Women Travellers

Although sexual harassment on the streets is rare, it is common in the workplace, in the home and in personal relations. Foreign women are likely to receive some

© Lonely Planet Publications attention, mostly in the form of genuine, friendly interest. An interested stranger may approach you out of the blue and ask: 'Mozhno poznakomitsa?' (May we become acquainted?). The easiest answer is a gentle, but firm, 'Nyet' (No). The conversation usually goes no further, although drunken men may be more persistent. The most efficient way to lose an unwelcome suitor is to enter an upmarket hotel or restaurant, where ample security will come to your aid. Women should certainly avoid taking private taxis alone at night.

Russian women dress up and wear lots of make-up on nights out. If you are wearing casual gear, you might feel uncomfortable in a restaurant, club or theatre.

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