and staff are friendly and bilingual. Best value is the Saturday Sunday buffet brunch ( 15 25), with up to 50 dishes on Sundays it's accompanied by live music. Around 70 of ingredients used are organic, all pasta and desserts are homemade, and - vegans rejoice - it also offers a four-course vegan menu ( 30).

Caf Via Via breakfasts US mains US

5 7am-10pm) This terrific restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a convivial atmosphere, with tables overlooking the street and a replica of Altar Q behind the bar. The organically grown coffee it prepares is excellent, bread is homemade and there's always a good selection of vegetarian and meat-based dishes on offer.

South Of Plaza De Marzo

Emiliano's Moustache (g 678-72-46 Rosas 7 breakfasts & snacks M 20-50, mains M 22-60 S8am-1am) This large, enjoyable place specializes in tacos filled with combinations of meat, vegetable or cheese. The meat filetes are also excellent, and vegetarian possibilities exist too (including veggie tacos). Madre Tierra (g 678-42-97 Insurgentes 19 mains M 30-65 S 8am-10pm ) A long-time travelers' favorite, Madre Tierra serves an eclectic and mainly vegetarian menu on a tranquil patio or in an atmospheric dining room. Breakfasts are superb, but perhaps sliding by on its reputation, other meals can be hit-or-miss.

Near San Marco Santissima Annunziata

Il Vegetariano VEGETARIAN Come early to Florence's only vegetarian restaurant and use your coat to save a spot at one of the communal wood tables before heading to the back to get your food. You pay at the start of the meal, after choosing from the daily selections penned on the wipe board, and take your dishes self-service style from the workers behind the counter. The menu changes constantly but includes such dishes as risotto with yellow squash and black cabbage a soupy, spicy Tunisian-style couscous with vegetables a quichelike pizza rustica of ricotta, olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms or a plate with farro (emmer) and a hot salad of spinach, onions, sprouts, and bean-curd chunks sauteed in soy sauce. You can mix and match your own salad, and they make a good chestnut flour cake stuffed with hazelnut cream for dessert.

Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand Uttaranchal

Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand showcase a variety of cuisines, including pure Hindu vegetarian, majestic Nawabi and simple hill fare. Places of pilgrimage such as Varanasi are predominantly vegetarian a standard meal comprises phulkas (small puffed chapatis), dhal chawal (dhal and rice) and seasonal vegetable dishes. Lucknow, Varanasi's Islamic counterpart, is associated with the most majestic Nawabi cuisine and is famous for its kebabs made with mincemeat or meat paste (while the kebabs in Punjab and Delhi come from the barbecue tradition of skewered bits). The shami kebab (boiled mincemeat, ground with chickpeas and spices) is popular in Uttar Pradesh homes.

Th Arrondissement Inexpensive

Le Grain de Folie ORGANIC VEGETARIAN Simple and wholesome, this cuisine is inspired by France, Greece, California, Turkey, and India. The menu includes an array of theme salads, cereals, tarts, terrines, and casseroles. Dessert selections might include an old-fashioned tart or a fruit salad. The decor includes potted plants and exposed stone. You can choose one of an array of wines or a frothy glass of vegetable juice to accompany your meal. This place may be a bit difficult to find, but it's worth the search. Marie-C cite is the charming owner.

Tuolumne Meadows Lodge

One of the two restaurants in Yosemite's high country, the lodge offers something for practically everyone. The breakfast menu features the basics, including eggs, pancakes, fruit, oatmeal, and granola. Dinners always include a beef, chicken, fish, pasta, and vegetarian specialty, all of which change frequently. The quality can vary, but the prime rib and New York steak are consistently good.

Dining in or near Canterbury

You find this fun, informal restaurant in a Georgian house just outside of the center of town, on the way to St. Augustine's Abbey. This spot is a dependable neighborhood favorite that serves good cooking, including vegetarian dishes, using fresh, local ingredients. The relaxed atmosphere makes Augustine's a good spot for dining with children.

