Pox On All Your Houses

Feodosiya wasn't always the kitsch, happy-go-lucky resort it is today. In the 14th century it was at least one, if not the port through which the bubonic plague entered Europe. While still under Genoese control, 'Kaffa' was besieged by Mongol tribes newly arrived from the Asian steppes. They carried the Black Death with them, and as their warriors died they used the infected corpses as biological weapons - throwing them over the city walls into the population's midst. Many terrified Genoese fled home to Italy in 1347, from where the plague spread across Europe, eventually killing up to 50% of the continent's citizens.

fan), while his moody seas are reminiscent of Germany's Caspar David Friedrich.

Another 20-minute walk north, past elegant mansions, stands the Ottoman-style Dacha Stamboli (pr Ayvazovskogo47). Once home to a wealthy tobacco merchant, the building's exterior is a trifle weather-beaten, but its ornate restored interior is one of Crimea's best.

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