Fast Facts Zion National Park

ATMs The closest automated teller machine (ATM) to the park is at the Zion Canyon Theatre Complex (& 435/772-2400), just outside the south entrance, at 145 Zion Park Blvd. There is also an ATM at Zions Bank, 921 Zion Park Blvd. (& 435/772-3274). Car Trouble/Towing Services Emergency 24-hour service is available from W. J. Bassett Repair (& 435/772-3328) in Springdale.

Emergencies Dial & 911 or 435/772-3322 24 hours a day, or locate the nearest park ranger.

Gas Stations Springdale Chevron is located on the south side of town at 1593 Zion Park Blvd. (& 435/772-3922). Just outside the east entrance to the park, there is a gas station at the Zion Mt. Carmel Restaurant (& 435/648-2829). Laundry There are no laundry facilities in Zion National Park, but coin-operated laundry machines and dryers are located at Zion Canyon Campground (& 435/772-3237), just outside the park's east entrance, and in downtown Springdale in the Zion Park Motel complex (& 435/772-3251). Just outside the park's east entrance, there is a coin-operated laundry at Mukun-tuweep RV Park & Campground (& 435/648-2154). Medical Services The Zion Medical Clinic, 120 Lion Blvd., Springdale (& 435/772-3226) is open daily May through October, and about one day a week the rest of the year. For medical emergencies, dial & 911 or 435/772-3322, or locate the nearest park ranger. One of the larger hospitals in this part of the state is Dixie Regional Medical Center, 544 S. 400 E., St. George (& 435/634-4000). From the east entrance, the nearest medical facility is the Kane County Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility, 335 N. Main St., Kanab (& 435/644-5811).

Permits Permits, available at the visitor centers, are required for overnight backcountry camping (see "Fees," under "Essentials," earlier in this chapter), and special permits are also necessary to drive RVs and other large vehicles through the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel (see "Regulations," under "Essentials," earlier in this chapter).

Post Offices There is a post office inside Zion Lodge (ZIP 84767) and mail drops at each of the visitor centers. Spring-dale's post office (ZIP 84767) is located at 624 Zion Park Blvd. (& 800/275-8777 for hours and other post office locations). Supplies You'll find most of the groceries and camping and RV supplies you want in Springdale, just outside the park's south entrance. At Zion Canyon Campground, on Zion Park Boulevard a half mile south of the park's south entrance (& 435/772-3237) is a store selling groceries, souvenirs, and RV supplies, plus a restaurant. In downtown Springdale, the Zion Park Market, 855 Zion Park Blvd. (& 435/772-3251), stocks a good selection of groceries and also has video rentals. On the south end of Springdale on Utah 9 (the opposite side of town from the national park), is the highly recommended Springdale Fruit Company (& 435/772-3222), which sells fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and juices (try the fruit smoothies), plus trail mix and baked goods. It also has a picnic area. The Switchback C-Store, 1149 S. Zion Park Blvd. (& 435/772-3700), stocks snacks and pastries and contains the local state liquor store. Those in need of outdoor equipment, hiking boots, clothing, and the like will find what they need at Zion Rock and Mountain Guides, 1458 Zion Park Blvd. (& 435/772-3303;, which offers both rentals and sales.

Just outside the east entrance to the park, there is a small store and gas station at Zion Mt. Carmel Restaurant (& 435/ 648-2829).

Telephones Public telephones are located at the visitor center, Zion Lodge, the Zion Human History Museum, and both Watchman and South campgrounds. Cellphone service is spotty throughout the park.

Weather For current statewide weather information, contact the National Weather Service (& 801/524-5133; http://nimbo. For local weather information, call the park office at & 435/772-3256, Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

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