Nevsky Hotels

@ 703 3860;; (M) Nevsky Pr This excellent chain of mini-hotels is rapidly expanding to locations all over the centre. These three outlets are all clustered along Bolshaya Konyushennaya ul, a pleasant avenue that runs from Nevsky pr to the Moyka River. The most innovative (and the most expensive) is the Deluxe: taking full advantage of the building's high ceilings, each of the seven rooms has a mezzanine level which serves as the bedroom. The Aster is the cheapest and the largest of the bunch, though it lacks some amenities. In all cases, rooms are comfortable and modern, if a bit plain:

Nevsky Deluxe Hotel ( @ 312 3131; Nevsky 22-24; ste R7350; (El (S) )

Nevsky Grand Hotel (@ 312 1206; Bolshaya Konyushennaya ul 10; R5950/6650; E 0 ) Nevsky Hotel Aster (@ 336 6585; Bolshaya Konyushennaya ul 25; s/d R5250/5950)

KORONA Map pp68-9 Mini-Hotel $$

@ 571 0086;; Malaya Konyushennaya ul 7; s/d from R4700/6100; ® NevskyPr; E (B)

With its funny combination of faux marble and citrus colours, some might dismiss the decorative choices at this place as lurid. But there's no faulting the size, location and service at this cut-above-the-average mini-hotel. Unlike some other hotels in this class, the Korona's 11 rooms have plenty of space to spread out.

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