Kazachie Bani Map P

@ 712 5079; Bolshoy Kazachy per 11; per hour R1000; S24hr; ® Pushkinskaya

Following a trend that is occurring throughout the city, the communal banya is no longer open, but the private 'lux'


The dos and don'ts of the banya (bathhouse):

■ Do take advantage of the plunge pool (or at least the cold shower, if there is no pool on site). It's important to bring your body temperature backdown after being in the banya.

■ Don't bother with a bathing suit. Most public bani are segregated by gender, in which case bathers steam naked. In mixed company, it is customary to wrap yourself in a sheet (provided at the banya).

■ Do rehydrate in between steams. While it is customary to drink tea, or even beer, it is also important to drink water or juice.

■ Don't stop at one! Most bathers will return to the parilka (steam room) anywhere from three to eight times over the course of an hourortwo.

banya is an excellent option for a group of up to 10 people.

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