Ovágen 5337 Rong. Tel. (+47) 56 38 50 50. [email protected] - The museum is by the old steamship quay and storehouses at Ovágen. The exhibition SEA AND WIND - EARTH AND FIRE captures the soul, energy and resourcefulness of coastal people through 10,000 years. Also displayed are traditional boats and fishing equipment.

Follow RV555 Sotra till you meet road 561. Follow that road to Ovágen, aprx. 45 mins from Bergen. Buses no. 470-479 take 60 mins.

Opening hours: 1 May-31 Aug: Mon-Fri: 11.00-16.00. Sun: 12.00-17.00. In April and Sept.: Sun only: 12.00-17.00. Otherwise on request. Entrance fee: NOK 40. Children free.

HERDLA MUSEUM - Herdla, Ask0y

Tel. (+47) 56 14 51 50 - [email protected] - A cultural and natural history and war museum. Exhibition highlighting the occupation during World War II and the German airbase at Herdla. An exhibition and documentary film about the bird reserve at Herdlaflaket. Guided tours in Norwegian and English. Films with English and German subtitles. About 45 mins. by car from Bergen, follow RV555 Sotra for aprx. 12 km. Take road 562 to Ask0y and Herdla. The museum is located north on the island. Buses no. 494 and 499 from Bergen.

Opening hours: 1 May-31 Aug.: Daily 12.00-17.00 In April, September and October: Sundays 12.00-17.00. Otherwise on request.

Entrance fee: NOK 30. Children free.

NORTH SEA TRAFFIC MUSEUM - 5380 Telavág NORDSJ0FARTMUSEET Tel. (+47) 56 32 74 40. Fax (+47) 56 33 86 13. [email protected] - Opened in April 1998. Exhibition and displays on the Telavág Tragedy, the North Sea Traffic 1940-45, and "Shetland Larsen". The fishing village Telavág was totally destroyed during the war and all the inhabitants deported. Telavág was one of many wartime centres for ferrying refugees and members of the resistance to and from Britain, operating the so-called "Shetland Bus". "Shetland Larsen" was celebrated for his daring in this traffic. A film is shown in the 100-seat auditorium every half hour. Lunch and light dishes in the café.

Opening hours: 1 May-31 Aug: Mon-Sat: 11.00-16.00. Sundays all year 12.00-17.00. Otherwise on request. Entrance fee: NOK 40. Children free. Groups of 20 NOK 30. Driving-time from Bergen: 45 mins by car on RV 555 Sotra all the way to Telavág. Buses no. 450-459 from Bergen.


Tel. (+47) 56 19 34 40. Open air museum with buildings from 17th century to 1920. Exhibits highlighting the fjord culture in the rural villages north of Bergen. Particular emphasis on building traditions, local arts and light industry. Sunday café.

Opening hours: All year: Tue-Fri 10.00-15.00, in July 10.00-17.00. June-Sept. also Sun 12.00-17.00. Sat. closed. Otherwise on request. Entrance fee: NOK 30. Children NOK 10._

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