Information Bookshops

Rarotonga's bookshops are all in Avarua. Bounty Bookshop (Map pp56-7; s 26660) Nearthe post office. Sells foreign magazines, local newspapers and the New Zealand Herald, as well as various books, including titles on the Cook Islands and other Pacific destinations. CITC Shopping Centre (Map pp56-7; "S 22000; Ara Maire Nui) Mainly sells cheap paperbacks and a small selection of Cook Islands books. Cook Islands Library & Museum Society (Map pp56-7; @ 28468; Makea Tinirau Rd; S 9am-1pm Mon-Sat, 4-8pm Tue) There are some unusual books, maps, postcards and pamphlets for sale in the library that you won't be able to pick up elsewhere.

Treasure Chest (Map pp56-7; §§ 22325) There are often a few coffee-table books and local-interest titles available here (along with lots of tacky souvenirs).


Airport n75 Terminal


Maungapiko (154m)

A Hospital ^^ Hill

(2 Omin return)

Te Reinga (438m)

Maungatea (523m)

Maungaroa (509m)


Raemaru (365m)

Maungatongaiti A (2?2m)


Papua l'awatit-

Rarotonga Walking Tracks Map

Walking Track



Takuva'ii Valley


Te Tanga (235m)


Te Vaakautai (450m) i


11 ana Harbour


Tfe Atukura





Muri Ijtgoon

I aakiika





Are Renga Motel 29 A3

Ariana Bungalows & Hostel 30 F2

Aro'a Beachside Inn 31 A5

Backpackers International Hostel..32 B5

Bella Beach Bungalows 33 F6

Castaway Beach Villas 34 A4

Crown Beach Resort 35 A3

Daydreamer Apartments 36 C5

Edgewater Resort 37 A3

Etu Bungalows 38 A4

KM KM Motel 39 F1

Lagoon Lodges 40 B5

Malana Guest House 41 E5

Manula Beach Boutique Hotel 42 A3

Maria's Backpackers 43 A4

Moana Sands Hotel 44 F6

Palm Grove Lodges 45 D5

Piri Puruto's House 46 C5

Pualkura Reef Lodge 47 B5

Rarotonga Backpackers

(Beachside) 48 A4

Rarotonga Backpackers (Hillside)..49 A4

Rarotongan Beach Resort 50 B5

Rau's Guesthouse 51 D5

Reflections on Rarotonga 52 H5

Royale Takitumu Villas 53 F6

Rumours of Romance 54 H5

Sea Change 55 E6

Sunhaven Beach Bungalows 56 A4

Tlare Village Hostel 57 C2


Dive Centre (see 63)

Hospital 1 A2

Kavera Central 2 B5

Mlcrollght Adventure

Flights (see 74)

Outpatient Clinic 3 E1


Aral-Te-Tonga Marae 4 F2

'Arorangi CICC 5 A4

Art Studio 6 A4

Black Rock 7 A2

Cook Island Divers 8 A3

Cook Islands Cultural Village...9 A3

Cook Islands Parliament 10 B1

Dive Rarotonga 11 A3

Exham Wlchman's Studio (see 43)

Golf Course 12 A2

Highland Paradise 13 B4

Kids 'N Action 14 C1

Matavera CICC 15 G2

Matavera Wall 16 H3

National Stadium 17 B2

Nlkl's Surf Shop 18 E1

Pacific Arts ('Arorangi) 19 A4

Raro Tours 20 B1

Sheraton Resort Site 21 C5

Snowbird Laundromat 22 A3

Takltamu Conservation Area Office

(Proposed) 23 E5

Tangaroa 4x4 Adventures 24 D5

Tereora College 25 B2

Tlnomana Palace 26 A4

Tltlkaveka CICC 27 F6

Wlgmore's Waterfall 28 D5


Alberto's Steakhouse & Bar 58 A2

CITC Liquor Store (see 59)

