Northern Cape

Covering nearly a third of the country, the vast and sparsely populated Northern Cape surely is South Africa's last great frontier. With a restless air of untamed energy, this is a place where the Africa of storybooks comes alive. In this land of stark contrasts the red sands of the Kalahari tumble into the churning, inky waters of the desolate Atlantic Coast; while the Karoo's strange-shaped kopjes (small, rocky hills) collide with the sun-scorched lunar landscape of Namaqua-land, where roads dissolve into an oblivion of endless space and burst into a miraculous sea of technicolour wildflowers in spring. Lions stalk prey across crimson plains in remote Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park at dawn, and in the evening big, orange-ball sunsets made for Hollywood movies steal the show.

The Northern Cape is one of only two provinces in South Africa (the other is Western Cape) where coloureds, and not blacks, make up the majority of the population. Afrikaans is the most widely spoken language with about 66% of the province speaking it.

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