Porthminster Beach Cafe

This pleasantly upscale and relaxed cafe on Porthminster Beach overlooking St. Ives Bay serves some interesting dishes. The offerings emphasize fresh fish, but tasty vegetarian options are always on the menu. A meal may consist of fish soup, seared scallops, venison salad, prawn risotto, or baked Newlyn cod. For a nice sampling, try the tasting plate. This restaurant has more ambiance than the Seafood Cafe, described below, and the menu is more ambitious.

Chinese Temple Festivals Of Singapore

Anyone's trip to Singapore should include a visit to some of the Lion City's vibrant Chinese temples. Should your journey coincide with a temple festival, you'll be in for an amazing display indeed - not to mention the possibility of a free vegetarian meal. Vesak Day Held on the first full moon of the fourth lunar month. This important holiday celebrates three important events in the life of the Buddha his birth, his enlightenment, and his attainment of nirvana. The flavour of this holiday will differ depending on which sect is celebrating it. The Amitabha Buddhist Centre (p77) in Geylang sponsors a huge tent festival in the park across the street expect the air to be filled with incense and Tibetan chanting. Free vegetarian meals are also served.

Where To Dine Moderate

Hudson's Bistro INTERNATIONAL This snappy little bistro, decked out with sunny colors and bright pottery, is a treat for travelers passing through the Navan area, especially couples or small groups of friends who enjoy quiet talk, wine, and terrific food. Try the tender Greek lamb kabobs with saffron rice, ratatouille chutney, and crisp salad, or authentic, delicious spicy Thai curry with vegetables, or saffron fettuccine with prawns. The desserts are worth waiting for. The staff is friendly and the chefs gladly accommodate vegetarian requests.

Sports Outdoor Pursuits

For location, facilities, and quality of instruction, Delphi Adventure Centre -k, Leenane, County Galway (& 095 42307, is one of the best of the many adventure centers in Ireland. Courses are available in a wide range of watersports, as well as in mountaineering, pony trekking, tennis, and archery. Accommodations are in bright, simply furnished single or dorm-style rooms. The food in the dining room is good and plentiful, and vegetarian meals can be arranged. Residential adventure holidays for children are offered. Weekend prices for room, full board, and activities begin at 185 ( 223) for an adult. The nonresidential activities fee for 1 full day is 45 ( 54). Water-skiing and horseback riding are available at additional cost. This place caters primarily to people in their 20s and 30s.

Piazza della Cancellera meals h lunch Tue Sun dinner daily g Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Ditirambo is a recommended, convivial, new-wave trattoria. The interior looks like a regular, if upmarket, neighbourhood place, but the innovative cooking takes risks (mainly hits, with the occasional miss). Ingredients are organic and seasonal and there are an unusual number of vegetarian options. Try the delicate antipasti, such as ricotta with marinated artichokes. It's a favourite of theatrical and media types, as well as tourists, and is unpretentious and popular, so be sure to book.

Organic Mulberry Farm wwwlaofarm

Accommodation is in rooms with shared bathroom, or in a dorm with spectacular views. Volunteer workers can no longer get free board. The attached restaurant, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, makes great vegetarian food, or drink a delicious mulberry shake before beginning your tubing trip.

Where to Eat Inside the Canyon

If you want dinner served your way, however, bring a camp stove. Every evening, just three options are offered a steak dinner at 5pm, a vegetarian dinner at 5pm, and a hearty beef stew at 6 30pm. The vegetarian plate consists of lentil loaf and the side dishes to the steak dinner vegetables, cornbread, baked potato, and salad. With either dinner, the dessert is chocolate cake. Inside the canyon .5 mile north of the Colorado River on the North Kaibab Trail. To reserve meals more than 1 day in advance, call & 888 297-2757 to reserve meals for the next day, contact the Bright Angel Transportation Desk at 928 638-2631, ext. 6015. Steak dinner 28 vegetarian meal 19 stew 19 sack lunch 9 breakfast 16. AE, DC, DISC, MC, V (for advance reservations AE, DISC, MC, V only).

