Meditation on the Trnovo Pier

Without Plecnik the Ljubljanica wouldn't be so apparently present in the city through which it runs. Plecnik knew how to accentuate the beauty of the river, which is especially obvious in Trnovski pristan (Trnovo Pier). Here the stone steps are placed in terraces ascending from the river, and the passage leading from the water to the earth element is softened with the famous weeping willows. In this way Plecnik has given Ljubljanians a contact with the river and an opportunity for sunbathing and reading on its banks... Sit on the steps, observe the water running past and let all your troubles float down the Ljubljanica to the Sava, down the Sava to the Danube, and down the Danube to the Black Sea!

The millennial history of Ljubljana is rich with legends and customs, which are kept alive in an attractive way. On summer Saturdays the Cobbler's Bridge becomes the stage for an old medieval tradition brought to our times. It's the punishment of dishonest bakers who were selling loafs too light (keeping the extra flour for themselves..) by dipping them into the Ljubljanica in a special cage.

A legend about a haughty Ljubljana girl who rejected all her suitors until the Water Man in disguise claimed her and whirled off with her into the Ljubljanica is revived on summer weekends by a temperamental dance show. »Urska« will convince you that Preseren, our greatest poet, is right in his rhyme: »Age-long the girls of Ljubljana were famed for their beauty...«

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