Grand Palace

Map pp68-9 Shopping Centre

@ 449 9411; Nevsky pr44; S 11am-9pm; (M) Gostiny Dvor

For once the rather uppity title is well deserved - this palatial shopping centre was created for the New Russian shopping classes, who expect nothing less than grand and glittering. The biggest names in fashion are here, including Max Mara, Dior and Lacroix, not to mention the fanciest free toilets in the city.

PASSAGE Map pp68-9 Shopping Centre

Passazh; §§311 7084; in Russian; Nevsky pr48; Sl1am-9pm; ® Gostiny Dvor

This old-fashioned arcade, lined with boutiques and souvenir shops, runs between Nevsky pr and Italiyanskaya ul. The shopping here is not particularly unique, but it is a pleasant, atmospheric place to stroll, similar to Moscow's world-famous GUM.

GOSTINY DVOR Map pp68-9 Shopping Centre @ 110 5200; in Russian; Nevsky pr35; Sl0am-10pm; ® Gostiny Dvor

One of the oldest shopping arcades in the world, Gostiny Dvor (Merchant Yard) was built in the mid-18th century. After a decade-long renovation, the exterior looks smart, while the interior retains a largely Soviet feel. On the ground floor, endless corridors of counters showcase everything from stereos to souvenirs. Upstairs you will find some fancier fashion outlets, which are definitely an improvement.

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