The Neo Rican Explosion

When the US economy boomed during the 1950s, hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans took advantage of their citizenship and sought better jobs in the United States. Most settled in cities like Chicago, Miami and, especially, New York. By 1960, more than a million Puerto Rico lived on the US mainland. In New York, Spanish Harlem became a potent if entirely inaccurate symbol of Puerto Rico among an American populace that had never paid much attention to the island commonwealth but loved the musical West Side Story. Back home, Puerto Ricans living in New York were called neoriquenos and - fairly or not - were often derided for losing their boricua identity and giving their relatives in the Caribbean a bad name. Such derision may have been a reflexive impulse. While americanos may not have gained a true picture of the island through closer association with it, Puerto Ricans have during the past four decades increasingly understood and, more importantly, assimilated US culture.

Financial End Game

Financial End Game

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