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Petropavlovskaya krepost; @ 230 0329; www; grounds free; S grounds 6am-10pm daily, exhibitions 11am-6pm Thu-Tue; ® Gorkovskaya

Founded in 1703, the Peter & Paul Fortress is the oldest major building in St Petersburg. It was built as a defence against the Swedes, but they were defeated before the fortress was finished. In fact, it has never been utilised in the city's defence - unless you count incarceration of political 'criminals' as national defence.

Up until 1917, the main use of the structure was as a prison. One of the first and most famous inmates was Peter's own son Alexey, who was tortured and killed for his betrayal of his father. Other famous residents were Fyodor Dostoevsky, Maxim Gorky, Noi Trotsky, Mikhail Bakunin and Alexander Lenin (Vlad's older brother).

Enter the fortress from the eastern side of the island. Just inside the main gate is a useful information office, where you can pick up a map and buy tickets. You can also buy an overall ticket (adult/student R250/130), which allows access to all of the exhibitions on the island (except the bell tower) for 10 days. While there are loads of various and changing exhibitions, make a point to pay your respects at the SS Peter & Paul Cathe dral, with its landmark needle-thin spire, and at the Trubetskoy Bastion, which was closed for renovation at the time of research.

The SS Peter & Paul Cathedral (adult/student R150/70; S 10am-7pm May-Sep) has a magnificent baroque interior, quite different from other Orthodox churches. All of Russia's prerevolutionary rulers from Peter the Great onwards (except Peter II and Ivan VI) are buried here. Peter I's grave is at the front on the right. Nicholas II and his family - minus Alexey and Maria - were the latest most controversial additions in 1998 (see p34).

The 122.5m-high bell tower (@ 498 0505; adult/student R100/60; S tours noon, 1.30pm, 3.30pm &4pm May-Sep) remains the city's tallest structure. It offers a small exhibition about the renovation of the tower, as well as an up-close inspection of the bell-ringing mechanism. The main reason to climb all these steps, of course, is for the magnificent 360-degree panorama. The bell tower is open only with a guided tour, so call in advance or check the information office for the schedule, which is likely to change. Tickets are sold at the boathouse.

Between the cathedral and the Senior Officers' Barracks is Mikhail Shemyakin's statue of a seated Peter the Great, with strangely proportioned head and hands. When the statue was unveiled in 1991 it caused outrage among the citizens of St Petersburg, for whom Peter remains a saintly figure. Local lore has it that rubbing his right forefinger will bring good luck.

The Commandant's House (adult/student R60/40; S 11am-7pm Thu-Tue) contains an exhibition on the history of the St Petersburg region from medieval times to 1917. The Engineers' House (@ 4980607; adult/student R60/40; S 11am-7pm Thu-Tue) also has a museum with rotating exhibitions.

In the fort's southwest corner are reconstructions of the grim cells of the Trubetskoy Bastion, where Peter supervised the torture to death of his son. The cells were used by later tsars to keep a lid on original thinking in the empire.

Serny """"


Citibank Petrograd Side (see 24)

Danish Consulate

KoHcyntcTBO ^aHHH 1 E2

Estonian Consulate


Mirage Univer-City (see 53)

SIGHTS (ppl 13-20)

Alexandrovsky Park

AneKcaBflpoBCKHÖ cafl 3 G5

Artillery Museum


Botanical Gardens 5 H3

Chaliapin House Museum

,flpM-My3efi UlajiaiiHHa 6 F2

Church of St John the Baptist liepKOBi, Hoaraa npe^ieHH 7 F2

Commandant's House

06ep-KOMeHfläHTCKHÖ flOM 8 G5

Cruiser Aurora Kpeficep ÀBpopa 9 H5

DivoOstrov 10 C3

Engineers' House

HHaceHepHufi Kopnyc 11 G5

Gosudarev Bastion 12 G5

Kamennoostrovsky Palace

KaMeHHOOCTpOBCKHH flBopeij 13 F2

Kirov Museum

Mosque CoôopHaa Menen, 15 G5

Museum of Political History Myseö nojmTHHecKOH


Naryshkin Bastion

HapuimcHHCKHÖ ôacxHOH 17 G6

Neva GateHeBCKHe BopoTa 18 G6

Peter & Paul Fortress neipo-IIaBJiOBCKafl KpenociB 19 G5 Peter & Paul Fortress Information &

Ticket Office 20 G5

Peter's Cabin

^omhk rieTpa BejiHKoro 21 H5

Peter's Tree Iforpa 1 22 E2

Planetarium iinaneTapHÖ 23 G5

Sigmund Freud Museum of Dreams

My3efi CHOBHfleHHft 24 F5

SS Peter & Paul Cathedral

Co6op cb IleTpa h HaBJia 25 G5

St Petersburg Zoo 3oonapK 26 G5

Tower House 27 G4

Toy Museum My3ei! HrpyineK 28 F3

Trubetskoy Bastion

Tpy6emKofi 6acraoH 29 G6

Yelagin Palace

EjianmcKHH flBopeij 30 D2

Yelizarov Museum My3efi-KBapiHpa Enn3apoBux ..31 F4

SHOPPING Q (pp149-58)

Bon Vin 32 H5

Sytny Market C hiimifl ptmoK 35 Gr>

Wild Or chid 36 14

EATING HJ (pp159-76)

Akvarium 37 G4

Chayraya I o/hka 40 G3

Les Amis de Jean Jacques 41 14

Ma Zdorovye 42 I S

Russian Fishing 43 B3

Tbilisi KaiflC I tiHJIHCH 45 14

Troit Sky most 46 C»4

Serny """"


Bridge Lounge 49 G6

Orlandina 50 G3

Tunnel 51 F5

Baltic House EajiTHHCKHH flOM 52 G5

Jam Hall on Petrogradsky 53 G3

Mirage Univer-city 54 F4

SPORTS & ACTIVITIES (ppl 95-200) Jubilee Sports Palace 55 E5

Petrovsky Stadium _ 56 E5

Planet Fitness. 57 H4

Sports Complex 58 Co

SLEEPING Q (pp201 -12)

Apart Hotel Kronverk 59 FS

Hotel Aurora rocrnHHija ABpopa..60 H5 Hotel Eurasia rociHHHiia EBpasaa 61 F4

TRANSPORT (pp233-40)

Boat Rental Stand 62 C2

Chyorttaya Jf,

Ushakovsky most" 7

Kantemirovsky „most

i Zen it Stadium/

Crestovsky. Ostrov i


■tropavlovsky i most jradskaya wstriyski

?sonievsl< \most

Tuchkov most

\Troitsky \ most



& Paul Fortress

Birzhevoyj most



See Vyborg Side pp122-3

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