Managing Your Money

In This Chapter

^ Figuring out how much money is enough ^ Budgeting like a pro: Where to splurge, where to save ^ Locating ATMs

^ Being streetwise with your wallet or handbag ^ Coping with a lost or stolen wallet

Chicago has a way of eating up your money: dinner at Harry Caray's (Chapter 10), cabs, admission fees, tips for the bellhop and housekeeping, the bottle of water at Navy Pier (Chapter 11), coffee at Corner Bakery (Chapter 13) — and all that wonderful shopping. To make matters worse, there are ATMs on practically every corner. With cash and credit so accessible, spending can get out of hand fast.

Before you go, come up with a realistic idea of how much you can spend. You don't want to worry constantly about every cent you spend, but you also don't want to faint when you get your credit card bills, either. The idea is to have fun and enjoy yourself without agonizing. For peace of mind and for the sake of your bank account, know when you can afford to splurge and when to economize (and plan to do both!).

This chapter gives you some ideas of how to allocate your funds. After all, you don't want to find yourself still paying for this trip when you set off on your next adventure!

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