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Phil Daru is a fast-rising and well-known pro athlete coach for both male and female MMA athletes. With more than ten years of experience, the strength coach offers effective up-to-date tips that revolve around fitness, strength and conditioning, body transformation including fat loss and muscle growth, as well as sports specific performance. There are hundreds of success stories and numerous accomplishments to Phil's name that can attest to his prowess in the boxing game. The heavy hitter boxing training is a collection of exercise plans designed particularly for boxers. The entire package includes a professional program for top boxers, sport-specific exercises, compound exercises, corrective and core stability exercises and an aerobic energy system that is vital for fight sports. For the boxing training, every program aims at increasing the punching power and improving the ability to perform intense rounds of exercise with minimal fatigue. To obtain full-access to Phil's boxing specific strength and the conditioning program, it requires membership; immediate access to the product is guaranteed from anywhere and anytime with a device desktop or mobile through PDF download and Adobe reader. The Heavy hitter boxing training program is ideal for boxers and combat sports athletes in the intermediate to pro levels. Continue reading...

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Highly Recommended

This is one of the best books I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

As a whole, this book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Major Sports Venues In Hotels

Caesars Palace (& 800 634-6698 or 702 731-7110) has a long tradition of hosting sporting events, from Evel Knievel's attempted motorcycle jump over its fountains in 1967 to Gran Prix auto races. Mary Lou Retton has tumbled in gymnastic events at Caesars, and Olympians Brian Boitano and Katarina Witt have taken to the ice, as has Wayne Gretzky. And well over 100 world-championship boxing contests have taken place here since the hotel opened. In the spirit of ancient Rome, Caesars awards riches and honors to the gladiators who compete in its arenas. The MGM Grand's Garden Events Arena (& 800 929-1111 or 702 891-7777) is a major venue for professional boxing matches, rodeos, tennis, ice-skating shows, World Figure Skating Championships, and more. Mandalay Bay (& 877 632-7400) has been hosting a number of boxing matches in its 12,000-seat Events Center.

Holidays Public Holidays

May Day First Monday in May Spring Bank Holiday Last Monday in May Summer Bank Holiday Last Monday in August Christmas Day 25 December Boxing Day 26 December As well as attractions, virtually everything -shops, banks, offices - closes on Christmas Day, although pubs are open at lunchtime. There's usually no public transport on Christmas Day, and a very minimal service on Boxing Day.

Zhongguo Shudian H fljfi Liulichang Xijie S ampm Hepingmen

There are several branches of the Cathay Bookshop on Liulichang. This branch (Gujf Shudian), on the south side of Liulichang Xijie opposite Rongbaozhai, is worth checking out for its wide variety of colour art books on Chinese painting, ceramics and furniture, and its books on religion (most books are in Chinese). Upstairs has more art books, stone rubbings and antiquarian books. The store takes MasterCard and Visa. There's another branch at 18 Liulichang Xijie that has a paper cuts exhibition. It also sells an interesting set of bookmarks (Y10) - photographs of the old Qing imperial household, including snapshots of Reginald Johnson (Last Emperor Henry Puyi's English tutor), Puyi practising shadow boxing, eunuchs and Cixi dressed as Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin). Another branch is at Liulichang Dongjie (106 Liulichang Dongjie).

United States Olympic Complex

Unfortunately for the likes of you and me, this 36-acre complex is set up to train world-class athletes and not to entertain bored, frumpy tourists. Still, if you love the Olympics, you'll probably enjoy the one-hour tour. After watching a short, unsubtle video highlighting American Olympic achievements, you walk through facilities where athletes train for sports such as volleyball, judo, shooting, swimming, and boxing. If you go during mid-morning or late afternoon, you'll probably see at least a few athletes enduring the repetitive, boring, torturous work that you always hear about, after the fact, during the Olympics. If you don't take the tour, you're still allowed to wander the grounds, visit the gift shop, and stop at the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame (which has changing displays). You may not, however, enter the buildings, so you're better off taking advantage of the tour.

