Fast Facts

Area: 118,484 sq km Capital: Lilongwe Country code: 265

Famous for: The lake, laid-back beach resorts and friendly locals Languages: English, Chichewa Money: Malawi kwacha Phrase: Muli bwanji? (How are you?) Population: 12 million


lOOmL bottle of Nah (Malawi's own chilli sauce) US$0.80

30mL sachet of Malawi Gin US$0.30

Live chicken US$2.50

Bottle of wine US$10-20

Carving US$12

LONELY PLANET INDEX IL of petrol US$1 1L of bottled water US$2 Bottle of Kuche Kuche US$0.90 Souvenir T-shirt US $10 Plate of chips US$1

0 0

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