Hotel Eurasia

"3 230 4432;; Gatchinskaya ul 5; s/d R2800/3100, s/d stefrom R3450/3600; M Chkalovskaya

In an attractive 19th-century building, the Eurasia has 18 comfortable rooms that are modern, if not memorable (but frankly, when it comes to mini-hotels, that may be a good thing). White walls and plain furniture guarantee comfort, cleanliness and sound sleeping. This hotel group operates three other mini-hotels on the Petrograd Side, so if the Eurasia is full, staff should be able to point you in the direction of something similar.

HOTEL AURORA Map pp114-15 Mini-Hotel $ § 233 3641;; Malaya Posad-skaya ul 15; s/d with shared bathroom R1575/2100, s/d R2275/2800; ® Gorkovskaya

Tucked in behind the Peter & Paul Fortress, this is a spunky little mini-hotel offering affordable, friendly accommodation. Spacious rooms sport a charming, Soviet-style decor, with parquet floors, rickety beds and monochrome linens. Nonetheless, shiny new bathrooms and kitchen facilities make this an excellent deal.

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