Rive Gauche

Map pp68-9 Jewellery & Cosmetics

@ 314 3149; www.rivegauche.ru in Russian; Nevsky pr 27; S 10am-9pm Sun-Thu, 10am-10pm Fri & Sat; ® Nevsky Pr

Yves Saint-Laurent does not seem to mind that this Russian company has stolen the name of its well-known perfume and used it to set up an extensive network of shops selling brand-name cosmetics. With more than 30 shops around the city, you're never far from a new bottle of Chanel No 5. There are additional outlets near pi Vosstaniya (p156) and on the Petrograd Side (p157).

YAKHONT Map pp68-9 Jewellery & Cosmetics ■3 314 6415; Bolshaya Morskaya ul 24; ® Nevsky Pr

From this building, Carl Faberge dazzled the imperial family and the rest of the world with his extraordinary bespoke designs. Yakhont has no link to the Faberge family, but it is carrying on the tradition anyway. This long, dark salon provides an impressive showcase of their work.

MILITARY SHOP Map pp68-9 Military

Tovardlya Voennikh; s 3101814; Sadovaya ul 26; Sl0am-7pm; ® Gostiny Dvor

In a city with men in uniform on every street corner, this is where you can get yours (the uniform that is!). Buy stripy sailor tops, embroidered badges, big boots, camouflage jackets and snappy caps at decent prices. Look for the circular green and gold sign with 'Military Shop' written in English; the entrance is in the courtyard.

OPEN WORLD Map pp68-9 Music

Otkrity Mir; §715 8939; Malaya Morskaya ul 13; Sl0am-10pm; ® NevskyPr

Melodies waft from the speakers out onto the sidewalks, enticing music-lovers into this little shop. It sells a huge range of classical, jazz and world music, all licensed but still very reasonably priced. The staff is delightfully friendly and helpful, and you are free to browse the enormous selection at your leisure.

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