It's said that you can buy almost anything on Sennaya pi and its seedy side streets, although in the 1990s the suggestion was more about the availability of drugs rather than any particularly amazing consumer opportunities. Since the tercentennial cleanup though, lots of smart shops have opened up, particularly in and around the brand spanking new Sennaya shopping centre.

BEE-KEEPING Map p97 Food & Drink

Pchelovodstvo; ยง315 4252; Sadovaya ul 51; (M) Sadovaya/Sennaya PI

Step into this sweet shop and you won't be able to resist taking home some honey to your honey (or for yourself). You can sample many different flavours of honey from all over Russia, and there are also natural remedies, creams and teas made from beeswax and pollen. If you are so inspired, you can also buy the necessary equipment to set up your own pchelovodstvo.

SENNOY MARKET Map p97 Market

@3101209;Moskovskypr4; S8am-7pm; M Sadovaya/Sennaya PI

Cheaper and less atmospheric than Kuznechny Market (left), Sennoy Market is also centrally located. You'll find fruit and veggies, as well as fresh-caught fish and fresh-cut meat.

SEN NAYA Map p97 Shopping Centre

"3 740 4640; in Russian; ul Yefimova 3; (M) Sadovaya/Sennaya PI

An unnervingly American-style mall a short walk from Sennaya pi, this huge centre is mainly for fashion, but includes a food hall, a bowling alley (p199) and the Patterson department store.

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