Local Lore La India Dormida

The locals of El Valle are fond of pointing out features in the peaks surrounding their valley. However, no image is as popular or as storied as that of La India Dormida or the 'Sleeping Indian.' According to local lore, there was once a beautiful native princess that lived in the valley. When the Spanish arrived, the princess fell deeply in love with one of the conquistadores. After a brief but intense romance, she petitioned her father to marry the Spaniard. However, since she was destined to marry someone of royal blood, and the conquistador was busy claiming their native lands for the Spanish crown, her father promptly refused.

Upon having her heart broken, the princess immediately took her own life. After being buried in the hills, earth and dust gradually covered her body, giving shape to the mountain that rises over the valley. However, the legend insists that the princess is merely sleeping, and awaiting the day when her forbidden love can be pursued. Today, locals have popularized the story to serve as a parable for never denying someone's love.

long been revered by the indigenous peoples of the country. Unfortunately, they are extremely sensitive to human intrusion and climate change, so as their numbers continue to deplete, it's increasingly unlikely that you'll see them in the wild.

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