CITC Supermarket 59 C1

Fruits of Rarotonga 60 G5

Hopslng's Chinese Restaurant 61 A2

Just Burgers 62 E1

Kaena Restaurant 63 B5

Klkau Hut 64 A2

Pawpaw Patch (see 44)

Prlscllla's Takeaways 66 A3

Right On The Beach

Restaurant (see 42)

Saltwater Cafe 67 E5

Tamarind House 68 E1

Tumunu Bar &. Restaurant 69 A3

Uncle Moe's Takeaway 70 A4

Valma Restaurant &. Bar 71 D5

Wlgmore's Superstore 72 D5

Windjammer Restaurant (see 35)

Yellow Hibiscus (see 45)

Cook Islands Game Fishing Club.73 F1

Hangar Café 74 C1

Nu Bar 75 C1

RSA Bar 76 C1


Perfumes of Rarotonga 77 G2


BT Rentals 78 A3

Budget Rentals 79 B5

Fun Rentals (see 81)

Island Car & Bike Hire 80 A3

Rarotonga Rentals 81 C1

Tlpani Rentals 82 A3

University of the South Pacific (Map pp56-7; USP; @ 29415; Makea Tinirau Rd) The best (and cheapest) place to buy your USP titles. They stock quite a number of books about Cook Islands history, literature, legends, poetry, politics and culture.


Ambulance & Hospital (s 998) Fire (@ 996) Police (§§ 999)

Police station (Map pp56-7; @ 22499) On the main road in the centre of Avarua.

Internet Access

Internet access is widely available on Rarotonga, especially within Avarua. The average cost for access is about NZ$9 an hour, and it's often cheaper to pay for an hour or two in advance.

( (Map pp56-7; @ 23004; Avarua) Plenty of computers upstairs and downstairs in this Internet café, but the ISDN connection can be sluggish when it's busy. Dougie's Internet Cafe (Map p64; ~s 27242; Muri Beach) Lively Internet café that sells top-notch coffee, shakes and smoothies. Lookforthe green trailer on the beach.

Internet Shop (Map pp56-7; §§ 20727; Brown's Arcade bldg, Avarua; S 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-1pmSat) Decent Internet café opposite the courthouse. Wi-fi available. Kavera Central (Map pp52-3; @ 20012; Kavera) Small Internet café inside a local grocery shop. Telecom (Map pp56-7; §§ 29680; Tutakimoa Rd, Avarua; S 24hr) Fastest Internet connection in the Cooks. You can receive phone calls/faxes. It's cheaper to prepay for an hour; access codes an be used here or at Telepost. Wi-fi available. Telepost (Map pp56-7; @ 29940; Ara Maire Nui) Stamps, postcards and fax services. Wi-fi available.


Snowbird Laundromat (S 8am-4pm Mon-Fri, 8am-noon Sat) Avarua (Map pp56-7; §§ 21952); 'Arorangi (Map pp52-3; §§ 20952) Snowbird's two outlets charge NZ$4.50 per load or $10 for wash-and-dry. The 'Arorangi shop is open practically 24 hours. You can either drop your washing in or have it collected from your hotel.

Left Luggage

If you're heading for the outer islands, the best idea is to ask the place you're staying on Rarotonga to look after your bags. Many do it for free, but some might charge a fee.

Airport rescue fire service (§ 25890; S 24hr) There are several dented old left-luggage lockers at the airport that cost NZ$4 per day; leave the keys at the fire service building.


You can access all the books at Rarotonga's two main libraries (including the extensive Pacific collections) by signing up for a temporary borrower's card. Cook Islands Library & Museum Society (Map pp56-7; @ 28468; Makea Tinirau Rd; S 9am-1pm Mon-Sat, 4-8pm Tue) Visitor's library card costs NZ$15 plus a NZ$10 deposit.

National Library (Map pp56-7; § 20725) In the National Cultural Centre nearthe National Museum. A temporary borrower's card costs NZ$20 plus NZ$10 deposit.