Fast Facts Liechtenstein

August 15 (Feast of the Assumption), September 8 (Nativity of Our Lady), November 1 (All Saints' Day), December 8 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception), December 25 (Christmas), and December 26 (Boxing Day). Information For further information about the principality, contact the Liechtenstein National Tourist Office, St dtle 37 (P.O. Box 139), FL-9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein (& 00423 232-14-43). The office is open mid-April until the end of September daily 9am to noon and 1 30 to 5pm October to mid-April Monday to Friday 9am to noon and 1 30 to 5pm.

Embassies Consulates Embassies Consulates in Belize

On major holiday services are closed noted with an aste The following li days and festivals i for several days ar New Year's Day* (Jan Fiesta de Carnival (Ft the beginning of Lent) C Baron Bliss Day* (Ma of the great benefactors Holy Week (April held Sunday) Various services Labor Day* (May 1) Commonwealth Day Feast of San Pedro (J Ambergris Caye. Lobster Season open and early July, after the early June) Placencia, Ca Costa Maya Festival Ambergris Caye - a cele with participants from B National Day* (St Gee Independence Day* Pan American Day* ( Garifuna Settlement and particularly in Dang Christmas Day* (Dece Boxing Day* (Decemb

Organized tours cultural activities

SPECIAL-INTEREST TOURS The Land Between Tour, which takes visitors through the vast New Territories with stops at a temple, a traditional rural market, a bird sanctuary, and a fishing village and the Heritage Tour, which covers historic Chinese architecture in the New Territories, including an ornate mansion, an ancestral hall, a walled village, and a temple, can by booked through the HKTB (& 852 2368 7112 for both tours). MEET THE PEOPLE Through this unique program of free, 1-hour tours, lectures, and seminars, visitors can meet local specialists and gain in-depth knowledge of Hong Kong's traditions. Programs change, but examples of past offerings have covered Chinese antiques, the language and lore of tea, Hong Kong's contemporary art scene, traditional Chinese medicine, fung shui (geo-mancy), and thijiqudn (shadow boxing), with something going on virtually every day of the week. For details on what, when, and where, pick up a Meet the People brochure at HKTB.

Around Ranong Ko Chang

Ko Chang feels a world apart from most of Thailand's islands. There are no megaphone announcements for Thai boxing (even though some of the country's best fighters hail from Ranong Province), no streets designed entirely for farang. No, Ko Chang isn't selling knock-off Ray-Bans and Playstation games. Its marketing scheme focuses squarely on seducing buyers with an older, slower version of Thailand. Electricity is sporadic, and tourists few and far between.

The Ancient Olympic Games

No one knows precisely what the order of events was, but the 5 days included footraces, short and long jumps, wrestling and boxing contests, chariot races, the arduous pentathlon (discus, javelin, jumping, running, and wrestling), and the vicious pankration, which combined wrestling and boxing techniques.

Moments Junkanoo Festivals

No Bahamian celebration is as raucous as the Junkanoo (which is also the name of the music associated with this festival). The special rituals originated during the colonial days of slavery, when African-born newcomers could legally drink and enjoy themselves only on certain strictly predetermined days of the year. In its celebration, Junkanoo closely resembles Carnaval in Rio and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Its major difference lies in the costumes and the timing (the major Junkanoo celebrations occur the day after Christmas, a reminder of the medieval English celebration of Boxing Day on Dec 26, and New Year's Day).

Drinking Entertainment

Reggae Bar (Tourist Village S lOpm-late) The most popular nightspot on the island recently expanded. It has three floors of Rasta colours, drinking competitions, a muay thai boxing ring with regular show bouts (where you can fight for free booze) and the occasional kdthoey (ladyboy) cabaret - you either love it or hate it.

