Russian currency is the rouble, written as py67ib or abbreviated as py6. There are 100 kopecks (KoneeK or Kon) in the rouble, and these come in small coins that are worth one, 10 and 50 kopecks. Roubles are issued in coins in amounts of one, two and five roubles. Banknotes come in values of 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 roubles. Small stores, kiosks and many other vendors have difficulty changing large notes, so save those scrappy little ones.

The rouble has been relatively stable since it was revalued in 1998. For details of costs in St Petersburg, see pi 9. For exchange rates, see the inside front cover.


ATMs linked to international networks such as AmEx, Cirrus, Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa are now common throughout St Petersburg. Look for the sign EaHKOMaT (banko-mat). Using a credit or debit card, you can always obtain roubles. The following outlets also give the option to withdraw US dollars or euros:

Alfabank (Map pp68-9; @ 329 8050;; nab kanala Griboedova 6/2; (M) Nevsky Pr) Citibank Nevsky (Map p92; Nevsky pr 45/2; ® Mayakovskaya)

Citibank Petrograd Side (Map ppl 14—15; Bolshoy pr 18; ® Sportivnaya)

Citibank Sennaya (Map p97; Moskovsky pr 7; (M)Sadovaya)

Citibank Smolny (Map p84; prChernyshevskogo 18; ® Chernyshevskaya)

Citibank Vasilevsky Island (Map pp108—9; Sredny pr 27; (M) Vasileostrovskaya)

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