Simple Senior Swing

About Simple Senior Swing

Simple Senior Swing is the only golf swing designed for senior golfers and can add from 40 to 60 yards of “straight as an arrow” distance off the tee. It is simplistic and does not require a player to rebuild completely their swing or spend fortunes on golfing equipment.

The product will help your swing to be relaxed, limber, and pain-free, making you feel better at the end of 18 holes than you did when you got out of bed that morning.

Even if you are lacking in strength, flexibility, and are plagued by ailments such as arthritis, back pain, or tennis elbow, you will still increase up to seventy yards in distance.

This swing is perfect for playing against any young players or pick-up player in their place as well as playing against seniors.

Using this equipment, you will hit the ball with such incredible power, other golfers will instinctively hit the from the ear-bursting crack the club makes when it launches the ball, and only to mutter jealousy as your ball lands 300 yards down the fairway ready for an easy chip and two-putt for that birdie.

The product guarantees you to see and feel the unstoppable power the moment you put it to sue. Unlike other golf swings, Simple Senior Swing does not need you to have lots of strength, flexibility, or youth.

About The Creator

Simple Senior Swing is a product of Alex Fortey. He has been in golfing for years as an adviser before creating the product. He also launched one of the largest golf instructor sites called Art of Simple Golf. Alex is known for championing a straightforward golf game without the flash and unsubstantiated process that many golfers often push.  His game is his testimony, as he has a powerful drive that comes from using his own methods. He is always on the course trying to advise players or finding new tips and techniques for successful golfing.

What Is Included In The Program?

When you purchase this product, you will access the entire program that Simple Senior Swing has to offer. The course includes a range of video contents that you can access in the comfort of your home or on the go and at whatever pace you prefer.

In the program, the creator discusses in details the six crucial elements of the course, providing easy steps on how to implement them.

How Simple Senior Swing Works

This program works by combining some easy to implement techniques into a single repeatable and consistent method. Simple Senior Swing uses the kinetic sequence to boost overall drive length allowing a senior golfer to add a big number of yards to their drive. It helps users shape their shots easily as well as teaching how a player can get their top drive with just minimum effort, the best way to lag shots, self-correcting grip, and how you take advantage of your own natural movements to improve your swing.

The techniques come together to create a powerful and effective method that yields discernible results easily.

What You Learn From The Program

  • How to instantly master the “kinetic chain” and add 20, 40, or even 70 yards of distance to every drive.
  • The clubface trick senior golfers can use to eliminate skulls, shanks, and slices. It takes the shortest time you can imagine to learn but will increase your ball control dramatically.
  • A simple ‘posture change’ to hit straighter, more accurate shots than ever before.
  • How to “shape” your shots for the conditions with “micro-adjustments” to your swing. Your friends on the course will be astonished at how you can perfectly fade the ball to follow a dogleg, even when you’re slamming 300 yard monster drives.
  • How to get the longest distance with the least amount of effort and shock everyone with how you casually drive the ball off the tee like a shot from cannon without breaking a sweat.
  • How to optimally lag your shot for the perfect swing plane, regardless of whether you’re on a hill, in a bunker, or in the rough.
  • The little-known secret of a self-correcting grip.
  • How to take advantage of your body’s natural movement momentum to add 20, 30, or 40 yards to your iron game.

Who The Program Is Intended For

This program can be used by any golfer, but it was designed specifically for senior golfers by professional golf instructors. It can help any golfer use their natural body lines of movement and momentum to give you an effortless swing that leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and pain-free after 18 holes.


  • You can complete the course at your own pace
  • Easily accessible
  • Enhances all-round golf game
  • Unrestricted lifetime access to the Simple Senior System


  • Accessible only by online users


This is a great product that I can recommend any senior golfer to use. It will go a long way to improving your overall golfing game. The program includes step-by-step self-paced home course, useful videos that you can view any time you want, and tips on how to eliminate skulls, shanks, slices, and many more.

Simple Senior Swing
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