Orientation Information

Admission to the park (admission US$3, parking US$1, camping US$5; h 8am-4pm) is paid at the Wekso entrance near Changuinola. Permits to camp in the park are payable at the ranger station.

Wekso is administered by ODESEN (Organization for the Sustainable Development of Naso Ecotourism; % 620 0192), a community-based development organization that promotes ecotourism in the park as well as the cultural preservation of the Naso.

Keep in mind that the guides at Wekso, all of whom are local residents, speak only Spanish and Naso. Although you don't have to be fluent in Spanish to arrive here, a basic understanding of the language is recommended.

Note that the Las Nubes entrance to the park is only accessible from Chiriqui Province. For more information, see p215.

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