Yolies Fresh Mex Grill

This colorful cantina's funny moniker is a nickname of the proprietor, Yolanda, and the place is better than its nondescript business-park exterior suggests. Yolie's offers an impressive fresh salsa bar (authentic and delicious) as well as an admirable beer, fresh-fruit margarita, and tequila menu. The patio and dining room are festooned with rainbow ser-apes and sombreros the kitchen quickly sends out traditional combination plates (as well as lighter and vegetarian adaptations). The fajitas, especially the California chicken variety, are some of the coast's best.

Capitol Reef Inn Cafe

Cafe is equally well known for the 10-veg-etable salad served with all dinner entrees. Vegetables are grown locally, and several dishes, such as spaghetti, excellent fettuccine primavera, and shish kebabs, can be ordered vegetarian or with various meats or fish. Steaks and chicken are also served. The atmosphere is casual, with comfortable seating, American indian rugs and crafts, and large windows. The restaurant offers an extensive wine list, plus domestic and imported beers.

Yosemite Lodge Food Court

Improvement over the traditional cafeteria. Diners pass by a series of food stations, where they pick up their choices before heading to the centralized cashier and then to a table inside or the outside seating area, which offers tables with umbrellas and good views of Yosemite Falls. Food stations specialize in pasta (with a choice of sauces), pizza, deli sandwiches and salads, a grill (offering burgers, hot dogs, and hot sandwiches), meat-based and vegetarian entrees, desserts and baked goods, and beverages. There's also a hot breakfast station offering traditional American items.

Surry Hills To Alexandria

Surry Hills' transformation into Sydney's cuisine mecca has been shockingly sudden -roughly coinciding with the 1999 opening of the Eastern Distributor, which made peaceful tree-lined backstreets out of Crown and Bourke Sts (once the main link between the airport and the bridge). In the 2007 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, Surry Hills restaurants nabbed half of the main awards. Even more surprising is the birth of Danks St in rough-edged Waterloo as a new gourmet strip. For a delicious cheap vegetarian meal, try the row of Indian eateries on Cleveland St, between Crown and Bourke.

Great Deals On Fixedprice Meals

Quentin FRENCH BRASSERIE This attractive brasserie with chandeliers, etched mirrors, and well-starched tablecloths is right on the border between Knightsbridge and South Kensington and caters to a pretty affluent clientele (there's a reassuringly high number of French patrons, too). But the brasserie has excellent value fixed-price meals, two or three courses, both at lunch and pre-theater. These offer a blend of classic and updated French fare, from navarre of lamb with root vegetables to seared white seabass. Vegetarian options include spinach ravioli and warm leek salad. 243 Brompton Rd., SW3. & 020 7589-8005. Reservations recommended. Main courses 8.95- 22 ( 14- 35). Fixed-price lunch pre-theater menus 14.50- 16.50 ( 23- 26), 12.50 ( 20) vegetarian. AE, DC, MC,V. Daily noon-3pm Mon-Sat 6-11 30pm Sun 6 30-10 30pm. Tube Knightsbridge, South Kensington.

Tired of Regular Plane Food

You may want to request a special meal when booking on a major airline for a flight that will have meal service (low-cost airlines do not serve meals), which can usually be done up till twenty-four hours ahead of the departure time. Airlines spend more money per special meal versus regular meals, and special meals are often served before the regular meals (which can be especially beneficial if you are seated toward the back). Each airline offers several special meal options, ranging from vegetarian to kosher, low-fat to seafood. Any phone reservations agent will be able to list the possibilities and insert your request.

The East End Docklands

Find some excellent Asian food there. In fact the East End's multiculturalism means its ethnic cuisine stretches pretty far, with everything from Vietnamese, vegetarian Thai and even Georgian available. But the best -by far - is its Indian and Pakistani offerings. If you fancy the real McCoy, head for the bare-bones subcontinental eateries of Whitechapel - most of them BYO alcohol and all of them halal.

