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You owe it to yourself to think about working onboard cruise ships if you want to get paid to travel all over the world and get valuable work experience. With the guide how to work on a cruise, you will receive comprehensive step-by-step guidelines that will not only show you the way to apply to more than 30 leading cruise lines and concessionaires, but it will also make sure that your application is unique than that of any other applicant.

Applying for a cruise ship job is definitely different from applying for a job on land. Most of the processes can be quite complicated and the rules are different; without any guidance, it is almost impossible to accomplish on your own. The main objective of this 170 page book created by two veteran crew members is to give you immediate access to job descriptions and salaries for more than 60 cruise ship positions.

 Besides, the cruise line comparison tool will help you to settle on which particular cruise lines to apply to and which ones to say away from. A point and click application wizard allows you to begin your applications for positions in just a matter of minutes; moreover, there are successful sample resumes to make sure that your own resume immediately grabs the attention of each cruise line.

The eBook also contains some must-know interview secrets that will leave your interviewer with no other option but to hire you immediately. Get an opportunity to learn from the frequently asked questions concerning ship life and all the answer you need so that you can walk confidently up the gangway on your first ship like an experienced crew member.

Within a short period, you can start saving $2,000, $3,000 or even more every month as you travel every corner of the globe. Additionally, you can enjoy 2 to 4 months of vacation every year which is something that is nearly unheard of with most jobs on land.  There is a bonus included once you order the guide; you will also be able to contact the authors by means of a special email address provided only in the eBook. You will have a chance to ask the authors any questions you may have during the application process and they will give you as much personal assistance as possible. In general, in case you are looking for a means of earning good money as you travel the world, a perfect opportunity for you is working onboard cruise ships. The EBook is available online for download.

About the author

Derek Baron has more than 6 years of experience working onboard as a tour manager for ten cruise ships. His close friend, Liz Aceves has about 3 years of experience working onboard ships in some great positions that some people never knew existed. Derek and Liz have each travelled to six continents as they earn more money than they ever thought was possible at that point in their lives thanks to ‘Ship life’.

About The Product

Description of ship life

Ship life is a term known by every single crew member present on every single cruise ship. It is all about the fascinating and unique lifestyle that revolves around living and working onboard cruise ships. When it comes to Ship Life, Derek and Liz together with any other crew member you come across can tell you that their experiences exceeded all of their wildest hopes and expectations. In case you meet the two, you will notice that they cannot stop talking about how lucky they are to have found out a life-changing opportunity that is ‘ship life’.

Initially, it may be hard to believe that living and working on a cruise ship is a great experience as it may sound. If you are thinking of whether or not to work on a cruise ship, these are some of the benefits to expect: money, money, and more money. expect to earn as much as $1500 to more than $5000 USD every month depending on your position; what is more important is the fact that you will have almost Zero expenses for your meals, room, and even your medical coverage since they are all provided for free. This will allow you to save close to 90% for every paycheck. There is nowhere else that you can save $10,000 to $20,000 in six months.

Another benefit of ‘Ship Life’ is getting to travel around the world; you will have time to visit and explore some parts of the world like Australia, Alaska, Caribbean, Canada, Central America, Hawaii, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Norwegian Fjords, South America, and Islands of the South Pacific. The cruise ship social life is amazing; you may work for 40 to 60 hours every week over seven days but you will have a lot of free time to live it up as well thanks to crew lounges, crew bars, hot tubs, dining areas, and access to theatres when you aren’t working. You can dine in five-star passenger restaurants and listen to live bands which is not a bad idea to spend your free time.

Working together with hundreds of crew members from all over the world assures you of forming long-lasting international friendships with awesome people. You have an opportunity of celebrating their festivals and learning about their cultures; you, therefore, enjoy a social life like you never imagined. During vacation, you can visit some of the new friends as well.

Working onboard a cruise ship is more than just a job; it is a valuable way of attaining life-changing opportunities in the future. You will be able to network globally with most crew member and locals in each port and with the passengers. You will never know where networking may lead you; you can get job offers or free vacations to places around the world.

Two to four months of vacation every year is a guarantee with ‘Ship Life’. There is hardly any other job that offers four months of vacation each year. That is plenty of time to spend anywhere and any way you wish. The cruise line can even pay for your flight home and eventually, you will be working less and saving more money compared to if you had a job on land.

Work On A Cruise Ship Ebook
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