St Petersburg Artist Map p

Peterburgsky Khudozhnik; @ 337 1339;www; nab reki Moyki 100; M Sadovaya

Dedicated to preserving and promoting the tradition of realist art, this museum and exhibition centre showcases local artists who painted from the 1950s to the 1990s. Most featured artists have been exhibited in venues as famous as the Russian Museum and Moscow's Tretyakov. The gallery also publishes the magazine St Petersburg Artist and hosts occasional concerts.

KOSHER SHOP Map p102 Food & Drink

@ 713 8186;; Lermon-tovsky pr 2; (M) Sennaya PI

Serving St Petersburg's Jewish community, the Kosher Shop is conveniently located next to the Grand Choral Synagogue (p104). Although its emphasis is on kosher food, the shop also sells books about Judaism in many languages, Jewish music and art.

MIR ESPRESSO Map p102 Food & Drink

@ 3151370; ul Dekabristov 12/10; M Sadovaya

Come for the aroma and stay for the amazing coffee from all over the world. There's espresso machines and every type of coffee maker and caffeine-related accessory.

GALLERY OF DOLLS Map p102 Souvenirs Galereya Kukol; §§314 4934; Bolshaya Morskaya ul 53/8; ® Sadovaya/Sennaya PI

Featuring ballerinas and babushkas, clowns and knights, this gallery depicts just about every fairy-tale character and political persona in doll form. The highly creative figures are more like art than toys.

Our personal favourite is the miniature babushka mopping the floor in the corner.

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