Elsewhere In The Park

Restaurants in Yosemite's high country, the lodge offers something for everyone. The breakfast menu features the basics, including eggs, pancakes, fruit, oatmeal, and granola. Dinners always include a beef, chicken, fish, pasta, and vegetarian specialty, all of which change frequently. The quality can swing, but the prime rib and New York steak are consistently good. Wawona Hotel Dining Room (fKS AMERICAN The Wawona dining room mirrors the hotel's ambience wide open, lots of windows and sunlight. And the fare is great. For breakfast choose from a variety of items, including the Par Three, a combo of French toast or pancakes, eggs, and bacon or sausage just what you need before hitting the golf course. Lunch features a variety of sandwiches and salads. Dinner is delectable. In addition to some exceptional entrees, such as brown sugar-rubbed pork loin with apple-onion relish and bourbon sauce, Prime rib, and several seafood and veggie dishes, there are amazing appetizers. The...

A pier of the realm collapses

Considered the best vegetarian restaurant in England, perhaps in Europe, Terre Terre elevates meatless cuisine to the art it should be but rarely is. The food is impeccably fresh and beautifully presented. You can eat your way through the menu with the Terre Tapas, a superb selection of the best dishes, big enough for two. On the menu, you find imaginative dishes such as heirloom tomato consomm , and wild garlic and goat's cheese risotto. VEGETARIAN VEGETARIAN

Travellers with Special Needs

If they're warned early enough, airlines can often make special arrangements for travellers with special needs, providing things such as wheelchair assistance at airports or vegetarian meals on the flight. Children under two years of age travel for 10 of the standard fare (or free on some airlines) as long as they don't occupy a seat. They don't get a baggage allow

Los Austrias Sol Centro

From the world's oldest restaurant to down-tempo fusion places, from regional tapas to Asian flavours, from old Spanish bars where the ambience owes everything to impromptu theatre to brightly painted vegetarian restaurants, downtown Madrid has a little bit of everything. This is the part of the capital where you're most likely to find English menus (which we welcome), as well as loads of places with brightly photographed paellas out the front (of which we're always suspicious). Around here, you'll also find waiters roaming outside spruiking for business - we haven't listed such places here because if they're good, they'll be filled with locals anyway.

San Giacomo dellOrio to Rialto via Campo San Stae

Follow the signs north from the campo along Calle Larga (turning off at the canal) to reach the Fondaco dei Turchi 32 (p89), which houses a natural-history museum. From the fondaco, backtrack a little and duck into Campo San Giovanni Decollate for a look at the church 33 (p90) of the same name. Return then to the Rio Fontego dei Turchi, cross it and take Calle del Tentor east. A great lunch stop with vegetarian options is Osteria LaZucca34 (p176).

Buffalo Run Restaurant

From the outside, this looks like any other roadside diner, but once you see the menu, it's obvious this place is something more. The owners have a buffalo ranch, and the menu includes buffalo burgers, buffalo chili, and buffalo T-bones. They also serve venison, elk, and ostrich, as well as salmon and mussels, plus vegetarian items. After a day of hiking, the garden patio is a pleasant setting for a meal. The restaurant offers beer, wine, and cocktails. Of course there's a buffalo head (and hide) on the wall. In the barn is a furnished bunkhouse, which rents in the summer for 55 double a two-bedroom mobile home goes for 85 double.

Neighborhoods for ethnic eats

London has more than 5,000 restaurants, so you can probably find something to suit your tastes and your pocketbook. Unlike in some other large cities, ethnic restaurants aren't really confined to one particular area of London. You do find a few exceptions, however Several Chinese restaurants cluster along Lisle, Wardour, and Gerrard streets in Soho's Chinatown Notting Hill has long been a standby for low-price Indian and Caribbean restaurants and a number of Middle Eastern (especially Lebanese) restaurants line Edgware Road. But otherwise, ethnic restaurants are scattered all over. In terms of sheer variety, Soho and neighboring Covent Garden offer the most choices in the West End, with British, African, Caribbean, Mongolian, American (North and South), French, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Modern European, Turkish, and vegetarian all represented. South Kensington offers you another grab bag of culinary choices.

