Travel Tips

Allow plenty of time, and don't try to cover too much distance. If your time is limited, stick to the coast - Mozambique's beaches are among the best in the region - and focus on either the south or the north of the country. To link the two, consider an internal flight.

Carry a mix of finances - a Visa card for ATMs (essential!), plus some cash (US dollars and rand) and a few travellers cheques for emergencies.

Learn a few words of Portuguese or greetings in local languages.

Don't insulate yourself from Mozambique or Mozambicans. Travel at least some of the time on public transport. Try to get away from the tourist resorts and from South Africans, and learn about local life.

Enjoy the prawns, crayfish and delicious coastal cuisine.

Relish the country's 'off-beatness', and forget about comparisons with other regional destinations; Mozambique is in a class of its own.

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