Other Sites of Interest

Isthmia was the site of one of the famous Panhellenic festivals or games, and its proximity to Corinth has caused many commentators to believe that it was the place where the Apostle Paul got his knowledge of sporting events. In any case, he certainly shows an acquaintance with the vocabulary of such contests as boxing, wrestling, and running, which were held in Isthmia. He also refers to Christians striving for something more than a perishable crown, which may refer to the curious custom at Isthmia of awarding a wreath of wilted celery to victorious athletes. A wreath of wild celery, not wilted, formed the victor's crown at Nemea, while the better-known laurel wreath was used at Delphi (the Pythian Games), and one of wild olive at Olympia. From a rare mosaic at Corinth, the wilted celery wreath is shown around a victorious athlete's brow and tied with a knot (perhaps of ribbon) behind the neck.

Omni Health Racquet Club

A full-service fitness facility for all ages, Omni has a weight room on two levels, a warm and cold pool, whirlpools, saunas, steam rooms and a dressing room for handicapped members. Classes include swimming for infants and children, yoga, high and low impact aerobics, step, spinning, aquatic and private swimming lessons. In addition, every month there are special classes, such as boxing. An ongoing program of rigorous physical training, patterned after the regimen used by the US Navy Seals, is offered one night a week for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Day care (for members only) is available every day except Sunday, at 1 per child. The day rate for non-members is 20. Open Monday-Friday, 6am-10pm Saturday-Sunday, 7am-8pm.

New York Historical Society

The San Remo, 145-146 Central Park West. Once home to heavyweight boxing champ Jack Dempsey and pinup idol Rita Hayworth, the San Remo is another grand apartment building bearing the stamp of Emery Roth. The two towers rising at each end are crowned with columned temples. After struggling through the Depression, the owners sold the San Remo and the Beresford together in 1940 for the shocking sum of

Tips Where Can I Swim

For an insight into Darwin's pearling industry, visit the Australian Pearling Exhibition (& 08 8999 6573) on Kitchener Drive near the Wharf Precinct. It has displays following the industry from the days of the lugger and hard-hat diving to modern farming and culture techniques. It's open from 10am to 5pm daily, except Good Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year's Day. Tickets cost A 6.60 (US 4.30) adults, A 3.30 (US 2.15) children ages 3 to 10, and A 17 (US 11) family of five. And if you've got an evening free, get out on the harbor with Darwin Pearl Lugger Cruises (& 08 8942 3131). For A 46 (US 30) adults (half price for kids), you can spend about 3 hours aboard the lugger Kim, built in 1953 and now restored to take up to 30 guests on sunset cruises, which leave Cullen Bay Marina daily at 5 15pm. They even throw in a free glass of bubbly and some nibbles, and you can buy more drinks.

Touring A Gold Mine Other Adventures

As you might guess, gold is a common thread running through many of the town's attractions. One of the best is the Mining Hall of Fame (& 08 9026 2700, Broad Arrow Road, 6km (3 miles) north of the Tourist Centre on the Goldfields Highway. Opened in late 2001, it has five interactive galleries focusing on mining's modern high-tech face. Find out how prospecting is done, how the business of mining is conducted, go underground in an old mine, pan for gold, watch a gold pour, see a video in a re-created miner's tent, and pore over an extensive collection of mining memorabilia, machinery, and huts in a miners' village. It's open daily from 9am to 4 30pm, except Christmas, Boxing Day (Dec 26), and New Year's Day. Admission A 12 (US 7.80) adults, A 10 (US 6.50) seniors and students, A 6 (US 3.90) children, and A 35 (US 23)

The Secrets Of Taichi

It may not look demanding, but the 108 movement, 20-minute Yang-style long form is tiring, while the low postures of the Chen style of taichi - closest in essence of all the taichi styles to Shaolin boxing - can be excruciatingly strenuous to perform, and will have your legs shaking with the strain.

