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The essence of Norway

Steep mountains surrounding a beautiful fjord. A mighty, powerfull waterfall. Majestic glaciers in the horizon. A mountain plateau with roaming herds of reindeer. Open and welcoming people

• Hardangervidda

- Europe's largest mountain plateau

• V0ringfossen - Norway's most famous waterfall

• The Troll Train - On the old road up the scenic valley; Mabodalen

• Hardangervidda Nature Centre Eidfjord - Nature

- and cultural historical adventure centre

• Sima Power Station

- One of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Europe

• Kjeasen - The mountain farm nesting in the steep hillside

• The Hardangerfjord -

Eidfjord Cruise Port

• RV 7 - Tourist road Hardanger between Oslo and Bergen

Hardangervidda Nature Centre Eidfjord Hardangerviddahailen

Tel. +47 53 66 59 00 - www.hardangervidda.org

Quality Hotel ft Resort Voringfoss

Tel. +47 53 67 41 00 - www.eidfjord-hardanger.no

Sima Power Station, Tel. +47 53 67 34 00

Destination Eidfjord, Pb 74, N-5786 Eidfjord, Tel. +47 53 67 34 00, Fax +47 53 67 34 01 E-mail: [email protected] www.visiteidfjord.no

TIDE Sj0 AS and the Flaggruten take you to the beautiful fjords and coast of Western Norway

Skerries tour

4-hour tour - all year. Prices: Adults NOK 350. Children/senior citizens NOK 300. Experience Western Norway's fantastic coastal landscape - which combines towering mountains, hundreds of small islands and narrow sounds. All of this on board a comfortable express boat. Kiosk.

Hardanger Fjord Adventure

Combination bus and boat. Period 1 May - 30 September. Price: Adults from NOK 490. Children/senior citizens/students from NOK 350. Bus from Bergen Bus Station to Norheimsund, boat to Utne, Lofthus, Kinsarvik, Ulvik or Eidfjord. In Eidfjord sightseeing trip to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre and Voringsfossen waterfall. Experience the fjord from the boat deck and from the bus travelling along the idyllic country roads of Western Norway. Return to Bergen the same way.


From city centre to city centre in 4 hours. All year. Price from NOK 650. Special prices for children/senior citizens/ students/InterRail/Eurail. Stop in picturesque Leirvik and Haugesund. The magnificent coast of Western Norway makes the trip a varied and unforgettable experience.

Veteran boat cruise

Trip combining a veteran boat and modern express boat. Period: June - August. Prices: Adults from NOK 450. Children half price. By the M/S Granvin - Western Norway's oldest boat of its kind, built in 1931 - from Bergen to Leirvik. The trip takes you out towards the ocean - between small and large islands, through narrow sounds and canals to charming, old trading stations. Return to Bergen by modern express boat.

For further information or to book tickets: Visit the Strandkaiterminalen terminal, call tel. (+47) 05505 or contact the Tourist Information in Bergen or tel. (+47) 55 55 20 00 - www.tide.no

cruise / Day Excursions

Fjordl Fylkesbaatane offer you a first-rate scenic experience along the world's most beautiful fjords! Express boat routes run twice daily between Bergen, Sognefjord and Nordfjord.

Our most popular round trips:

The Royal Fjord Tour - Sognefjord & Fllmsbana. Fjord and glacier tours to Fjcerland and Jostedalsbreen. Island hopping on the coast.

Daily departures at 8 a.m. between May and September from Strandkaiterminalen. Many round trips along the coast and the Sognefjord. Ask for a day excursion brochure. Norway's best-known fjord cruise:

Laerdal-Kaupanger-Gudvangen May to September. Many excursions along the coast and in Sognefjorden. Ask for an excursion booklet. Join us on a discovery tour of the Unesco area!

Tickets may be purchased at Strandkaiterminalen and Bergen's Tourist Information Centre.


Fylkesbaatane Tel: +47 5590 7070

E-mail: [email protected]www.fjord1.no/fylkesbaatane

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