Medical Services

Emergency medical care is available at hospitals around town, but many international visitors might be put off by the sad state of public hospitals. The private clinics listed below have facilities that meet international standards. Services are pricey, but they generally accept major international insurance policies, including direct billing In any case, it is worth checking with your health insurance provider to confirm that you are covered in Russia - and investing in travel insurance if you are not.


In case of more serious health issues: American Medical Clinic (Map p102; §§ 740 2090;; nab reki Moyki 78; (M) Sadovaya) Euromed (Map p84; @ 327 0301;; Suvorovsky pr 60; (M) Chernyshevskaya)

Medem International Clinic & Hospital (Map p92; @ 336 3333;; ul Marata 6; ® Mayakovskaya)

MedPalace (Map p84; §§ 380 7979;; ul Chaykovskogo 6; (M) Chernyshevskaya)


Look for the sign anTeica (apteka) or the usual green cross to find a pharmacy. 36.6 Pharmacy ( is a chain of 24-hour pharmacies with many branches around the city:

Historic Heart (Map pp68-9; Gorokhovaya ul 16; ® Sadovaya)

Smolny (Map p84; Liteyny pr 41; (M) Mayakovskaya) Vosstaniya (Map p92; Zagorodny pr 6/8; (M) Vladimirskaya)

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