Cook Islands Herald ( Weekly newspaper with plenty of local features and all the latest gossip. Cook Islands News ( The only daily newspaper in the Cook Islands has local, regional and international news, as well as shipping schedules, small ads and a local weather forecast. Cook Islands Sun Free tourist newspaper packed with useful info for visitors and plenty of adverts. Escape Excellent free glossy magazine produced by Air Rarotonga, available on all domestic flights and various places around the island. Contains a range of local interest articles about Rarotonga, Aitutaki and the Outer Islands. Jason's ( Publishes free fold-out maps of Rarotonga and a handy visitor's booklet.

Medical Services

Several private doctors and dentists practise on Rarotonga; you'll generally pay NZ$20 to NZ$30 for a consultation. Check out the Cook Islands Yellow Pages for details. Remember to get a receipt for any treatments so you can claim on your travel insurance. Hospital (Map pp52-3; § 22664; S8am-4pmMon-Fri, 24hr emergency service) On a steep hill up behind the golf course, just beyond Black Rock. A sign on the main road marks the turn-off.

Outpatient dinic (Map pp52-3; § 20065; S8am-6pm Mon-Fri, 8am-11amSat) On the main road at Tupapa, about 1km east of Avarua.


ANZ Bank Avarua (Map pp56-7; § 21750; S9am-3pm Mon-Thu, 9am-4pm Sat); Puriariga Nui Market (Map pp52-3; S 8am-11amSat)The main branch in Avarua is between the CITC Shopping Centre and the Banana Court. There's an ATM at this branch and another one at Wigmore's Superstore on the south coast.

Westpac Bank (Map pp56-7; § 22014; [email protected]; S 9am-3pm Mon-Fri, 9-11am Sat) The main branch is beside the Foodland supermarket. There's another Westpac branch at the airport, open for all international flights. There are ATMs at both branches.


Philatelic Bureau (Map pp56-7; § 29336; Avarua) Opposite the post office. Sells mint sets of Cook Islands stamps and Cook Islands currency. There's also a small branch in the duty-free area at the airport. Post office (Map pp56-7; § 29940; Avarua; S 8am-4pm Mon-Fri) Just inland from the traffic circle. Telepost (Map pp56-7; § 29940; Avarua) Beside the CITC Shopping Centre.


Public phones in Avarua are outside the post office; on the outside wall of the CITC Shopping Centre, opposite Cook's Corner; and directly outside Telepost. There are other public phones dotted around the island. You'll need a Kia Orana card (see pi72) to use them.

Telecom (Map pp56-7; § 29680; Tutakimoa Rd, Avarua; S 24hr) You can make and receive calls and faxes here.


Rarotonga is somewhat short on public toilets. There's one at the airport, as well as a few in Avarua: in the Ports Authority Building near Avatiu Harbour; at either end of Punanga Nui Market; in the centre of town opposite the police station; and behind Banana Court. Other public toilets tend to be claimed by whoever's building they are in -and you'll find such semi-public toilets at Avatiu Harbour, in Cook's Corner Arcade and Paulina's Polynesian Restaurant.

Around the island are a few other public toilets. Those at Black Rock, opposite Kavera Central, and at Avana Harbour are usually unlocked. You can usually use the facilities at restaurants and bars if you ask nicely.

Tourist Information

Cook Islands Tourist Authority (Map pp56-7; § 29435;; Avarua; S 8am-4pm Mon-Fri) The tourist authority is located in a bright yellow office right in the middle of Avarua. As usual, this should be your first port of call; the office can help you with everything from accommodation, night-spots and 'island nights' to information on inter-island flights and shipping services.

Travel Agencies

The two principal travel agencies on Raro-tonga are Island Hopper and Jetsave Travel; both specialise in travel arrangements around Rarotonga and the outer islands. Island Hopper Vacations (Map pp56-7; g§ 22576;; Banana Ct, Avarua) Jetsave Travel (Map pp56-7; § 27707; www.jetsave; Ara Maire Nui, Avarua) Tipani Tours (Map pp52-3; § 25266; www.tipani; Ara Tapu) Atthe airport.

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