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ALAN MURPHY Coordinating Author

Alan remembers falling under Southern Africa's ambient spell after bouncing around in the rear of a bakkie on the way from Jo'burg airport in 1999. Since then he's been back three times working for Lonely Planet, including the South Africa and Africa guides. Whether spotting elephants at a water hole, tracking rhino in the bush, glimpsing elusive wild dogs or chuckling at the clownish behaviour of curious baboons, he finds wildlife watching exhilarating. Besides, any place where you can bribe officials with mangoes at road blocks has got to be special. More than anything, though, he never ceases to be amazed and humbled at the fortitude and verve of Southern Africa's resilient people.

The Coordinating Author's Favourite Trip

I have to top a list of myfaves with Kruger National Park (p528) -my first wildlife excursion in Africa, where I was greeted by two dwarf mongoose shagging by the roadside. Following closely is Mkhaya Game Reserve (p612) and rustling around the bush trying to spot black rhino. Unforgettable was snorkelling the aquarium that is Lake Malawi's crystal waters, off Likoma island (p192), and kayaking up the lakeshore.

Next is waking up to a hippo munching outside my rondavel at Liwonde National Park (p206); hiking in Chimanimani National Park (p714), with its jaw-dropping views; and dropping into Livingstone for canoeing up the Zambezi along the top of Victoria Falls (p618), alert for 'rising hippo ears' and skittish elephants.

KATE ARMSTRONG Lesotho, Swaziland

Kate was bitten by the Africa bug when she lived and worked in Mozambique, and on her subsequent travels around East Africa. She jumped at the chance to explore new territory for this Lonely Planet edition. While she successfully avoided malarial mosquitoes, she was less able to escape an obsession with Zulu culture, giraffes and the overwhelming hospitality of the local people (not to mention several flat tyres along the way). When Kate's not eating, hiking and dancing her way around parts of Africa, Europe and South America, her itchy feet are grounded in Sydney where she works as a freelancer, writing travel articles and children's educational books.

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Lake Malawi O Liwonde

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