SfsTx Wagamama Noodle Bar xm Soho Japanese

Along a stark, glowing corridor with a busy open kitchen and descend to a large open room with communal tables. The specialties are ramen, Chinese-style thread noodles served in soups with various toppings, and the fat white noodles called udon. You can also choose among rice dishes, vegetarian dishes, dumplings, vegetable and chicken skewers, and tem-pura. Your order is sent by radio signal to the kitchen and arrives the moment the food is ready. You may have to stand in line to get in, but it's worth the wait. Teens especially love the loud, hip, casual atmosphere. Branches of Wagamama are scattered all over London, including a new one on the river beneath Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. See map p. 146.10A Lexington St., W1. 020 7292-0990. Reservations not accepted. Tube Piccadilly Circus (then a five-minute walk north on Shaftesbury Avenue and Windmill Street, which becomes Lexington Street). Main courses 6- 10 ( 12- 20). MC, V. Open Mon-Sat noon-11 p.m. Sun noon-10 p.m.

In Nearby Chaguaramas

Gourde Rd., Chaguaramas (West of Port of Spain) s 634-4334. The Anchorage has an international menu, specializing in seafood and steaks. Located right on the water, they've taken every advantage of the view and sea breezes. The restaurant is entirely open air with lots of rustic wood, but still has formal touches such as white tablecloths. They are open seven days a week, serving lunch from 11 AM to 3 PM and dinner from 4 to 11 PM. Friday and Saturday they have music, dancing, and liming and it's a busy night spot for foreigners and Trinis alike. The menu is varied, with all dishes given colorful names like Dance the Moon (butterflied shrimp in a curry and coconut sauce) and Buccoo Bacchanal (grilled fish lapped with a mushroom and wine sauce). They have some interesting appetizers, along with the usual shrimp cocktails, and a variety of salads and vegetarian meals. Dinner entr es range from 12 to 21 an average meal might end up at about 30 US per person...

Greenwood Fish Market Bistro Map ppSeafood

What can we say about a restaurant that serves vegetarian haggis That depends, of course, on the quality of said haggis, which in the case of Monster Mash is excellent savoury, warm, filled with wholegrain goodness. Monster Mash also serves a wide variety of traditional British foods, including puddings, sausage and mash and, of course, outstanding fish and chips. It also has a fine selection of wine, beer and ale.

The East End Inexpensive

Mana'e Goods and Grindz AMERICAN Formerly the Neighborhood Store, this place has a new name, but it's still the same quick stop market lunch counter. It's nothing fancy, and that's what I love about it. Near mile marker 16 in the Pukoo area en route to the East End, this tiny store appears like a mirage, complete with a large parking area and picnic tables. The place serves omelets, Portuguese sausage, and other breakfast specials (brunch is very popular) it then segues into sandwiches, salads, mahimahi plates, and varied over-the-counter lunch offerings, served on paper plates with plastic utensils. Favorites include the mahimahi plate lunch, the chicken katsu, and the Mexican plate, each one with a tried-and-true home-cooked flavor. There are daily specials, ethnic dishes, and some vegetarian options, as well as burgers (including a killer veggie burger), saimin, and legendary desserts. Made-on-Maui Roselani ice cream is a featured attraction. A Molokai treasure, this is the only...

Edinburghs runnerup restaurants

8 Old Town Baked Potato Shop is a health-conscious and environmentally aware purveyor of scrumptious stuffed potatoes, Indian bhajias (curried dumplings), and (of all things) vegetarian haggis. The single table seats only six. See map p. 170. 56 Cockburn St. 0131-225-7572.

Seeing The Sights

Allen ice cream in Irish supermarkets). The cooking school offers more than 35 different courses a year, which range in length from a half-day to 12 weeks. Topics include bread making, weekend entertaining, tapas, sushi, vegetarian cuisine, family food, barbecue, mushrooms, and Christmas cooking. There are also courses for absolute beginners, on new trends in cooking, and for chef certificates. The beautiful, extensive gardens * on the grounds are open to visitors from April to October. Admission to the gardens is 5 ( 6) adults family discounts available. The Garden Caf , open Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 6pm, serves memorable morning coffee, light lunches, and afternoon tea.