Sightseeing Wilmington

The Cape Fear Museum, s 910-341-4350 or fax 341-4037, at 814 Market Street, and handicapped-accessible, bears investigation. It was established in 1898 as a Confederate Museum and these days it documents the social and natural history of the area. Everyone, and sports lovers in particular, will be fascinated by the hands-on adventures in the Michael Jordan Discovery Gallery. It highlights, with photographs and memorabilia, the majestic career of hometown hero and international legend Michael Jordan. Although Michael is, arguably, the most famous, he is not alone in calling the Cape Fear area home. Other notable sportsmen and women who grew up here are Meadowlark Lemon, of the Harlem Globetrotters NFL quarterbacks Sonny Jurgensen and Roman Gabriel boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard and female tennis star Althea Gibson. Non-sporting notables include journalists Charles Kuralt and David Brinkley Charlie Daniels and Sammy Davis, Jr. and painter Minnie Evans. The museum is open every day in...

Wildlife In The Territory

The distinctive red kangaroo, ranging over most of inland Australia, is the largest - a fully grown male can stand 2m high and has the attractive reddish coat females have to make do with blue-grey. Most common in the Top End is the agile wallaby, about 1.7m long when fully grown. By the way, despite what you may have heard, kangaroos don't hop down city streets, they are not kept as pets by Mr & Mrs Joe Suburban, and a kangaroo has never held the Australian welterweight boxing belt.

Temples Forts Shophouses

Fully realised examples of Thai Deco from the 1920s and '30s can be found along Chinatown's main streets, particularly Th Yaowarat. Whimsical Deco-style sculptures - the Eiffel Tower, a lion, an elephant, a Moorish dome - surmount vertical towers over doorways. Atop one commercial building on Th Songwat perches a rusting model of a WWII Japanese Zero warplane. Placed there by the Japanese during their brief occupation of Bangkok in 1941, it coordinates perfectly with the surrounding Thai Deco elements. Other examples are the Sala Chalermkrung (pi88), the Royal Hotel (p206) and Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium (p199).

Hemingway And The Biminis

In 1921 Hemingway was sent to Paris as a correspondent for the Toronto Star Weekly. There he was introduced to such literary greats as Ezra Pound, James Joyce and Gertrude Stein, and wrote some of his most important novels. Hemingway later moved to Key West, where he developed a passion for big-game fishing, a sport he pursued in the Biminis and later made the topic of The Old Man and the Sea (1953). In the Biminis, Hemingway was legendary for winning fishing tournaments and unofficial boxing matches, and for nights of drunken debauchery.

Hong Kong Tourist Board Hktb Specialinterest Tours

MEET THE PEOPLE Moments Through this unique program of free 1-hour tours, lectures, and seminars, visitors can meet local specialists and gain in-depth knowledge of Hong Kong's traditions. Programs are often updated and revised past offerings have included such subjects as Chinese antiques, the language and lore of tea, Hong Kong's contemporary art scene, traditional Chinese medicine, fung shui (geomancy), and tai chi (shadow boxing), with something going on virtually every day of the week. Reservations are not necessary. For details on what, when, and where, pick up a Meet the People brochure at a HKTB Visitor Information and Services Centre.

In Pursuit Of The Grape In The Swan Valley

Shoppers should browse the junk-shop strip on James Street, in Guildford (most shops are open daily), or visit Woodbridge, a beautifully restored 1883 manor house at Ford Street, in West Midland (& 08 9274 2432). The house is open daily (closed Wed) from 1 to 4pm closed all July for maintenance, and Christmas, Boxing Day (Dec 26), and Good Friday. Admission is A 3.85 (US 2.50) for adults, A 1.65 (US 1.10) for seniors and school-age children, and A 8.80 (US 5.70) for a family. Its river-view tearooms open for lunch.


From October to April, baseball games take place at Estadio 5 de Septiembre (Map p260 51 36 44 Av 20 btwn Calles 45 & 55), while weekend boxing matches and other sporting events occur at Polivalente (Map p260 cnr Calle 37 & Av 48). There is also a small sports museum (admission free) here including hockey, fencing and baseball paraphernalia as well as the boots and T-shirt of local boxing hero, Julio Gonz lez Valladores who brought back a gold medal from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.


