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Lao Chenghuangmiao Guwan Shichang Huabao Bldg, Yuyuan Bazaar; Stlal; EE 8.30am-8.30pm; <!> South Huangpi Rd

The basement of the Huabao Building, slap bang in the centre of the bazaar, houses a collection of established antique shops. These are the kind of antique stalls that accept all major credit cards and there's a real mish-mash of stuff here, from old mah-jong sets and watches to porcelain and pottery, as well as the opium pipes found in every Chinese antique market. The 1 st floor has silk and scarves. On the 2nd and 3rd floor, there's jade and crystal. The sales staff are a bit pushy here and you need to haggle.


The arrival of this chain in Shanghai was greeted with a cheer by bookworms. There's a good range of new Western fiction and nonfiction, including Lonely Planet titles, and it is particularly strong on children's books. There's a reasonable selection of magazines too. There's another branch on the 6th floor of the Superbrand Mall (p141).

TONG HAN CHUN TRADITIONAL MEDICINE STORE Map p74 Chinese Medicine a8#i£ Tong Han Chun Tang @ 6355 0308; 20 Yuyuan New Rd; Biff

Sft20^r; S 8am-9pm; ® South Huangpi Rd A fantastic old emporium of elixirs, potions and remedies, this place has been in busi ness since 1783. There's a huge range here, including modern medication, but it's all labelled in Chinese and there's not much English spoken so you'll need a translator. On the 3rd floor, traditional-Chinese-medicine doctors offer consultations.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

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