Walk Facts

Start Vladimirskaya pi ((M) Vladimirskaya)

Finish PI Alexandra Nevskogo (@PI Alexandra


Distance 2km

Duration VA hours

Fuel stops Cat Café (pi 70), Che (p170), II Patio (pi 70)

of Dostoevsky pays tribute to the fact that the great writer lived nearby.

2 Kuznechny per Though Dostoevsky's best-known novel was set in the streets around Sennaya pi, he also lived in a home on Kuznechny per, which is now the Dostoevsky Museum (p93). Some scenes from The Idiot take place in the streets of Vosstaniya, although the descriptions are not quite so vivid as in Crime and Punishment. Up the road is the odd little Museum of the Arctic & Antarctic (opposite).

3 Museum of Bread Say what you want about Russian cuisine, but these people know how to bake their bread. The unexpected Museum of Bread (opposite) pays tribute to the staff of life.

4 Pushkinskaya 10 This old fashioned apartment block houses an eclectic assortment of art galleries, music clubs and studio space. Alive with creative energy and artistic electricity, Pushkinskaya 10 (p91) is a throwback to a time when things were not so predictable.

5 PI Vosstaniya Inside Moscow Station, St Petersburg's busiest railway station, Peter the Great welcomes visitors to his city. Outside, the sign above the October Hotel (p209) proclaims 'Hero City Leningrad', a designation bestowed upon this city after WWII.

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