Try to avoid Australia from Boxing Day (Dec 26) to the end of January, when Aussies take their summer vacations. In popular seaside holiday spots, hotel rooms and airline seats get scarce as hen's teeth, and it's a rare airline or hotel that will discount even a dollar off their full tariffs. Almost everything shuts down on Christmas Day, Boxing Day (Dec 26), and Good Friday, and much is closed New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday. Most things are closed until 1pm, if not all day, on Anzac Day, a World War I commemorative day on April 25. Among the major public holidays are New Year's Day (Jan 1) Australia Day (Jan 26) Labour Day (2nd Mon in Mar, WA and VIC) Eight Hours Day (1st Mon in Mar, TAS) Canberra Day (3rd Mon in Mar, ACT) Good Friday Easter Sunday Easter Monday Anzac Day (Apr 25) May Day (1st Mon in May, NT) Labour Day (1st Mon in May, QLD) Adelaide Cup (3rd Mon in May, SA) Foundation Day (1st Mon in June, WA) Queen's Birthday (2nd Mon in June, except WA) Royal...

Business Hours

Business hours are similar to those of other European countries, with a few exceptions. Most banks and businesses close on public holidays, but many shops open on Good Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day. On other religious days, such as Whit Monday, it may seem hardly like a holiday at all. Venues normally closed on Sunday are likely to be shut on public holidays. Banks Open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday - some till 9pm Thursday, and Saturday mornings.

What To See Do

The principal attraction in town is Fabrica de Tabacos Francisco Donatien if (& 82 75-3424), Calle Antonio Maceo, just off the Plaza de la Independencia. Several fine brands are rolled at this renowned cigar factory. You can walk through the timeless rolling station, where a caller reads news and short stories to keep the rollers interested. You'll also visit rooms where the final selection and grading, labeling, and boxing take place. You can buy some of the wares here, or at the well-stocked Casa del Habano across the street. The factory is open Monday through Friday from 9am to noon and 1 to 4pm, Saturday from 9am to noon. Admission is 5, and includes a guided tour that lasts around 15 to 20 minutes.

Public Holidays

Businesses are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day (December 26), and on New Year's Day. If any of these dates fall on a Saturday and or Sunday, then the following Monday and or Tuesday becomes a public holiday. A high proportion of offices, though not stores, actually close for the whole week between Christmas and New Year. In Britain, Good Friday is a public holiday as well as Easter Monday. There are also three bank holidays, on the first and (usually) last Mondays in May, and the last Monday in August. In London, there's no fixed policy regarding the closing of shops, restaurants, museums, and other attractions on bank holidays, so call to check.

Sports Activities

Although the climate is not conducive to exercise, Bangkokians like to work up a sweat doing more than just climbing the stairs to the Skytrain station. All the popular Thai sports are represented in the capital city from the top-tier muay thai (Thai boxing) to a pick-up game of takrdw (Siamese football).

Muay Thai

Many foreigners come to Thailand to study muay thai (Thai boxing). Training regimens can be extremely strict. See www.muaythai .com for more information. Fairtex Muay Thai Camp (0 0 2755 3329 www 99 8Soi Boonthamanusorn, Th Theparak, Samut Prakan) Training from 500B a session to 7700B-a-week residence.


Sports lovers flock to Lightning Casino on Airport Road to place bets on boxing, baseball, soccer, hockey, football, basketball and horse racing shown on giant closed circuit TVs. Pelican Casino at the Pelican Resort in Simpson Bay offers slots, roulette, craps and blackjack and Golden Casino at Great Bay Beach Hotel features gaming tables and slots.


