The Heathland Centre At Lygra

LYNGHEISENTERET PA LYGRA 5912 Seim. Tel. (+47) 56 35 64 10. Fax (+47) 56 35 64 20. [email protected] -

The Heathland Centre is a visitors centre spotlighting Europe's Atlantic coast heathlands. This cultural landscape type has existed for 5.000 years but is now in danger of disappearing all over Europe. Visitors can experience authentical heathlands managed by traditional farming methods, including burning, haymaking as well as grazing by the ancient breed of Norse sheep. Exhibition, film and cafeteria. Guided walks. Family-friendly walking on well-maintained gravel pathways. Awarded the UNESCO Cultural Landscape Prize 2001.

Location: 50 km north of Bergen, follow road E39 to Knarvik, then road RV57 to Seim. Bus no. 324 from Bergen. Sundays tours by traditional boat from Bryggen, please ask at the Tourist Information. Opening hours and entrance fee: Please contact the Heathland Centre.

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