TDs Country Store Restaurant

Big burritos and other Mexican specialties. The restaurant also serves burgers, steak sandwiches, pita sandwiches, a good selection of vegetarian items, and several more elaborate meals, including barbecued ribs and Asian chicken salad. You can also get your food to go. There is a full bar, with several beers on tap, and a surprisingly good stock of wines available by the glass. A separate sports lounge has a large-screen TV, and the complex has a full liquor store, camping and fishing gear, plus Nevada hunting and fishing licenses.

Fung Ying Sin Temple Map PP

The main attraction in the area is this huge Taoist temple complex opposite the Fanling KCR East Rail station, and connected to it by an overhead walkway and subway. It has wonderful exterior murals of Taoist immortals and the Chinese zodiac, an orchard terrace, herbal clinic and a vegetarian restaurant (ground & 1st fl, Bldg A7 S 10am-5pm). Most important are the dozen ancestral halls behind the main temple, where the ashes of the departed are deposited in what might be described as miniature tombs, complete with photographs.

Monkey Bay To Mangochi

Could now do with a lick of paint, but it's a friendly and pleasant spot with loads of space and lush green lawns for camping. The restaurant (breakfasts US 1.50, dishes US 1.25 to US 4.50) serves fish, steaks, burgers, curries, pasta and good vegetarian dishes. This place is quiet during the week, but livelier at weekends when people come from Blantyre and Lilongwe for boating and fishing.

Golden Triangle KLCC

Blue Boy Vegetarian Food Centre (Map pp84-5 02144 9011 Jin Tong Shin mains RM3-10 S 7.30am-9.30pm) A cheerful hawker-style cafeteria that prepares vegetarian food so artfully that even hardened carnivores come back for another helping. It occupies the base of an apartment block, just past the end of Tingkat Tong Shin.

Outside Harvard Square Expensive

Appetizers range from imaginative salads to Maine crab bisque to delectable pizza. Entrees tend to be grilled over a wood fire, roasted, or braised, with at least one well-conceived vegetarian choice. Roast chicken is the most boring option on most restaurant menus, but this version, roasted with Moroccan spices and served with garlic mashed potatoes, is world-class. Seafood is always a wise choice (grilled tuna with delectable tomato butter and toasted orzo yum ), and grilled hanger steak is a juicy wonder. In warm weather, there's seating on the brick patio.

Flamingo Lodge Marina Outpost Resort

Flamingo Lodge Restaurant, overlooking Florida Bay, serves seafood, steak, chicken, vegetarian dishes and local specialties. The bar offers tropical concoctions such as their Flamingo Sunset, Rum Runner and a Coco Loco. From November 1 to April 30, breakfast is from 7 to 10

Carnival Fleet Itineraries

DINING Food is bountiful, and the cuisine is traditional American Red meat is popular on these ships. Recent improvements have led to some surprisingly good preparations in the dining room, including fine renditions of old favorites, such as beef Wellington and duck a l'orange. In addition, they do delicious preparations of more nouveau dishes such as broiled Chilean sea bass with truffle butter, and smoked turkey tenderloin with asparagus tips. Broiled lobster is featured 1 night on each cruise. Special menus are offered in Alaska featuring salmon and other local ingredients. Health-conscious, pasta, and vegetarian options are offered nightly. Meals are served at assigned tables, with two seatings per meal. The casual lunch buffets include Chinese, deli, and pizza stations and the breakfast buffet, in the same location La Playa Grill, on Lido Deck offers everything from made-to-order egg dishes to cold cereals and pastries. Many passengers prefer to eat these meals in La Playa rather...

Moments A Renaissance Pub Endures

When you go inside, you'll feel as if you've left this century. Unfortunately, one of the pub's main draws, former owner Robin Kratochvil, is gone. The new owners have traded in Kratochvil's big-enough-to-turn-a-Volkswagen tongs for a set of racks where the meat cooks they brought in sets of plates, as opposed to the original wooden blocks on which food used to be served and there is even a menu now. But still go up to the fire and see what's roasting usually there's a wide variety of meats, including succulent pork cutlets, rabbit, chickens, and pork knees, a Czech delicacy. When the plate comes, don't wait for the vegetables. (Vegetarian dishes are available, however.) Before the night is over, you'll probably find yourself talking to someone else at the pub's large wooden tables.