For any cricket fan, seeing a game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (p67) is a must-do-before-you-die rite of devotion. International test matches, one-day internationals and the Pura Cup (formerly the Sheffield Shield, the national cricket competition) are all played here. Warm days, cricket's leisurely pace and gangs of supporters who've travelled from far and wide often make for some spectator theatrics (the good, the bad and the ugly). The cricket season in Australia is from October to March. General admission to international matches starts at around 30 and reserved seats start going from 45 to upwards of 100, with finals costing more and usually requiring a booking The cricket event of the year is the traditional Boxing Day Test (held on 26 December, and for many bigger than Christmas). It sells out fast. Tickets can be purchased from from Ticket-master (1300136122

Festivals Events

Green Turtle Cay's traditional Junkanoo parades, held on Boxing Day and New Year's Day, attract scores of visitors. In the weeks leading up to Junkanoo, visit Corporal Hubert James Smith (Corporal 'Smitty'), the undisputed king of costuming, and watch him make his magical suits. You can find him at Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar (opposite).

Lake St Clair

Australia's deepest natural freshwater lake is a narrow, 15km (91 3-mile) long waterway, enclosed within the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park. On the lake's southern edge is Cynthia Bay, site of an informative ranger station where you must register if you're attempting the Overland Track from this end, as well as a restaurant, cabin accommodations, and a backpackers' hostel (the latter operated by Lakeside St. Clair Wilderness Holidays, Cynthia Bay & 03 6289 1137 lakeside). Campsites here cost A 12 (US 7.80) dorm beds A 25 (US 16) cabins from A 60 to A 110 (US 39-US 72) November to May and exclusive Alpine Lodges from A 132 to 184 (US 86-US 120) depending on season. National park rangers run several tours between Boxing Day and the end of February, including spotlighting tours and guided walks around the area. Call for details at & 03 6289 1172.


Throughout the three days of the festival Lao visitors climb around the hillside, stopping to pray and leave offerings of flowers and incense. The festival is more commercial than it once was and for much of the time has an atmosphere somewhere between a kids carnival and music festival. Events include Thai boxing matches, cockfights, comedy shows, and plenty of music and dancing. Food is available from vendors who set up along the road from Ban Thong Khop, and after dark several areas are cordoned off for open-air nightclubs featuring bands from as far away as Vientiane. After dark the beer and lao-ldo (rice whisky) flow freely and the atmosphere can become rather rowdy.

Jumping At Junkanoo

You feel the music before you see it a frenzied barrage of whistles and horns overriding the ka-LICK-ka-LICK of cowbells, the rumble of drums and the joyful blasts of conch shells. Then the costumed revelers stream into view, whirling and gyrating like a kaleidoscope in rhythm with the cacophony. This is Junkanoo, the national festival of the Bahamas, a mass of energy, color and partying that starts in the twilight hours of Boxing Day. In Nassau the first 'rush,' as the parade is known, is on Boxing Day (December 26) the second occurs New Year's Day and the third in summer, when teams practice. Parades begin at about 3am. Elbow into a viewing spot along Shirley or Bay Sts, where crowds can be thick and rowdy. For a less-hectic bleacher seat, contact the Ministry of Tourism for information on obtaining tickets.

Fortunate Life

Facey mainly worked in outback Western Australia (WA) as a farm labourer his tough childhood saw him cheated by employers and one time so badly whipped that he was presumed to be on his deathbed. Later he fought in a boxing troupe before signing up to fight in WWI, where he landed at Gallipoli (where two of his brothers were killed).

Exploring Coolgardie

Station Museum (& 08 9026 6388) in Woodward Street, houses gold rush and transport memorabilia in the original 1896 station building and the engine, two carriages, and the guard's van of a turn-of-the-20th-century steam train. It's open daily (except Wed) 10am to 4pm (closed Christmas, Boxing Day, and Good Friday). Admission is by donation.

Barceloneta Environs

What can be said about Barceloneta It was named after a poor seaside neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain, and is known for pineapple cultivation. What else City officials, apparently grasping at straws for some kind of tourist interest, say that one of the most important dates in this island town was in 1938, when boxing champion Jack Dempsey paid a visit. Hmm.


