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The Travel Hackers Toolkit

About The Founder

Dane Homenick is a sailor and a long-term traveler. He has been a travel addict for decades and lucky enough to do the 30/30 - visit over 30 countries by thirty years old.
His (far) better-half Makaela and he now lives on their sailboat 'Sea Otter' in The Bahamas (except during hurricane season!).
Dane Homenick is the founder of Journo a travel company.
It's Journo's mission to help fellow travelers better remember their adventures with their popular travel journal app with auto-route-tracking, printable mementos, collaborative Journos, and more.
But it doesn't stop there, Journo works hard to help it's amazing community travel for far cheaper (though it's free and sometimes paid travel hacking products like this one), for more of the year, and to have a better time throughout.
They live for travel and they care about travelers (like you). It Started With A Travel Journal.
They put an amazing team together and created the Journo Travel Journal because we knew there had to be a better way to remember our adventures.
The idea sprouted when trying to describe this insanely red sunset in my paper journal while "on the hook" in the most gorgeous and secluded bay in the Exuma Islands. Words just couldn't do it justice not even close.
From that simple idea, it took on a life of its own.
The app has taken on a life of its own and garnered praise from travelers around the world, and been featured on sites like:

  • Gemfound
  • Cool Material
  • Forbes
  • GadgetFlow
  • Huffington Post

Makaela and Homenick have been vagabonds for over 15 years (once you get that bug!) and have booked dozens and dozens of flights over time never to be fully satisfied.
And now that their Journo travel community is growing, they have discovered that it's a hassle every traveler knows all too well.
So, rather than just deal with it, they got to work.
In addition to testing dozens of these hacks on their own over the years, they have consulted with every travel hacking expert they know and had the team dive deep into researching the data.
After countless hours, they have come up with the ideal process for maximizing your savings when booking a flight no matter where in the world you're departing from or going to.

The Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacking Cheap Flights

What’s included?

It's called 'The Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacking Cheap Flights', and here’s a sampling of what’s covered in this plan. They are:

  • The BIGGEST reason why you overpay for flights and how to NEVER do it again (HINT: Mess this up and your bank account will feel it).
  • How to exploit the '54-Day Rule' and international 'Best Booking Dates' to your advantage.
  • Their little-known tool for finding your "baseline".
  • The THREE days of the week you MUST try to book your departure on (we're even going to show you the best days for different destinations).
  • How to 'Go Incognito' and HIDE your search history.
  • Their TWO favorite alert services so you can sit back and watch Netflix as price drops come to you (both are FREE).
  • The QUICKEST way to cross-check for "low-ticket" airlines that most aggregators don't scan.
  • Our #1 tool for getting refunded if your ticket price drops.
  • Our custom 'Pre-Booking Checklist,' tailored for domestic or international flights.
  • The 'Price Tracker Worksheet' so you can more easily monitor your low prices prior to booking.

How Long Will It Take To Get Access To This Guide?

You would receive the ebook immediately you order for it.
The guide and worksheets will be sent to the email address you provide, and there will be more instructions on the next page that explain how you can access the guide inside of their Travel Hacking Toolkit.

Is it worth it?
Literally, you can have one of those fancy coffees at Starbucks or you can become the flight expert among all of your friends by being the guy or gal who finally knows all the dirty little secrets that the airline industry tries to keep from us, and how to exploit them to your advantage!
You’ll save countless time, money and headaches by knowing how to book the cheapest possible flight, based on the elusive “booking windows” and hacks!

The Travel Hackers Toolkit
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