Cultural Rendezvous

Backed by UNESCO, Vijnana Kala Vedi Cultural Centre charitable trust was founded in 1977 by a French artist named Louba Schild, who has been living in Kerala since the late 1960s. The center endeavors to preserve traditional Ker-alite arts and crafts, and to nurture the potential of young artists. The center also runs programs concerned with teaching such diverse cultural traditions as Ayurvedic medicine, local architecture, languages like Sanskrit, Indian cooking, and mural painting, as well as training in classical performance styles such as Mohiniattam, Bharatanatyam, and Karnatic vocal music. Around 200 foreign artists, researchers, and cultural tourists attend the center to learn about local arts and culture, and you are invited to enroll in short- or long-term programs. Vijnana Kala Vedi is situated 3 hours from both Trivandrum and Kochi the center will gladly make all arrangements for pickups from either airport. Six of the guest rooms have en-suite Western-style bathrooms, but...

Exploring LiJiang Old Town M

Unlike many ancient towns in China, Lijiang does not have a city wall. It is said that the first ruling family of Lijiang, surnamed Mu, prohibited the building of a wall around the old town because drawing a box around the character of mu turned it into the character kun, meaning difficulty, and was therefore not auspicious. What the old town does have, however, is a web of flowing canals fed by the Yuquan springs in today's Black Dragon Pool to the north. These streams often flow into several three-pit wells scattered around the old town with designated pits for drinking, washing vegetables, and washing clothes. You can see such a well at the Baimalong Tan in the south of town. The Yican Quan, for drinking water only, can be found on Mishi Xiang next to the Blue Page Vegetarian Restaurant. The old town used to have several water mills as well, but the only one standing today is a reconstructed water wheel at the old town entrance. In the center of town is Market Square (Siflng Jie),...

Snifter Of Whiskey History

The Bridgestone guides (www.bestofbridgestone .com) by John and Sally McKenna area well-respected series of Irish food guides written by a husband-and-wife team. Books include the Vegetarian Guide to Ireland, Food Lover's Guide to Northern Ireland, and the annual 100Best Restaurants. Caf Paradiso Cookbook and Paradiso Seasons are creative and modern vegetarian cookbooks with ne'er a brown lentil stew in sight from the eponymous Cork restaurant (p208). VEGETARIANS & VEGANS Oh boy, you're a long way from home now. Ireland provides so few vegetarian options that your convictions might be tested. In the cities and bigger towns there will be enough dedicated eateries to keep your spirits up, but once you head out into rural Ireland you enter the vegetarian's wilderness. Take heart, though, as modern restaurants are opening up in old country homes throughout Ireland, and many of them have surprisingly sophisticated menus.

Tham Pla National Park

A trip to Mae Aw could be combined with a visit to Tham Pla Forest Park (admission free) centred on the animistic Tham Pla or Fish Cave, a water-filled cavern where hundreds of soro brook carp thrive. These fish grow up to lm in length and are found only in the provinces of Mae Hong Son, Ranong, Chiang Mai, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Kanchanaburi. The fish eat vegetables and insects, although the locals believe them to be vegetarian and feed them only fruit and vegetables (which can be purchased at the park entrance).

Sandugan Beach Around

Casa de la Playa ( 377 2291,0918 546 4709 www r P800, cottages P1000-1450 a ) The Mediterranean-style beachside cottage is charming, as are several other of the individually designed rooms in the lush hilltop garden. On offer are healing massages and yoga, plus less meditative mountain-bike and motorbike rentals. The restaurant specialises in vegetarian food.

La Capinnina Italian Restaurant Cafe Wine

Sulu Thai Restaurant (Map p330 dishes P140-250) Sulu Thai is an unassuming eatery with a thick menu, with helpful photos of all the dishes, including seafood entrees (P240), vegetarian dishes (PI40), crispy spring rolls and spicy soups. True Food Indian Cuisine (Map p330 meals P125-500) It's a good thing the cushions you crash on are comfortable since you could fit in a short nap by the time your food arrives. True Food s Far Eastern ambience is especially romantic at night and the menu features a good choice of vegetarian dishes the huge set meals are delicious but pricey (P460).

