Rooms The Academy

By the early 19th century the Academy of Arts was more and more influenced by Italian themes given the unfashionability of France. In Room 12 look for Vladimir Boro-vikovsky's magnificent Catherine II Promenading in Tsarskoe Selo. Room 14 is truly spectacular, including enormous canvases such as Ivan Ayvazovsky's The Wave and Karl Bryullov's incredible The Last Day of Pompeii and The Crucifixion.

Some modernity then begins to creep in with Alexander Ivanov's smaller paintings, all of which are grouped together on one side of Room 15. Four Nude Boys, Old Man Leaning on a Stick and Boy Getting out of a Stream all mark a notable departure in terms of detail and representation. Room 16 is dedicated to drawings, which are considered the basis for all artistic work. And Room 17 pays tribute to the Academy Council.

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