For information on Boxing Day's brilliant Junkanoo, see opposite . Otherwise contact the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (p67) for events and dates or check .bs. Following are two fun local events Emancipation Day Held on the first Monday of August, this holiday celebrates the abolition of slavery. Fox Hill features a very early morning 'Junkanoo Rush' followed by bands, dancing and shows.


Older locals will confirm that at the beginning of the 20th century, this was literally 'just a mud hole.' At the end of WWI the town had fewer than 1000 inhabitants, but prohibition drove US tourists here for booze, gambling, brothels, boxing and cockfights, causing Tijuana's population to balloon to 180,000 by 1960. With continued growth has come severe social and environmental problems. On a positive note, a large middle class is on the rise, bringing greater stability and safety. Tourists need to be wary of thefts of opportunity, but they are rarely the targets of violent crime.

Classical Thai

Classical central-Thai music (phleng thai doem) features a dazzling array of textures and subtleties, hair-raising tempos and pastoral melodies. The classical orchestra or pii-phdat can include as few as five players or more than 20. Leading the band is pii, a straight-lined woodwind instrument with a reed mouthpiece and an oboe-like tone you'll hear it most at muay thai (Thai boxing) matches. The four-stringedphin, plucked like a guitar, lends subtle counterpoint, while rdndat ehk, a bamboo-keyed percussion instrument resembling the xylophone, carries the main melodies. The slender saw, a bowed instrument with a coconut-shell soundbox, provides soaring embellishments, as does the khliii or wooden Thai flute.


If there was a mantle for the world's windiest road, Puerto Rico's Ruta Panaromica would surely be in the reckoning. Running the length of the island from Yabucoa in the east to Mayagiiez in the west, this narrow but spectacular scenic highway has more twists and turns than a cagey Puerto Rican boxing champ, and is almost as dangerous.


Chinese giing-fii (kung fu) is the basis for many Asian martial arts. There are hundreds of styles of martial arts that have evolved since about AD 500, including mo-seut, which is full of expansive strides and strokes and great to watch in competition wing-cheun, the late actor and martial-arts master Bruce Lee's original style, indigenous to Hong Kong, which combines blocks, punches and low kicks and the ever-popular fi7t7 -c r (t'ai chi), the slow-motion 'shadow boxing' that has been popularfor centuries.

Current Events

Tonga's sporting future is a bright hope for the nation. Tongans were thrilled in 1996 when Paea Wolfgramm won Tonga's first Olympic medal in Atlanta, a silver for boxing. Unfortunately this Olympic success hasn't been repeated, but Tongans have been prominent in other sporting arenas, particularly rugby. Players of Tongan origin such as Steve and Toutai Kefu, Willie Ofahengaue, Finau Maka and All Blacks winger Jonah Lomu have dominated the rugby field. Tongan players have also joined forces with islanders from Samoa and Fiji to form the Pacific Island Rugby team, due to tour Europe in 2006. Surfing is becoming more high profile in Tonga, with the western coast of Nukualofa renowned for its breaks. Brother and sister Michael and 'Anau Burling won or were placed highly in a number of surfing events in 2005, including the Oceanic Cup. Amongst the world's first surfers, early Tongan islanders used the sides of canoes for surfing and body boarding, and the present king surfed in his...

Greek Inventions

The first recorded games were staged on the plains of Olympia in 776 BC. Dedicated to Zeus, they lasted one day and featured running and wrestling. In 472 BC - with the addition of boxing, the pancratlon (another form of hand-to-hand combat), horse racing and the pentathlon (sprinting, long-jump, javelin, discus and wrestling) - the event was extended to five days and held every four years.

Boxing Simplified

Boxing Simplified

Devoted as I am to popularizing amateur boxing and to improving the caliber of this particularly desirable competitive sport, I am highly enthusiastic over John Walsh's boxing instruction book. No one in the United States today can equal John's record as an amateur boxer and a coach. He is highly regarded as a sportsman. Before turning to coaching and the practice of law John was one of the most successful college and Golden Gloves boxers the sport has ever known.

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