Isla Solarte

Isla Solarte (Cayo Nancy) is distinguished by Hospital Point, which is named after the United Fruit Company hospital that was built here in 1900. The hospital was established to isolate victims of yellow fever and malaria -at the time, it was not yet known that these diseases were transmitted by mosquitoes. Although the hospital complex eventually included 16 buildings, it was abandoned after two decades of operation following the blight that killed all of United Fruit's banana trees.

Today, most visitors to Solarte are day-trippers on boat tours, who dock just off of Hospital Point to snorkel the 20m underwater wall. Although much of the island is private, an attractive option for anyone looking for a little tropical seclusion is the Solarte del Caribe Inn (Map 221; % 757 9032;; d/ste incl breakfast US$65/110), which enjoys the privilege of being the sole hotel on the island. The property has the air of a country inn, complete with a spacious open-sided dining room

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