Alexander Blok Housemuseum

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@ 713 8627;; ul Dekabristov 57; adult/student R50/25; S 11am-6pm Thu-Mon &11am-5pmTue; M. Sadovaya

This museum occupies the flat where poet Alexander Blok spent the last eight years of his life (1912-20). The revolutionary Blok believed that individualism had caused a decline in society's ethics, a situation that would only be rectified by a communist revolution.

The 4th floor has been preserved much as it was when Blok lived here with his wife Lyubov (daughter of Mendeleev). After touring the simple but historic home, descend to the 2nd floor, where Blok's mother lived. When the poet fell ill in 1920, his family moved into this apartment where he finally died a year later. Here, a literary exhibition demonstrates the influence of Blok's work, as well as some original copies of his poems. The room where Blok died contains his death mask and a drawing of Blok on his deathbed, sketched on the last page of the poet's pad. Chamber concerts are occasionally performed here - they're worthwhile for the subdued charm of the flats and the lovely views out onto the Pryazhka River.

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