aeroport - airport alleya - alley apteka - pharmacy avtobus - bus avtomaticheskie kamery khranenia - left-luggage lockers avtovokzal - bus station babushka - grandmother bankomat - ATM banya - bathhouse basketbolnaya super liga - Russia's basketball super league bolshaya - big, great, grand bolshoy-big, great, grand bulvar- boulevard bylina - epic song dacha-country cottage datsan - temple deklaratsiya - customs declaration dom - house duma - parliament dvorets - palace elektrichka - suburban train; also prigorodnye poezd galereya - gallery glasnost - openness; policy of public accountability developed underthe leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev gorod - city, town kafe - café

kamera khranenia - left-luggage office or counter kanal - canal kladbische - cemetery kolonnada - colonnade kon - horse korpus - building within a building koryushki - freshwater smelt kruglosutochno - open 24 hours lavra - most senior grade of Russian Orthodox monastery letny sad - summer garden liteyny-foundry malaya - small, little maly-small, little marshrutka - minibus that runs along a fixed route;

diminutive form of marshrutnoye taxi

Maslenitsa - akin to Mardi Gras; fête that celebrates the end ofwinterand kicks off Lent matryoshka - nesting doll; set of painted wooden dolls within dolls mekh - fur mesto - seat militsioner - police officer militsiya - police morskoy vokzal - sea station morzh - walrus most - bridge muzey- museum naberezhnaya - embankment novaya - new novy - new

Novy God - New Year ostrov-island parilka - steam room (at a banya) Paskha - Easter passazhirskiy poezd - passengertrain perekhod - transfer pereryv - break, recess perestroika - reconstruction; policy of reconstructing the economy developed under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev pereulok - lane, side street pivnaya - beer bar ploshchad - square prigorodnye poezd - suburban train; also elektrichka proezd - passage prospekt-avenue rechnoy vokzal - river station reka - river restoran - restaurant

Rozhdestvo-Christmas rynok- market ryumochnaya - equivalent of the local pub samizdat - underground literary manuscript sanitarny den - literally'sanitary day'; a day during the last week of every month on which establishments such as museums shut down for cleaning shosse-highway skory poezd - fast train; regular long-distance service smol - tar sobor - cathedral staraya - old stary - old stolovaya - cafeteria taksfon karta - phonecard tapochki - slippers teatralnaya kassa - theatre kiosk; general theatre box office scattered about the city tekhnichesky pereryv-technical break troika - horse-drawn sleigh tserkov-church ulitsa - street uslovie yedenitsiy - standard units, which is equivalent to euros; often abbreviated as y.e.

vagon - carriage (on a train)

veniki- bundle of birch branches used at afxmyfltobeat bathers to eliminate toxins and improve circulation vokzal - station vyshaya liga - Russia's premier football league zal - hall zamok-castle zheton - token (for metro etc)

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