Juhu Beach Bandra Airport Area

Iskcon ( 26206860 guesthouse.mumbai 111 Hare Krishna Lane, Juhu s d incl tax Rs 1320 1584 with AC incl tax Rs 1452 1971 a) This unique, flamingo-pink building, with undulating exterior walls, is part of a lively Hare Krishna complex. The high-rise is very efficiently managed and rooms are a fairly big and spick-and-span, with large balconies, but no TV or fridge. A good vegetarian buffet restaurant, Govinda's, is on site.

Finds Ethnic Dining near the Loop

Known for Southern food and big-appetite breakfasts, Wishbone's extensive, reasonably priced menu blends hearty, home-style choices with healthful and vegetarian items. Brunch is the 'Bone's claim to fame, when an eclectic crowd of bedheads pack in for the (charbroiled chicken with sweet red-pepper sauce) and blackened catfish to hoppin' John or Jack (vegetarian variations on the black-eyed pea classic). The tart Key lime pie is one of my favorite desserts in the city. The casual ambience is a good bet for families (a children's menu is available).

Where to Eat in Nags Head

Tortuga's Lie Shellfish Bar & Grill, s 252-441-RAWW, Milepost 11.5, Beach Road, Nags Head, is a Caribbean-style restaurant whose ambiance fits easily in to the beach environment. Here, seafood, chicken, beef and vegetarian dishes get a tropical twist. Rounding out the fare is a nice selection of pasta and steamed seafood dishes and a sushi menu. The full-service bar serves specialty drinks, wine, and buckets of beer and microbrews.

Port of Spain Suburbs

This is a very popular local chain serving good rotis. Shrimp is 3.50, beef or chicken are 2.50, and vegetarian rotis are about 2. The food is great and the price is right at these crowded local places. The surprising thing is that the roti is not spicier than in other places, but they really are served hot. VENI MANG , 67-A Ariapita Ave., Woodbrook, Port of Spain s 6244597. Local Trinidadian specialties are served at lunch only from 11 30 AM to 3 PM, but they are open for dinner on Wednesday evening at 7 30. Lunch, with one of their special fruit juices, will be under 20 for two dinner about 30 for two. Of their three lunchtime offerings, one is always vegetarian. Friday is the best day for liming, because it is a very popular social gathering place to start the weekend with drinks and light snacks. It's owned and managed by two very popular sisters, Alison and Roses He-zekiah, who are both considered bright lights in Port of Spain.

Sobaeksan National Park

The temple has the atmosphere of a Utopian community the gardens are beautiful, everything is spotless, and the monks, nuns and lay members, dressed in loose-fitting grey trousers and shirts, appear to be uniformly quiet and polite. The communal kitchen serves hundreds of simple but free vegetarian meals three times a day and visitors are welcome.

Where To Dine Expensive

Douglas Cafe & (finds ECLECTIC It's a real pleasure to find a place like this hiding in the guise of an ordinary small-town burger joint. The key, I'm convinced, is the two owners working in the kitchen, indistinguishable from the other young guys in baseball caps back there. They turn out wonderful seafood, meat, and vegetarian dinners, drawing on many world cuisines, and lunches that translate such food into sandwiches and a great array of burgers. The small dining room is lively, bright, and casual but somewhat cramped, with stacking chairs and wooden benches that can feel hard by the end of a meal. Weekend breakfasts are an event, filling the place with townspeople. Service is quick and casual. Craft brews are on tap.

Kuala Lumpur Kl In Two Days

On day two, gaze in awe at exquisite Islamic artworks housed in the Islamic Arts Museum (p83) and be deafened by the avian orchestra in the Lake Garden's Bird Park (p82). Grab an Indian vegetarian lunch in Little India (p108), then get a dose of history at the National Museum (p89). Next, head over Jin Bukit Bintang to see the extravagant Starhill Gallery (p122). Finish up with a fabulous hawker-style dinner at Nasi Kandar Pelita (p110), located by the KLCC.

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