If you're looking for cheap produce, look out for the bustling market near the junction of Avs Bolívar and Obaldía. Self-caterers can head to the Super Baru (Cnr Avs Francisco Clark & 3 de Noviembre), a large American-style supermarket.

Restaurant 24 (Av 2 Este; mains US$2-3; S 24hr) Popular with locals for its grilled meats and inexpensive lunch specials, this is the perfect spot to get your fill without breaking the budget. But don't come here in a rush as some staff members aren't in a hurry to take your order before the kitchen closes.

Java Juice (Av Francisco Clark; mains US$2.50-4) Iced coffee, fresh-fruit smoothies, healthy salads and juicy grilled burgers are the fare at this charming outdoor café northeast of the bus terminal. Like its sister store in Boquete (p208), Java Juice seems more suited to Northern California than to Chiriquí but the satisfied customers aren't complaining.

Rincón Libenésa (Interamericana; mains US$4-7) Located three blocks past the McDonald's on the Interamericana, this authentic Lebanese restaurant provides welcome relief from a steady diet of rice and beans. Homemade hummus, tabouleh and baba ghanooj will make you stop and wonder if you're in the Middle East - 15 seconds later, the sounds of blaring reggaeton will remind you where you are.

The Birding Manual

The Birding Manual

The Birding Manual provides just that with over 700 pages of in-depth descriptions of every North American bird. The Birding Manual takes you from being the casual backyard birdwatcher to becoming an avid birdwatcher. It won't be long and you will be planning trips to bird sanctuaries and other parts of the country, so you and your family can hone your birdwatching skills and The Birding Manual will be one of the first things you will want to take with you.

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