Hotel Druzhba (§ 81378-25744; [email protected]; ul Zheleznodorozhnaya 5; s/d R2400/3000) This old Soviet hotel is convenient to the train station, but otherwise does not have much to offer.

Bat Hotel (Letuchaya Mysh; @ 81378-34537; www; ul Nikolaeva 3, Vyborg; s R2280-2800, d R2740-3100; (B)) A very cosy option with newly renovated rooms on two floors and a cute café on the ground floor. Enter from the back.

Hotel Atlantic (@ 81378-24778; [email protected]; Podgornaya ul 9; s/d R1100/1500, s/d/tr/q with private bathroom R1500/1700/2000/2600, s/d upgraded from R1750/2000) On a quiet street near the castle, this pleasant place has decent rooms with fresh paint, clean white sheets and brand new bathrooms. The

'upgraded' rooms have been recently renovated and filled with new furniture, which explains the slightly higher prices.

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