Roads Less Travelled


Start with a few days in Lusaka (p640) with its lively ambience and genuine African feel. Then head out on the highway to the beautiful Lower Zambezi National Park (p655), its beautiful flood plain dotted with acacias and other large trees. There's no public transport so you'll need a car, or organise a tour. Continue up the Great East Road to Chipata (p657), taking a break from the road at Luangwa Bridge (p657), roughly halfway. At Chipata check out the market and organise a trip to South Luangwa National Park (p658), the best in Zambia and one of the most majestic parks in Africa. From Chipata you can drive to Mfuwe Gate (p658), or minibuses make the trip to Mfuwe village. The really adventurous could try to reach spectacular North Luangwa National Park (p662), but seek local advice for this.

Then it's on to Lilongwe (pl67), worth a day or two to check out the old town and the local Nature Sanctuary. Then strike north along the Ml to Nkhata Bay (p 188), perfect for swimming, kayaking or just lazing about after some hard weeks on the road. Possible detours on the way to Nkhata include the gently rolling hills of Kasungu National Park (pl96), and Nkhotakota (pl96), to pick up some good-value crafts and to organise a trip to the wild Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve (pl97), where you've a good chance of seeing elephants.

Lusaka to Nkhata Bay

A 2000km route that could be

North Luangwa MALAWI

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