Waterworld And Indoor Swimming Pools

Sentralbadet. (D5), Teatergaten, in the centre of the city. Slatthaughallen, Nesttun. 15 mins. by bus from Bergen Bus Station.

Stemmemyren, 0yjordsveien. 10 mins. by bus from the centre. Vannkanten Waterworld, Loddefjord, on road 555. See page 54. Tel. (+47) 55 50 77 77. Also pools for children. See page 54. Astveithallen, Tertnes. 15 mins. by bus from the city centre. 2 pools.

Entrance fee and opening hours: Check with the Tourist Information._

YACHTING - Hjellestad Marina,tel. (+47) 55 99 14 00, see page 83.

SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR WALKS - The mountains surrounding Bergen offer a wide range of walks in mountainous and wooded country. Over Fl0yfjellet (399m) and Sandviksfjellet (418m) there are good paths and mountain roads (for walkers only) starting at 0yjorden (buses 9 and 23), Munkebotn (near Old Bergen), Fl0yen (C-E3) or Svartediket/Tarleb0 (buses 2 and 11). Ulriken (643m) can best be climbed from the Montana Youth Hostel (bus no. 31), or take the Ulriken cable car. Those wanting a longer walk can take the paths leading north across the top plateau, coming down to Fl0yen or Svartediket. To L0vstakken (474m) there are good paths from Fj0sanger (buses 60 and 525 from Bus Station) and Fyllingsdalen, buses 9, 31 and 60. The path from Fj0sanger leads through Langeskogen, one of Bergen's most picturesque woods. The path to Lyderhorn (396m) starts from Lyngb0 (bus no. 70 or 71). Fanafjell (bus from Bus Station). Beautiful walking country. Nordsj0l0ypa along the shores of Sotra. A good starting point is by Sotra Rorbusenter at Kausland.

Further information from Bergen Turlag (DNT), Tverrgaten 4/6, tel. (+47) 55 33 58 10. Maps for walkers are on sale at Bergen Turlag._

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