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A ranger station at Las Nubes has a dormitory room with bunk beds where tourists can stay for US$5 per night. Due to the popularity of these beds among school groups from Canada and the USA, reservations are well advisable. To reserve a spot, call the ANAM (% 775 3163) in David or the co-op restaurant (% 771 2566) at the park entrance. Guests have access to the kitchen, so you'd be wise to stock up on provisions in Cerro Punta. You'll also need to bring your own bedding, and a mosquito net would also be a good idea.

Near the entrance to the park is a wonderful restaurant (dishes US$2-3) that is run by a local women's co-op, and has outdoor seating on a wooden patio where you can watch hummingbirds buzzing nearby. You can get plates of fresh-cooked foods like soup, rice and beans, and grilled cheese. In addition to bottled water, the restaurant also serves hot tea, which hits the spot on a chilly day, as well as homemade strawberry jam. The coop restaurant is also a good place to inquire about local guides who can lead inexpensive excursions into primary rainforest.

The Birding Manual

The Birding Manual

The Birding Manual provides just that with over 700 pages of in-depth descriptions of every North American bird. The Birding Manual takes you from being the casual backyard birdwatcher to becoming an avid birdwatcher. It won't be long and you will be planning trips to bird sanctuaries and other parts of the country, so you and your family can hone your birdwatching skills and The Birding Manual will be one of the first things you will want to take with you.

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