A great place to kick off your crazy Bocas night is at La Iguana (Map 223; Calle 1), a popular surfer bar that serves up two-for-one cocktails from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. This is a great spot for a frothy pina colada, though you can't go wrong with an ice cold Balboa lager.

Next, head to backpacker central, namely the Mondo Taitu Bar (Map 223; Av I), which always guarantees a good time. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the party-loving owners entertain their guests with a variety of themed events, though the creative cocktail list and hookahs (US$5) make Mondo a good choice any night. If you're feeling brave (and cheap), order a tequila suicide - a snort of salt, a squeeze of lime in the eye and a shot of the worst tequila they can find (at least it's free!).

If you're looking for a little local flair, Bar El Encanto (Map 223; Calle 3) is all the rage among the island's youth. Although most nights are heavy on the reggaeton, there is the occasional live performance here.

If you want a wild night out, the Blowfish Sushi Bar (Map 223; Calle 1) offers the unlikely combination of raw fish, girls dancing on bartops and a fireman's pole.

Most nights in Bocas end at the Barco Hundido (Map 223; Calle 1), an open-air bar that's affectionately known as the 'Wreck Deck' - the name comes from the sunken banana boat that rests in the clear Caribbean waters in the front. A short boardwalk extends from the bar to an island seating-area that's perfect for stargazing. The fun-loving American owner also arranges private parties on his Barco Loco (Crazy Boat), which is arguably the most unique sea-going vessel you've ever seen.

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