Boat Tours

Exploration Panama (% 720 2470; www.exploration; Av Central) offers a wide variety of excursions in and around the Golfo de Chir-iquí. Aboard a 50ft vessel, which is a former US Coast Guard Search & Rescue ship, you can take a 'jungle cruise' (per person US$75, four-person minimum), exploring the mangroves, small rivers and coastal forests south of David. Ron Mager, the owner-captain of Exploration Panama, also offers sea-kayaking trips (led by personnel from Chiriquí River Rafting), fishing trips and scuba-diving trips. He's a very safe and reliable captain - he has his US Coast Guard license and is a former Green Beret. His ship can accommodate up to six passengers on overnight trips, which allow for excursions into some gorgeous unexplored waters.

The Birding Manual

The Birding Manual

The Birding Manual provides just that with over 700 pages of in-depth descriptions of every North American bird. The Birding Manual takes you from being the casual backyard birdwatcher to becoming an avid birdwatcher. It won't be long and you will be planning trips to bird sanctuaries and other parts of the country, so you and your family can hone your birdwatching skills and The Birding Manual will be one of the first things you will want to take with you.

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