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Oshakati International Youth Hostel ((f) 224294; San Nujoma Rd; dm US$4, r per person US$10; (P)) Caters mainly to Namibian school groups, but the hostel is clean and friendly to foreigners. Men and women are housed in separate rooms.

Santorini Inn (220457; [email protected] .com; s/d ind breakfast from US$45/60; (0 g) ®) This somewhat out-of-place inn may inspire the sensation that you've died and gone to Florida. With a distinctly tropical feel, the Santorini features a pool, bar, digital satellite TV, restaurant, and a refrigeration shop that ensures that the air-con is functional.

Oshandira Lodge (§§ 220443;; per person ind breakfast US$45; (PI®) Located next to the airport, this pleasant lodge is a good choice -simple but spacious rooms surround a landscaped pool and thatched open-air restaurant.

Oshakati Country Lodge (§§) 222380; [email protected], Robert Mugabe Rd, per person US$70; g) I®) Provides posh but fairly heartless accommodation for business travellers and government

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