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About The Product

Lottery Winner University is a product by 7 times lottery winner Richard Lustig. It is a training program that will teach you how you can gain statistical advantage on lottery winning. This program proves that winning a lottery is not down to luck and that you can totally control your fortunes when playing these predictive games. This argument is backed by the fact that the author himself won the lottery on seven occasions.

The program will teach you the best formula which you will be able to use to win in the lottery. The formula gives users the highest possibility there is to win the lottery.

If you get yourself this guide, you will learn the skillset strategy and techniques that you need in order to become a guru in lotto. You will discover the mistakes that you have been making that have been costing you the winning. If you have been trying your luck but nothing has come out, then you need to give this manual a shot.

About The Author

The creator of this product is Richard Lustig, a seven times lottery winner. He created all his luxuries from lottery winning. Now, having gained so much experience and knowledge he decided to help others also win. According to him, the winning lottery has nothing to do with math but everything to do with number and statistic.

Richard Lustig was born in Orlando, Florida, and since his childhood, he had a dream of winning it big from the lottery. But his failures in the game made him think of the best way possible to hack the code for winning the lottery.

How Does The Lottery Winning University Work?

Before trying out this program, it is good that you know how it works. As it occurs, this is one of its kind online programs that teach you how you can become a master of predictive lottery game. You will discover things that you should do right and those to avoid that have been costing you. From the system, you will get to learn how to strategically and systematically make the best odds that will win you money. The experience doesn't matter with this system, as it was designed to accommodate all kinds of levels of players. The creator of the program has used the valuable information and techniques that have worked for him over the years so that you can also maximize your winning odds.

In this manual, you will receive everything you need to guide you to become a winner. Using this program you are guaranteed of slashed odds of losing while increasing the chances of winning.

Does This Program Work?

From the reviews the system has received, it is safe to assume that it works perfectly. But also, the fact that the creator is a known lotto multi-winner, it shows that the techniques featured in the program are the same ones the creator used to win all his 7 prizes.

Who Can Use This Product?

Anyone who is interested in playing lotto can use this program to increase their chances of winning. You don’t need to have any previous experience to use this system. Everything is created to be understood by even beginners. 


  • You will receive a step-by-step guide on how to win the lottery nearly every time you try.
  • The system also comes with video tutorials that will help you easily understand the art of winning the lottery using visual way.
  • Using this program, you will discover how to increase your chances of winning the lottery.
  • This system provides you with effective methodology and techniques that work in nearly all the lotteries in the world.
  • You will learn the formula that you need for you to gain economic independence by winning the lottery.
  • This program will teach you how to identify and avoid mistakes as well as traps that you should avoid for you to win the lottery.
  • The creator, Richard Lustig, has years of experience playing lotto, so the tactics shared in the program have worked for him too.


  • This program only works if you follow the instructions and methodology to the later, otherwise, you will not win anything.
  • You need to have access to an internet connection for you to use the program.


Many people claim that this system is a scam. But then again, many people have won big using this system. The program has impressive reviews, and if you are interested in playing the lottery, this is a program I highly recommend you try. The author of the product has appeared in numerous media outlets to talk about this program and how it works. So the fact the Richard Lustig – the creator, has not hidden, but rather, availed himself to answer questions about his product, it should be proof enough that it is not a scam.

Lottery Winner University
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