Nova Fronteira Visa On Arrival Mozambique

The busiest border is at Zobue, on the Tete Corridor route linking Blantyre (Malawi) and Harare (Zimbabwe). Others include crossings at Dedza (85km southwest of Lilongwe), Milange (120km southeast of Blantyre), Entre Lagos (southwest of Cuamba), Mandimba (northwest of Cuamba), Vila Nova da Fron-teira (at Malawi's southern tip), and Cobue and Metangula (both on Lake Niassa).

To/From Blantyre

The Zobue crossing has good roads and public transport connections on both sides. There are daily vehicles from Blantyre to the border via Mwanza (US$4). Once on the Mozambique side there are daily chapas to Tete. Buses between Blantyre and Harare via Zobue will also drop you at Tete.

Vila Nova da Fronteira sees a reasonable amount of traffic, although it's an off-the-beaten track journey. There are daily minibuses from Blantyre to Nsanje and on to the border. Once across, you can find chapas along a reasonable road via Mutarara to Sena, and from there on to Caia on the main north-south road.

The Milange crossing is convenient for Quelimane, Gurtie, and on to Ilha de Mozambique. There are regular buses from Blantyre via Mulanje to the border. Once across, there are several vehicles daily to Mocuba, and then frequent transport on to both Quelimane and Nampula.

The crossing at Entre Lagos (for Cuamba and northern Mozambique) is possible with your own 4WD, or via chapa between the border and Cuamba. On the Malawi side, there are minibuses from the border to Li-wonde. Another option is the weekly Malawi train, from where you'll need to take a chapa to Cuamba.

More common is the Mandimba crossing. There's frequent transport on the Malawi side to Mangochi, from where you can get minibuses to Namwera, and on to the border at Chiponde. Once in Mozambique, there are several vehicles daily from Mandimba to both Cuamba and Lichinga.

To/From Lilongwe

The Dedza border is convenient for Lilongwe, and is linked with the EN103 to/from Tete by a tarmac road. From Tete, there's usually at least one chapa daily to Ulongwe and on to Dedza. Otherwise, go in stages from Tete via Moatize and the junction about 15km southwest of Zobue. Once across the border, it's easy to find transport for the final 85km to Lilongwe. If planning to enter Mozambique at this border, arrange your visa in advance.


The Ilala ferry services several Mozambican ports on its way up and down Lake Niassa, departing Monkey Bay (Malawi) at 10am Friday, arriving in Metangula (via Chipoka and Nkhotakota in Malawi) at 6am Saturday, reaching Cobue around noon, Likoma Island (Malawi) at 1.30pm, and Nkhata Bay (Malawi) at lam Sunday. Southbound, departures are at 8pm Monday from Nkhata Bay and at 6.30am Tuesday from Likoma Island, reaching Cobue at 7am and Metangula at noon.

The schedule changes frequently; get an update from Malawi Lake Services ([email protected] .net). Fares are about US$40/20 for a lst-class cabin/economy class between Nkhata Bay and Cobue.

There are immigration posts in Metangula and Cobue (and on Likoma Island and in Nkhata Bay, for Malawi). You can get a Mozambique visa at Cobue, but not at Metangula. Slow sailing boats also go between Likoma Island, Cobue and Metangula.

Meponda was formerly linked with Malawi's Senga Bay via the weekly MV Mtendere. It's currently not running, but worth asking to see if services have resumed.

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